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Launching a streamer into the Honey Hole.
•Catching the World's Fastest Shark on Fly•
“We powered offshore a half hour to the target area and began setting up for our drift. To the naked eye, we might have picked a random spot in the middle of the ocean. In fact, this drift was crafted from a careful calculation of wind, water temperatures, and depth. It’s one of the few regions in the world where you can consistently sight-fish makos on a fly rod. And wouldn’t you know, with about 50 combined pounds of death floating in the water, it was only a half hour before our first shark was circling the boat.” @nicholasblixt talks about landing the fastest shark in the world in our latest story. [LINK IN BIO]
Dropped off by helicopter onto a remote lake in Labrador to chase Arctic Char.
"It’s been an on-going battle for the past decade and still, the proposed open pit copper and gold mine known as Pebble is still posing a serious threat to Alaska and it’s salmon. For those who may not have heard of it, this could be the world's largest open pit mine at the headwaters of the most prolific sockeye salmon run in the world. It’s a resource that provides countless jobs for commercial, sport fishing and subsistence fishermen every year and also provides over half of the world’s salmon. It’s a resource that is completely irreplaceable."
@camillegdorf, a guide who calls Alaska home, talks about the current state of the Pebble Mine in our latest story. Hit the link in our bio for more info on how you can take action.
Photos by @mattmccormick05
"Trout populations are low, traffic is high, and flow volume is erratic. It's a rough river system for trout and anglers alike.
The pride of the Truckee River is in its wild trout, and anglers are drawn to the river year after year for its potential to give up a memorable fish. And that’s exactly what happened on our recent outing…"
@arlosflyfishing talks about striking gold on the Truckee in our latest story. 
Last year we joined @ianprovo, @neilprovo and @angling_frontiers on an epic journey 60 miles up the Amazon River. This video shows just how good the fishing got as we pushed further into the headwaters of the Bolivian Amazon. Hit the link in our bio for the full video and story about our trip, curtesy of @backcountry
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"Coming home to Wisconsin for the weekend, I decided to meet up with the old neighborhood crew to fish my first King (Chinook) Salmon run. This fish had some serious horsepower and walked me downriver at least a mile. It was a surreal experience, especially being in the heart of Milwaukee and this won't be my last King run, that’s for sure."
@seldred_ talks about landing her first King Salmon in our latest story.
📷 @dahlberg.digital
• 5 Tips: Catching A Grande Roosterfish • 
#1. Prepare to fail. It’s a strange thing but over the years the overall experience definitely overshadows the fish. We were all mentally prepared to work our asses off, spending long hours in the blistering heat, running up and down, sweating, stepping on boxfish, you name it… I am a sucker for a challenge, as you will always appreciate a fish more if you have to work hard.
In our latest blog @christiaanpretorius talks about 5 essential tips you need to know if you want to land one of these monsters. [LINK In BIO] to read.
You're a Wizard Harry!
"I play in the NFL (currently a free agent) and have always dealt with coaches pushing you to be the best, 'winning is everything', 80,000 fans screaming at you and ridiculing your every move on social media. So I guess you could say fly fishing is my escape or slice of tranquility. Fish don’t lie or cheat, they can’t be bought, bribed or impressed by power, everything is earned."
We recently caught up with pro football player Devin Street @dev15, to hear about why he loves to flyfish. [LINK IN BIO]
Some people say Lake run Steelhead are not "real steel head". Watching this fish tear down stream made me think otherwise.. What are your thoughts?
New poll going down on our story - Cast your vote.
"Bavaria is beautiful and probably the best region of Germany. Especially for those who travel and want to see crazy Germans in beautiful dresses and lederhosen. The Mountain lifestyle is deeply anchored in the heart of the people. They treat the environment the way it should be treated and due to this, you'll find thousands of crystal clear lakes and rivers across the state.
Our target species for this trip was to catch a brook trout on a dry fly and of course to live the camper-and-leaky-wader lifestyle. This colored up brown trout was also a nice treat..."
@marc.koenen talks about his Bavarian adventures in our latest story [LINK IN BIO]