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My highly sensitive child-have you heard about those? They cry A LOT, since they’re born, are super sensitive,when they get hurt there’s a lot of drama and they cuddle a lot, like calm places, they feel you and others and feel everything around them. Kids born with it are super lucky but parents have to go through really though times.. and this is our Val ❤️
Poznaš zelo občutljive otročke? To ni nekaj, kar bi si izmislila oz nekaj zaradi česar zavijajo otroke v vato..
To so izredno čustveni, jokajoči, ko se malenkost udarijo to je joka za izvoz, se pa radi stiskajo in so radi v mirnem okolju. Izredno čutijo ljudi okoli sebe in za njih je to krasna popotnica, za starše pa res trnova pot. Najin Val je super občutljivček in o tem sem spisala blog.
V teh vročih dneh se paše hladit doma s krokodiljim safarijem in noji.🤗
Kako sodeluješ:
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• sledi @dexycoslovenija. 
Jutri zvečer 17.6 izžrebam nekoga, ki prejme igrico Zmečkane glave.
Preberi si o kakšni družabni igrici govorim na mojem blogu (link je v bio) in na @mamiblogerke_slovenija 🤗
*Nagradna igra ni organizirana v povezavi z Instagramom, zato ga odvezuje vsakršne odgovornosti. #ad
We’re almost experiencing heat weave in Slovenia so we’re cooling down at home with this crocodile hunting game.
It’s not a perfect Insta pic, my hubby is not an Insta hubby, but we have great memories, we had EXTRA GREAT time and this is what counts not what is shown on media..
I love browsing through Instagram, I love seeing great images and really try my best to create great content with value, but life happens and you can’t just make picture perfect.
I love my life, it’s super colorful and busy and well traveled, although for most of my pictures I don’t get time to edit or post them or I simply forget. But I live for the moment, I live to the fullest 😍🤗
All you need is someone to lean on.
I remember when this song “Lean on” was released and we were in Oman just after our honeymoon in Maldives. We were dancing in our hotel room half naked like crazy and had so much fun!
We loove looove to travel and make stories which fulfill us and brings us best memories 🤗
Choose happy.
Stay cool✌🏼
......... 👓 @izipizi @malizakladi
Not a fan of night flights but, tonight is the night 🤗
It feels like I haven’t been home for ages🤷🏼‍♀️
so much to look forward to😍 ✈️ #vacationstartsnow
“Val, what would you like to drink?”
One for Juliet and one for me😋
📸 @mancazorko
I always knew I want to be a mom and I couldn’t wait for that day to happen.
I would never choose the single life or life without kids. 
I’m not the best mom and I’m not even trying to be. 
Just trying to be the better version of me when I’m with Val even though my lack of patience gives me away🤷🏼‍♀️
But I really know his childhood is amazing and full of love ❤️
📸 @battered_lens
Come on, why are the days before the leave always sooo 🐌 slow?!
Let’s kick them as we want to go hooomee 🏡😍
📸 @jesuis_adam 
Mama sweater @anjaanic
New blog post!
Link in bio🤗
Po tako zelo dolgem času te čaka zelo dolgo branje na blogu. 
Zate, ki te zanima Kenija, zate ki bi prišel na obisk.
Daj petko🙋🏼‍♀️
Se vidimo?
Hi five to my new blog post but for now only in slovenian, about Kenya.
Maybe I’ll manage to translate it..🤗🙈
Wait and see..
That’s my mantra as I’m really not a patient person. 
I know things will be as they need to be, until then...
I’ll just wait and see🤷🏼‍♀️
📸 @_mosota 
Shoes: @ikwetta
Headband: @affanairobi
Kiss me good night😘
Super happy that I got a child who loves to snuggle, hug and kiss. 
My highly sensitive soul☺️
📸 @mancazorko