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Elie to St Monans. Fife Coastal Path. #lovefife #fifecoastalpath
Siverburn house on fire. #fife #silverburn
Fife Coastal Path from Shell Bay to Earlsferry.
Elie from the Fife Coastal Path on a glorious spring day
Don't think Murphy is too impressed with his Xmas pud jumper. 😆
Out and about in the great city of Dundee.  Came across a very old friend of mine. Cow pie anyone?
Walking back from the pub on a Saturday aft.  Scenery doesn't get much better.
We love our new tv lounge.
Standing on the 17th tee @ the old course.
Sunday.  Walking from Shell Bay to Earlsferry.  #lovefife
View from our hotel room balcony.Wine from the Blue Duck.
Charlotte with Pavlova in the Blue Duck. Best wine bar in all of France. IMHO. #Carcassonne