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⭐:Breastfeeding, attachment parenting, fluff loving mama to a 2 year old.
🌎: Tennessee
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⚠⚠ GIRLY MAMAS CHECK THIS OUT!! ⚠⚠ #mpmteamsearch

Vivian has been a rep for @monpetitmiracleboutique for almost 2 years, and we LOVE our bows and would love to remain on the team. 
I've always done the repping through Vivian's page, but I'm switching it here, because I think you fluff loving mamas will love these bows too! If you're interested in getting into repping then check out her page and apply! It's amazing being a part of her team and there are so many bows that pair so well with all Vivi's diapers.
Did you see the newest addition to the @buttonsdiapers product lineup?

I'm so excited to finally have some Buttons trainers, and trust me, these were worth the wait!
These are a pretty small run so Buttons can get feedback and make changes if needed. They're available in Peony, Navy, Pebble, Sherwood, Honeybuns, and Lumberjack!

What prints are you hoping to see added to the lineup in the future? I'd love a Flourish trainer!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

We had a great time trick or treating around our town square. And Vivi loved stopping at the fountain and going in the library when we were done.
@bebeboodiapers on the bum, @littleoceansfluff shirt, @twoturtledovesdesigns bat hairbow, and some pumpkins. What more could a girl want?
Choose where your energy goes.

Should you be spending time putting negative energy out over things you (and others) can't control? Or can you change that energy into a positive outlet and do something productive with your time.
You make that choice. Nobody else does.

For me it's getting so invested in drama on Facebook that I've got no part in. Why do I find it necessary to read through hundreds of comments to see what's going on when it is absolutely nothing but a waste of my time? And when it usually just gets me riled up over other people's drama. My goal for this week is to PUT DOWN THE PHONE when I find myself wasting time in groups like that. I know I can get so much accomplished in that time instead.
Am I the only one who HATES having to drag around a bulky diaper bag when getting out of the house? @bebeboodiapers wet bags are great for a couple of diapers and a change of clothes so that's all I have to worry about carrying. I can even stick my wallet in there for easy access to it.
Love all the @buttonsdiapers girly prints! 😍😍
These new backpacks from @buttonsdiapers are perfect for your toddlers, but they're also the PERFECT size for tossing some Mama cloth in your bag.

Who ordered some backpacks already? What prints did you get?
Today we decided to #gogreenforjackson with our @buttonsdiapers!

Today is #dwarfismawarenessday and we are showing our love for @magiktangerine πŸ’šπŸ’š
I started watching this little guy this week, and Vivi and I are both OBSESSED with him. Isn't he just the cutest?! He's not cloth diapered, but @buttonsdiapers is coming to the rescue anyway! Have you seen their burp cloths? These things are awesome! I reach for them all day long. They're contoured on one side, so they're great for tossing on my shoulder for burping him. When he drools or spits up they're amazing for quickly wiping his mouth. And they're so cute and soft - perfect for laying under him in the swing or bouncer seat to protect from messes. ANDDD they have a sewn in snap so they can be used as a full coverage bib too!

I didn't get these when Vivi was small and I really wish I had. I'm so glad to have some on hand now!

Have you tried these? Did you even know Buttons made bibs/burp cloths?
I love that these @bebeboodiapers wet bags have 2 handles! They hang perfectly from the stroller handle when we're out and about!

Don't forget to use Flufflife10 when you order! And it's not too late to get a chance in the drawing for a FREE welcome pack! All orders over $30 until the end of the month are entered in the giveaway.
Sherwood made Vivi's @luckyladdfarms pumpkin patch picture for the third year in a row!

Definitely bittersweet to realize it probably won't make an appearance next year. At least not on the bum. 😭