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#tbt to this beast since it’s coming back this weekend to get ready for a show! @yogiebarra
Well after some dyno time with @trucksourcediesel we got @shark.marquez sitting at 830hp and we are flat outta air.... so time to get some more air to make more horsetorques! @hsmotorsports @spediesel @nolimitfabrication @trucksourcediesel @turbosmarthq
@fdp_ross sittin on some @americanforcewheels 22” star dually wheels and @furyoffroadtires with a @carlisuspension coil spring to help level the truck out! Next up is some goodies from @floproexhaust and @trucksourcediesel tuning
Just finished up this nice simple 15 ford today using a @bdssuspensions 6” lift kit on 35” @toyotires and some 22x14 @americanforcewheels
4r100 for sale ready to go! Modular case, billet input, output, larger intermediate shaft and drum, gpz clutches throughout with added clutches. Freshly rebuilt with brand new Precision Industries billet triple disk converter. Trans would be great for a swap or drop behind a 6.0 truck. 8k ready to go! Dm is for more info. This is the same unit that was behind @fdp_ross race truck... we are just headed in a different direction now
So who thinks @fsu_performance_fily should put these on his lml? He said if he gets over 1k likes he will do it!
So I think it's time to give @mikedillehay a call and get some @nolimitfabrication under the hood of this baby 😎
Well the Denali is gone for our tow rig so time to deck this one out 😎😎
@sbfilters just got put on for @325emoney clean obs!
Our very own @reidunagan was on @lonestarlawap this evening! We sure hope to see him in a real game warden uniform soon!
@trentongriffin got some goodies today from @nolimitfabrication @ezlynk @trucksourcediesel @floproexhaust
Next up is getting it fully welded 😈 @shark.marquez mock up is complete