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Farmer-Florist, writer, teacher, living and growing in WA State, USA. My first book: Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden now available. #growfloret

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So many spring treasures pouring out of the garden right now. #growfloret #flowerfarmer #farmerflorist
It has been so hard to hold in this exciting news for so long but I'm thrilled to finally share that Cut Flower Garden is a recipient of the American Horticultural Society’s 2018 Book Award! Never in a million years would I have guessed that this little book would have so much good fortune. Huge congrats to @chroniclebooks, @juliechai, @michelemwaite_photo and @lesliej - what an honor. #floretbook #growfloret
Yesterday's tulip haul. Filming for The Floret Online Workshop (releases this fall) and our second book which we officially start writing this week. So many exciting things happening on the farm! #floretbook #growfloret
The sun is out and the weather man says it's here to stay all week. We've been picking flowers all weekend (the cooler is stuffed!) and tomorrow we will start planting the first seedlings into the field. I'm so excited it's spring. #growfloret #floretbulbs #farmerflorist
Pulling so many beautiful tulips from the field today. This is Tulip 'Foxy Foxtrot' - terrible name for such a beautiful variety. #growfloret #floretbulbs
Filming all kinds of new and beautiful videos with @jillmjorgensen and @copterchris today to add to our Floret Online Workshop later this year. #floretworkshop #floretbulbs #teamfloret
Timmy hanging out with Narcissus 'Precocious'. A match made in heaven! Oh, and before anyone says that daffodils are poisonous and to be careful with them around cats- not to worry, I know. But Timmy has been a flower farm cat for many years and knows the drill around foxglove, lilies, daffodils etc. #growfloret #farmerflorist #floretbulbs
Picking buttterfly Narcissus 'Apricot Whirl', 'Cum Laude' and 'Sunny Girlfriend'. Aren't they stunning!? #growfloret #floretbulbs
The daffodil/narcissus patch is in full, rolling bloom right now. It's almost too much beauty to handle! #growfloret #floretbulbs
The daffodil patch looks like foaming, crashing waves tonight against the sunset. #growfloret #floretbulbs
Narcissus 'Spring Sunshine' glowing in the evening light. #growfloret
Last load of dahlia tubers heading out the door. We broke our shipping record today, 1240 packages out the door. #teamfloret was on fire 💥#growfloret #floretbulbs