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The official Instagram of Florian Satzinger. I am a production/character designer and creator in feature animation.


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《I've always looked upon the ducks as caricature human beings.》Carl Barks
Celebration sketch, done back in 2014, when the Paperwalker blog crossed 17m content views.
Throwback pecker, Space Age Films.
Throwback bit.
Happy 10th CTNX Anniversary everyone! Unfortunately, I can not join the show in person this year. But, I was approached by the Snapchat team and Tina Price to develop a CTNX duckface lens, as sort of a long distance dedication. This here is a work in progress screen clip grab from earlier this week, the final lens will be available through Snapchat, soonish.
Throwback Thursday beak
... a little bit more of the same.
My first rocket ship flying experience was in a washing machine or dishwasher cardboard box.
Open as from today! Castello di Desenzano, Italy. (Photo: Silvia Martinoli)
《When concentration on the task is total the “I” the individual so highly reveres necessarily disappears and we become what we are doing.》Mark Twight
Profiler, process bits.
Profiler extraordinaire