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FL: What prompted you to start digging so deep into the history of the brown trout in New Zealand?
Jack: “A combination of curiosity and opportunity. I was going into an Honors year in History at Canterbury University, and had the chance to write my thesis on anything I wanted. Given as I’d probably skipped a hundred lectures in the prior few years to go fishing it seemed only fitting to bring the trout to school. I started researching the introduction of brown trout to Canterbury, and became entirely lost in the story. Through an incredible public newspaper archive I was able to follow the introductions day by day, sometimes even hour by hour and I came to realize how significant of an event it was to transport these fish thousands of miles, rear and then distribute them. From then on it was only natural to follow the story to its completion and I was lucky enough to get funding to do a PhD at Otago University on the introduction of brown trout to New Zealand.”
In our latest Video of the Week, we sit down with @jackkos289, to talk about his latest film, “The Introduction”
[LINK IN BIO] for the full interview and film.
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Questions by @doublehaulfishing @teamflylords
Our friends @badfish are hosting their third annual Tailers Cup on October 13th. Kicking off on Friday night will be the @floodtideco pre-party and finishing with the @yeti party on Saturday night after fishing. [LINK IN BIO] for ticket info.
Grass carp aren’t synonymous with success. But those who have experienced the joys of an eat will tell you, there’s not much like it.
Read about Grass carp in our latest article by @looknfishy
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Searching for Baby Tarpon in the jungles of Belize.
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The people have spoken! And color it is... (View Insta Story)
The amount of blood sweat and tears that went into this baby Tarpon... It will not be soon forgotten... @rossreels #RossReels

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There is a reason why they call these fish the Ghosts of the Flats.... They can be impossible to see, but when you do hook one, be prepared, because they will take you for a ride. @thomasandthomasflyrods #TRYWEO #thomasandthomasflyrods
[LINK IN BIO] 8 tips: Catching Bonefish on the fly.
Just blown away by how beautiful the water is here in Belize. Killer first day fishing with @gofishbelize. Tune into our story for some behind the scenes we will be dropping throughout the week.
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“Golden Trout are voracious, wild, and always willing to take a buggy dry fly! Long, light tippet is key, and you’ll be rewarded every cast.”
In our latest article @intothewildwego talk about tips for finding and catching the elusive Golden Trout.
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Hiking through the Icelandic Highlands in search of golden brown trout. You can spend an entire day hiking without catching anything. But when it comes together, the fish are big, beautiful, and worth every step.
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FL: What is some advice you can give to an aspiring outdoor photographer?
Miciu: Find what really “moves your feelings” when photographing subjects, something that you can feel a part of. Find your goals, be consistent and work hard at it. Don’t only choose what’s better paid, cause over the time you may begin to hate your own routine.
We sit down with @isaiasmiciu in our latest interview [LINK IN BIO]
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Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and then spent his early years in the mountains near Cordoba, Argentina, until his family moved to San Martin de los Andes. There, in Argentina’s northern Patagonia region, he discovered the passion for fly fishing, the outdoors, and photography that he so vividly expresses in his work today. Nicolaevici’s photographic skills have taken him to exotic destinations in Brazil, Russia, Africa and the United States; and earned him assignments with brands like Beretta, Eddie Bauer and Jeep, as well as many outfitters around the world.
Check out our exclusive interview with @isaiasmiciu [LINK IN BIO]
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Located in the SantaCruz province of Patagonia, Jurrasic Lake is the most prolific rainbow trout fishery on the planet. Into the lake flows one tributary called the Barrancoso River, and here Anglers have the opportunity to sight cast to 20 pound fish in water the size of a Montana spring creek. We had the great fortune of fishing here last year, and look forward to heading back soon. @costasunglasses #SeeWhatsOutThere
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