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And..the very next moment one of those palm trees was peed. 
Such a romantic picture, right🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Sweet love must be shared!
Kiss kiss to each and everyone of you that follows me ❤️
I don’t mind the fact everyone thinks he is a she, I think that’s a compliment. And no, we have no intention to cut his curls ☝🏼
New hair calls for new energy and fresh starts.
Ok life, bring it on💪🏼
Neskončno hvaležna @vikisplace za super spremembo, @ugolob za ujeti trenutek in @mamiblogerke_slovenija za lušten sestanek.
Hvala punce😘
If on a coffee date with my little one, either🍦or a babyccino is a must-otherwise I run around after him like headless 🐓
Why do all good things come to an end?

You can’t see but this @lamaisonanic t-shirt says #badass which I normally don’t think I am, but sometimes I just feel to step out of my comfort zone, wear sth like this ultra shorts, with high 🐶 @happysocks and say f**k it, who cares😉
You are my ☀️ my 🌙 and all my ⭐️
Having a mini me means I’m never bored. Entertainment guaranteed.
I just can’t adult today!
Get your matching mommy-daddy-kiddos clothes @patpatshopping 12% off with code:fluffyprincess12 till 22-12-2018
Crazy much?
Nope, just the usual me😉✌🏼
Paradise is just a paddle away!
Thanks to @supklub we had an amazing family day trough our home town #brothersistertime
What is home to you?
For me is a place where I feel safe and happy with my loved ones❤️
I love moving around as long as I have my little and big boy with me, no matter where in this 🌍