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I am a production/character designer and creator in feature animation.


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Tuesday dude
Col-erase 901 and 20044 on Neusiedler Hartpost.
"It came to me, my own, my love, my precious." ;-) (Drawing by Tom Fluharty)
Bones with pencil on top.
Tom Fluharty through my glasses, Krems 2018.
Dogs, ducks and blue pencils. I'm right now preparing something for a fellow artist friend I'm about to meet this week. (to be continued ...)
Archive Tuesday, big cat with brush.
An old piece, reposted here over and over again I guess, but it still makes me smile.
The most appropriate self- portrait.
Re-post Sunday
Here's the red ride piece in its full preview glory, going with title "Random cartoon duck in a Donald Duck costume, riding his favourite toy." Blue pencils on hartpost paper, digitally inked and coloured in PS.