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Sex is strongly connected with creativity, experimentation and fantasy.⠀
The image above belongs to an ongoing project in which I try to investigate the notion of pleasure related to female orgasm, dissectioning and manipulating still frames from vintage erotic and porno movies. Fascinated by the boundaries between fiction and reality I play on the original captions with the aim to dissolve them into a fragment of an oneiric vision.⠀
This is Cat @cathleenberenyi, posting for the month’s theme « Sex! »⠀
Send us your interpretations of 'sex!' and we'll post them as an Instagram story! ⠀⠀⠀
To submit: ⠀⠀
1. Be a woman :D ⠀⠀
2. Follow us @fotofemmeunited ⠀⠀
3. Either send us a DM or tag using #ffusubmissions⠀
#film #movie #sex #sexuality #pleasure #imagination #themeofthemonth #caption #stillframe #vintagemovies
Theme month is back: let's talk about sex! This month's theme has been chosen by Mary Morgan. Throughout history, women have tended to be categorized into being the madonna or the whore. it wasn't until the 70s during the female revolution that women even began to talk about being sexual creatures of our own, not just for the pleasure of men. Decades later, we still have a way to go, but we've certainly made a lot of progress. So this month i want us to explore what SEX! means to us.⠀⠀
Send us your interpretations of 'sex!' and we'll post them as an instagram story! ⠀⠀
To submit: 1. Be a woman :D 2. Follow us @fotofemmeunited 3. Either send us a DM or tag using #ffusubmissions⠀⠀
#Sex #naturalphenomena #Basicneeds #Desire #satisfaction #femalephotographers
Another submission from @sophie_vanhomwegen
Send us your self-portrait ms today !
#ffusubmissions #fotofemmeunited #autoportrait #selfportrait
Self-portrait by @thefemmeproject :
What will the political, economic and social landscape look like in 2020? In a Tweet by Tweet news cycle it’s difficult to predict, yet the future remains unwritten and ripe with choice. The time for change, the time for justice and the time for unity is now for those who care enough and for those who stand against racism, bigotry, misogyny and hate. The future will be written by those who persist.
• • •
#peoplepower #thighhighthursdaychallenge #thighhighthursday #bodypositive #hosiery
If you have a self-portrait tag us! We're reposting all day.
Hey everyone! It's Emma again (@emma_hogan_photography) sharing with you my take on this month's Weekend Warriors theme: self portrait.⠀
In a world where thousands upon thousands of self portraits are created, it can sometimes be hard for an artist to stand out. As a photographer who experiments a lot with self portraiture, I often have to push myself to create something unique and expressive. This was my first ever underwater self portrait, taken at a moment where I found myself thriving creatively and falling back in love with the work I do. It is now one of my favourites.⠀
What are the self portraits that pushed you creatively?⠀
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To keep up the good fight, we're happy to present : Weekend Warriors! This month's theme, 'self-portrait ' has been chosen by Dina. Female artists have used self-portraiture as an exploration of their own identity, excavating some of who we are through the process. With this theme, we will explore an aspect of ourselves by diving deep within our human psyche and see what unveils.⠀⠀⠀
This feature is entirely focused on feminist themes which will be presented every Saturday. One theme per month, a different interpretation each Saturday. ⠀⠀⠀
Send us your interpretations, we'll repost them on Sundays!  1. Be a woman  2. Go to @fotofemmeunited and like our page 3. Either send us a DM or use the hashtag #ffusubmissions -----⠀⠀⠀
#weekendwarriors #selfportrait #selfportraiture #femalephotographers #feminist #feministart #feministthemes #birmingham #uk #britishphotographers
Hello again. This is Savannah Spirit @savannahspirit.artist and this is my last post of the day for Feminist Friday at @fotofemmeunited !⠀
3) What inspires your photography? Capturing emotion, moments, stoppages of time. Life is art. ⠀
#savannahspirit #newyork #fineart #protest #blacklivesmatter #claimpower #nyc #feministfriday #powerful #demonstrate
Well, as you can see, instagram removed our post. As they demonize the people actually trying to do good, we have to adhere to their rules. So as we were saying...
This is Savannah Spirit @savannahspirit.artist and this my second post of the day for Feminist Friday!
2) What is your story? My story is about owning who I am and accepting myself. Flaws and all. Photo: My Body My Choice, Mexico #selfportrait #savannahspirit #mexico #blackandwhite #fineart
Hello everyone. This is Savannah Spirit @savannahspirit.artist  and this is my first post of the day for Feminist Friday at @fotofemmeunited ⠀
1) What makes a good image? A good image keeps the viewer engaged while telling a story. As long as your eyes keep moving within the photograph.⠀
----⠀ #selfportrait #savannahspirit #metropolitanmuseumofart  #nyc #newyork #newyorkphotographres #fotofemmeunited #ffusubmissions
It's Feminist Friday! Today we're off to NYC to speak to photographer @savannahspirit.artist ! So stay tuned, her first post will be up this afternoon.⠀
Feminist Friday is about promoting women identifying photographers in all areas of photography. To submit: 1. Be a woman 😄 2. Follow @fotofemmeunited 3. Either send us a DM or use the tag #ffusubmissions #feministfriday
Hello! My name is Nora Vázquez, @noranvazquez and its my last picture to post. Towards the light we will go and among shadows we will find ourselves.⠀
#Argentina #Cyanotype #AlternativeProcesses #Fotografas_Latam
Hello! myself Nora Vázquez, @noranvazquezad its my third picture. Like the white lilies: purity, tender heart, innocence and trust. The light and the darkness are.⠀
The dark needs light. Light needs darkness. They are one ⠀
#Argentina #Cyanotype #AlternativeProcesses #Fotografas_Latam