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On Tuesday Val asked me why daddy is still not at home.
And I didn’t had to answer as he replied: “It’s because of the bad guys right?”
He’s play-pretending so much and his imagination is huge and always going to firemen and policemen and bad guys.
Never mind if he only guessed that, but he was right unfortunately.
If only everyone would be that kind, cute and innocent souls as he is, our world would be such a better place! 💔
Photo: @mamizobjektivi
Bom zaključila leto v dvoje. (Vala že itak velik vidte🤷🏼‍♀️)
Ne bom pocukrana ampak realna.
Niso lahki dnevi za nama, selitev in prilagajanje je bilo težko, ampak sva speljala to leto in greva novim zmagam naproti! 
Pravijo da kar ne ubije - te okrepi, in pri nama to zares drži. 
V letu kjer so bile na preizkušnji službe, vrtec, prijatelji, in kjer je bilo polen pod noge ogromno, sva se še bolj kot do sedaj postavila trdno na noge!
Hvala vsem, ki ste bili v letošnji zgodbi in hvala vsem ki nas Puhke radi spremljate in še raje vidite v živo!
Srečno v novem letu 2019 ❤️
This year has been though, rough but we managed to figure our ways out and slalomed trough it. Moving to Kenya wasn’t easy. But everything happens for a reason and life has to be like a heartbeat uuup and dooown because if it stays still then it’s over. 
Thank you all for your love and support, thanks for following us and wish you all the best in 2019!!
Wishing you a merry Christmas full of happiness and good times 🎅🏼🎄
Photo: @mamizobjektivi
Last year he cried in his lap and almost run away,
but this year he stalks him because of his candies😂😂 #bffgoals
My everything! It’s so good to be home❤️
Photo: @mamizobjektivi
Grandparents, uncles and anties...
I hope you’re ready..
Val (and us) is coming hooome❤️
The sweetest moments seeing all the Christmas trees around you and checking all the presents (but none of them for you😂)
Today I took Val for kiddies cookie decorating class and had such fun time!
He put few layers of candies and sprinkles on his cookies, ate even more of those, even managed to sleep straight away in the car after all this sugar. 
Even though we hardly have any Christmas decorations here in Kenyan home, he truly gets into it and my little elf is rocking around and can’t wait to show him more of this #festiveseason😍🎅🏼🎄
You might say that I’m full of 💩 but I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!
I loooove the weather here in Kenya but can’t wait to decorate Christmas tree and feel the snowflakes again🙈
Ok, since is December I’ll post this pic.  He wore this sweater only because they had a Christmas show for parents in kindergarten and even though it was nearly 20 degrees. 
It’s hard to get in the festive mood when there’s no cold, snow, lights or to even put up the Christmas tree. That’s why I can’t wait till the 17th of this month to go for ❄️ ⛄️🎅🏼🎄✨🥂🎁
He can be a thunderstorm and sunshine in a minute, but mostly a colorful rainbow. 
A true magic which I created with my hubby❤️
He’s growing in front of me and I can’t even imagine what he’ll become.. but one thing I know for sure-my baby boy. 
Forever and always. 
Xoxo, mommy❤️😘
Au pair Slovenia call 📲 
Ne, Val ne zapušča vrtca, ampak potrebujemo varuško!
Če se vidiš v Keniji ob temle navihančku, se mi prosim javi v inbox. 
Poznaš kakšno punco, povej naprej!
Ni hec❤️
Z januarjem namreč potrebujemo varuško za vsaj 4 mesece v Keniji, Nairobiju. 
Ne bo ti hudega, obljubim😉