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“Everything about a tiger fish is unique… Just look at it, it looks badass. There’s nothing that can prepare you for that hit on a tiger fish. If you’re either scaling a fly across the surface or fishing a sinking line, the hit and the amount of speed is incomparable to anything else. And then they’ve got those teeth, so they can chew through and just destroy everything else. 
You have to drill that fish hard, and give it as much as he gives you. I promise you, on a daily basis, we were taping up our fingers from line burns… I think the tiger fish is the epitome of African fish.  If you think about Africa, you see a tiger fish.” Jako Lucas from @captjackproductions explains to the Flylords team about his film “The African Tiger,” in the latest @flyfishingfilmtour Behind the Lens feature. [LINK IN BIO] @yeti @thomasandthomasflyrods #flylords #tigerfish #flyfishingfilmtour #jakoing
Yes, those are all huge trout...
With the unprecedented calm weather for Jurassic Lake, we had a chance to shoot some insane drone footage, this photo captures the pure magnitude of the Lake, and what conditions can be like if you hit it at the perfect time in the perfect place.
Check out the behind the scenes of this madness in our story. @estancialagunaverde
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Landing fish is all about teamwork when you are fighting a 15 pound rainbow on the edge of some sharp rocks. A spectacular first day with @estancialagunaverde - can’t wait to share some of the drone footage we shot with you! @thomasandthomasflyrods
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“When you have successfully landed, your first wild steelhead, it is a feeling of accomplishment that makes you want to scream, cry, grab your closest bottle of whiskey to share with friends, and or all. That’s why it’s sexy, this moment right here! When holding this iridescent fish of perfection, you realize what a gift it is to see this creature and the setting which it’s done.” In latest feature @flygyde talks about his personal pursuit and passion for chasing steelhead and his passion for getting people into their first fish. [LINK IN BIO] #flylords #steelhead #olympicpenisula  #swingingflies #anadromousfish #wildfish #wintersteelhead
Three casts later...
After a series of unfortunate events, we finally made it to Jurassic Lake @estancialagunaverde - One of our favorite places on earth. Within a few casts we are reminded why this journey is worth it every year... @rossreels #Madeonthewater #Flylords #JurrasicLake #Adventure
Flylords 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
‘Tis the season, and we are excited to bring you our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Many of these products we have tested in the field, some are from friends, and some are just too cool not to include. [LINK IN BIO] for some of our favorite products of 2018
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“As we traveled to our destination for Arapaima we came across a great commotion…Hundreds of birds and caimans in a small perimeter feeding on baitfish. We then looked closer and spotted some arapaima rolling and jumping. We instantly began ripping streamers through the chaos hoping an arapaima would take.
After just a few casts I had one inhale my fly, but no hookup. My guide said, “You are not strong enough to set the hook into its bony mouth,” I realized he wasn’t joking. I have fished for many fish with boney mouths, but in my opinion, arapaima are the toughest yet.” Check out the latest article where Jose Bravo @thepeacockbass visits Brazil and @untamedangling Piraruco Lodge. [LINK IN BIO] #flylords #arapaima #piraruca #untamedangling #brazilflyfishing
George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States, died Friday night at the age of 94. George had an extraordinary record of supporting conservation and fishing in America and beyond, and he will be missed!
Icy banks mean winter is here.
Winter may mean a slower day of fishing, but it also means fewer people on the water... Do you have any plans for fishing this winter?
@rossreels #MadeOnTheWater
Photos: @vailvalleyanglers @dahlberg.digital
“Justin got hired the week before I got hired at our local fly shop… Then he suddenly didn’t have any hours, so I don’t think he really liked me at first. We didn’t meet for about a year after that. Then he came into the store and my boss invited him back in to come work with us. He came in with Brian and Judith O’Keefe doing the leads. I was like “Whoa, who’s this guy?” My first thought was “I wonder if he kisses well.” It took a while to find out.”
@k8crump talks about running a fly fishing business with he husband in “Behind The Guides” Presented by @costasunglasses [LINK IN BIO] for the full interview
#Flylords #BehindTheGuides #SeeWhatsOutThere
In our latest installment of @costasunglasses “Behind the Guides” we catch up with fly fishing guide Kate Crump. Kate is a guide in Bristol Bay, Alaska and on the Oregon coast, where she runs @frigatetravel with her husband Justin Crump. In the interview we talk with @k8crump about starting a business, women in the fly fishing industry, what her local fisheries are like, along with a number of other topics. [LINK IN BIO] to give it a read. #CostaSunglasses #BehindTheGuides #SeeWhatsOutThere
In the latest feature @crookedcreekholler put’s the @abelreels SDS Peacock Bass Reel to the test down south in the Amazon. The SDS (Sealed Drag Salt) takes all the power, reliability, and smoothness of its smaller counterpart and combines them in a larger package capable of taking on saltwater gamefish of all sizes. Crank down that drag and you will see how stopping power meets smoothness. [LINK IN BIO]  #flylords #abelreels #craftedforchaos #peacockbass #nomadicwaters