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Farmer-Florist, writer, teacher, living and growing in WA State, USA. My first book: Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden now available. #growfloret

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Here's another exciting new addition to our 2019 Floret Seed line up. This cosmos is the most beautiful soft apricot with pale lavender reverse petals, which gives it an almost iridescent quality. #growfloret #floretseeds
We've been knee deep in the flower trial patch this week, choosing loads of new varieties to add to our 2019 Floret Seed line up. There are so many great new gems coming your way in January! @copterchris has been hard at work capturing all the magic while @jillmjorgensen and I style each photo and write descriptions. This process is seriously one of my favorite parts of my job. Pictured here: Papaver rhoeas 'Amazing Grey' and yes, this is the actual color 💔 #growfloret #floretseeds
Jasper spreading limestone flour on a section of our new farm land. After years of chemical based farming, we have a lot of work to do in order to get the soil back into good health. The first step on this plot is to raise the soil ph (by adding lime), incorporate trace minerals that are low, add manure, till and plant a healing cover crop. It's exciting and a little overwhelming to be taking on this new project. #growfloret #floretseeds
Harvesting bowls of blueberries from our new farm. I'm still in shock that this is all ours. #growfloret
Spent the morning in the garden capturing all the beauty. So many amazing new flower varieties are being added to our 2019 seed lineup. Can't wait to share more soon! #growfloret #floretseeds
Early morning flower magic. This is Cosmos 'Rosetta', one of my very favorites. #floretseeds #growfloret
Harvesting early to beat the heat. The field is exploding with color and it's impossible not to smile just looking at all the beauty. #floretseeds #growfloret
Harvesting buckets of beauty from the field today. This is Godetia 'Grace Salmon' and it's another variety we're on the fence about. It's an amazing cut flower but has a very tropical vibe which can sometimes make it tricky to mix with other garden ingredients. What do you think? Thanks @dirt_e_hippie for modeling today! #floretseeds #growfloret
I'm so in love with these fluffy, ruffled, candy pink poppies. I've been saving seed from this gem for many years and we'll hopefully have enough to add it to our 2019 line up. If you could pick the name, what would be? floretseeds #growfloret
I am loving all of the feedback that you guys are giving about potential new additions to our 2019 seed line. Here's another Nasturtium that we're considering. I think I already know the answer but do you love it or would you leave it? Thanks in advance! #floretseeds
Lily 'African Queen' in a her glory. The field is exploding with so much beauty right now. #growfloret
Ok, we're choosing nasturtiums today and I would love your help. Do you love this guy or would you pass on it? Thanks in advance! #floretseeds #growfloret