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Cec, 15 years old, lands her first King of the season! Perks of being the boss’s daughter...
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After a long day on the water, one of our favorite ways to relax is in a @enohammocks. They are small enough to throw in the bottom of the suitcase, and make every fishing adventure a little more relaxing after a long day on the water.
Review of our favorite hammock coming soon.
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“I pass right by this epic river junction every time I drive between Jackson and Pinedale, so I thought I’d send up the drone for a new perspective. On the left is the chocolate milk flavored water of the Hoback River, which mixes with the Blue Gatorade flavored water of Granite Creek. Delicious”
Photo / Caption: @davidmrule
One of our goals from this trip to Alaska was to find some monster grayling. We also wanted to document them in the crystal clear water that @goodnewsriverlodge offers. It’s pretty crazy that you can site fish mouse flies to these incredible fish.
“It’s that time of year! Tarpon season is here! Guides and anglers alike are getting ready for their upcoming trips… I have been going on 15 years in pursuit of… in my opinion the greatest game fish on the fly in the world. So to help you catch these magnificent beasts here are a few simple tips that maybe articles or videos have not touched on…”
In our latest article the legendary @captjoeldickey takes us through 5 essential tips that will help you catch Tarpon On The Fly!
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The fish are getting bigger by the day! We have been blown away by the raw power of fresh kings running into the Goodnews tributary. Still looking for that monster!
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Happy Fathers day to all the patient, loving, and inspiring dads out there. Thanks for putting up with us in our highs and in our lows, and for giving us a love for the outdoors.
[LINK IN BIO] for some of our favorite Father’s Day stories from @cutthroat.camaraderie @naoto.aoki.photography @dannyjwarren @garylgillett
Now this is what we were looking for!
A monster arctic grayling from the Middlefork Tributary at @goodnewsriverlodge.
It’s insane watching these fish eat in crystal clear water, and they can live to be up to 30 years old! So much respect for these creatures.
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Flylords: Tell us about the first time you picked up a fly rod.. Did this moment change your life?
April: “I’d been keen to try fly-fishing when I was a gear-fisher in my teens, but I couldn’t get my hands on any fly equipment. My fishing buddy (a salty dog who was forty years my senior) had an old Shakespeare glass 8wt collecting dust in the corner of his tackle room. As he had no interest in fly-fishing, he gifted it to me.”
“He also gave me a handful of VHS tapes about single-hand casting and fly-tying.  I watched all those tapes on repeat; sitting on the edge of the couch mimicking the cast with my hands, tying flies with my mom’s sewing thread and random materials from around the house.  Our VCR didn’t have a remote control, so I spent most of my time getting up and down, pausing the tapes so I could catch up to each step.”
[LINK IN BIO] for the exclusive interview with @aprilvokey
Photo: @andrew_burr
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Early season in Goodnews Bay Alaska is an interesting time for targeting fish. The Grayling and Rainbow trout fishing is off the charts, but we are still waiting on the Salmon to enter the river system. This week we are finally starting to see some life, and some small kings are entering the system. Here’s a shot before the release of a rainbow trout and King Salmon (Jack). Keeping our fingers crossed that we get to see the big boys! @LoopTackle #LoopAktiv
Flylords: What is your favorite species to target and why?
April: Steelhead. They’re wild, they’re resilient, they’re in some truly gnarly places, and they’re in my blood.
[LINK IN BIO] for the exclusive interview with @aprilvokey
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We are excited to be spending some time in Alaska again this year with our friends @goodnewsriverlodge.
There’s something about this place that keeps us coming back. The people we meet, the food we eat, the off the grid Cessna flights in... Or maybe it’s the insane fishing we have the fortune of experiencing. Anyway, we look forward to sharing some content with you from this adventure! Stay tuned.