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Are you tired of looking at the same wallpaper on your phone or computer? So are we, so we’re launching “Wallpaper Wednesdays” where we team up with some of our favorite photographers to offer you new phone backgrounds!
Up first is @aaronhitchins
Check out our story, and screen shot the featured  photo (of an underwater bull trout).
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For those of you that think winter is a time to put the fly rod away, we beg to differ...
We asked Flylords contributor @benjamin_kraushaar what late fall and winter fishing means to him in his home state of Wyoming.
[LINK IN BIO] for the full article.
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Yesterday, the New York Times published an article titled “Fly Fishing Targets Women as a Source of Growth”.
In the article they say “Women are the only growing demographic in the sport” and “In 2016, more than two million women participated in the sport, an increase of about 142,000 from the previous year.”
In response to the article we sat down with Jillian @thenoisyplume to talk about the growth of female anglers in the fly industry. [LINK IN BIO] for the interview, and the full NYT article.
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As we conducted interviews in Argentina, we asked a few of the local guides to describe the Golden Dorado.
Here are some of our favorite adjectives: Mean, Aggressive, Illusive, Acrobatic, Ferocious, Unpredictable… One guide told us the dorado was like catching a brown trout and a tuna put together.
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Ever wonder what opening day of trout season in New Zealand is like?
Read the story, from @nomadic.fly and @trouthuntingnz about their mission for big trout in the NZ backcountry @looptackle
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Alejandro Haro is a pioneer of Dorado fly fishing, but more importantly, Ale is a pioneer of Dorado preservation. Over 25 years ago, Ale decided he would start to fish the Juramento river with a fly rod… People looked at him like he was crazy, but he liked the challenge, and he liked the idea of “catch and release”. Alejandro decided to start his own guide business soon after, and he knew that in order to run a successful business he would also need to preserve the Dorado fishery.
From fighting off poachers with his bare hands to working with the local government to pass fishing regulations, Ale has seen it all. It was a pleasure to spend time with him in Argentina, and we are excited to share his story with the world. @yakodasupply
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Fly fishing is about the Journey… And having the right gear for that journey.
On this trip we pushed the limits on traveling with camera gear through some serious jungle terrain. We were also testing out the new Yeti Pangas, and they worked perfectly for what we needed to get done. Fully waterproof, and roomy enough to fit in everything we needed. @Backcountry #GOATworthy
Lots of hard work went into finding this fish. Can’t thank Alejandro from @juramentoff enough for hosting us on this trip. And to all of the companies who made this journey possible!
Hope you have been enjoying the stories 🤘🏼
We have a pretty cool video in the works about an incredible fishery.
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How do you get to the river?
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Tomorrow we head back into the jungle in search of gold.
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Spent the day floating down the Juramento river with our Argentinian guide Turco. This is the type of river where you really need to earn your fish. Lot’s of casting and lot’s of lost flies. That being said you also have the chance of hooking into a 50 pound Golden Dorado...
[check out our Insta story to see if we landed any]
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Carving through a wild scenery of prehistoric geologic formations and dense forest, the Juramento River is a tailwater that calls northern Argentina home. What might resemble a western trout stream, is actually home to some of the largest Golden Dorado in the world. It’s a streamer fishery, and from an anglers perspective the more water you can cover the better.
We spent two days learning about the history of the river, the environmental risks that the ecosystem faces, and the work that Alejandro Haro of @juramentoflyfishing has been doing to preserve this water for the past 25 years.
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