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It's your Fly Jock Tom Joyner of the Tom Joyner Morning Show! Tune in weekdays 6-10am ET
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I'm back family! And get ready because @guytorry will be sitting in the #TJMSFunnyChair We'll also have @shaunt at 6:50 am ET and @tonyrock at 7:50 am! It's going to be good!
@skipmurphyradio & @sybilzpix have been having a lot of fun but don't worry because Tom is coming back tomorrow! We'll also have @kattpackallday at 8:50 am ET! #TuneIn #TJMS
Thanks for sitting in the big chair @donniesimpsonsr! Get ready for Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday with @skipmurphyradio in the #BigChair #TuneIn #TJMS
Happy 47th Birthday Mary J. Blige! #throwback
@donniesimpsonsr is too much!

Tune in tomorrow for a jam packed show! 
We've got @damonwilliamscomedy in the #TJMSFunnyChair We'll be talking with @therealscruncho at 6:50 am ET @taibeauchamp at 7:16 am ET and @donellrawlings at 7:50 am ET It's going to be great Friday! #TJMS
These two are something else! @donniesimpsonsr for President! @sybilzpix 
Get ready for Thursday with comedian @mybruceburce in the #TJMSFunnyChair #TuneIn #TJMS
What did you call "cuffing season" back in the day? #thingsyourkidsknow
It's #GetWellWednesday tomorrow so get your questions ready for the Dr.! We'll have @dominiquecomedi in the #TJMSFunnyChair! Don't miss it! #TuneIn #TJMS
Wow there @donniesimpsonsr with thr tounge ties! Thanks to @sybilzpix for the help!

#TuneIn tomorrow when we talk with NBA legend Alonzo Mourning @zoswintergroove at 8:50 am ET! We'll have comedian @comediangodfrey in the #TJMSFunnyChair and @damonwilliamscomedy with Seriously Ignorant News!
It was great to have @realdlhughley stop by the Red Velvet Cake! 
#TuneIn Monday when we talk with @keeshasharp at 7:50 am ET and @tarajiphenson at 8:50 am ET! Be ready family! #TJMS #TuneIn
So good to have @realdlhughley drop by the Red Velvet Cake with @sybilzpix and @donniesimpsonsr #TJMS
Concerts on top of concerts on top of concerts! You've got your pick of entertainment aboard #fantasticvoyage18. .
Call 972-980-SAIL to book or visit @blackamericaweb for more details .
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