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Sweet like sugar🍬
#allwedoistravel #stapotovanja
If you were a cat, would you be running away from unpredictable toddler? I know I would.
My two (out of three😉) favorites on a pic. Val and coffee☝🏼
Would never think we’d be living in Kenya, but together is my happy place❤️👪
Seize the moment..
You see a lot of Kenyans covered in these kind of blankets and my thoughts were, ok what happened to jackets and coats?! But those are so convenient, you can have it as a picnic blanket, a cover up, a blanket. Here it can really get from winter to summer in one day.
We got that Friday fellin’ swingin’
I chose this path. It might lead to somewhere gloomy but I know that when I reach there’ll be sunshine!
Climb on the table and smell the roses! My biggest teacher, my kiddo🙏🏼
Hand in hand.
Would you hold someone’s hand you hardly know? -No, right?
But kids don’t have any prejudices and their intuition is pure, they just know to hang out with right kiddo✌🏼
1, 2, 3.. here comes a kiiiiisss😘🦒
#enjoythelittlethings in life. 
Even tho it was foggy and drizzling we had a fun day on tea plantation.
New blog post❗️
In a world full of cartoons and video games, go out and torn those trousers mama just bought you. I’ll try to be thankful because you’ll sleep well🤓
Cruzee balance bike 
Photo @mateja.tamse_mami2inpol