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Snowy silent streets and pretty Christmas lights in Sweden. So we went late-night sledging!.. 🎄🌨️🇸🇪🌟
Another incredible rye 😍
Cider has cleared...
Amazing wobbly bread dough!
Pizza toppings 😋🍕
Beautiful moss. Posted an almost identical pic a year ago, but that was taken in France. Both were mushrooming trips, but last year I was about to find tonnes of horns of plenty. This year was hopeful of the same but only found 3 small hedgehog mushrooms.
Wonderful gift of absolutelty spectacular sourdough bread, made with molasses, fennel seeds and aniseed 😋
Yummy Tunisian dinner with brik, thanks Haifa! X
Yesterday's lunch of the last lovely, nutty courgettes - dug up the plants to make way for onions, garlic and peas. Eaten in the last of the summer sun ☀️😌
Apple crushing (check the rainbow of apple varieties), pressing, fermenting, cider! Thank you @leo.j.notneb for all the equipment - you'll get some lovely cider! And cheers to exec cider engineer @umbertoroberto 🍏🍻🍎
The start of cider-making day!... 🍏🍎🍺
Blackberry beard 💜