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Pyometra is an infection of the uterus. It can be LIFE THREATENING! This infected uterus weighed in at 10% of this dogs body weight! Get your pets fixed early to prevent this! A spay while young is cheaper than an emergency pyometra surgery!
Dogs who wander unsupervised can run into serious issues. This dog got very lucky by not having anything life threatening, but as you can see, he appears to have gotten shot with a shotgun. It is very important to keep your pet safely confined. Neutering can also help keep them closer to home.
This is an example of what ear mites look like under the microscope! Ear mites are a common issue for young kitties (occasionally older cats and dogs as well) that can cause them to scratch or dig at their ears. There can be many different reasons for your pet scratching at their ears or shaking their head so it's important to take them to the vet for proper treatment, because the only way to properly diagnose an ear issue is with an ear cytology.
DO NOT mess around with parasite preventatives! Follow the label instructions and do not try to split doses between pets or put cat products on dogs... It will likely cost! In this case the cost was 100 times more than the dose of prevention. Although an accident by giving 2 cats a dog product, the owner still split the dose (thinking it was a cat preventative) between the 2. Both of them spent time in the hospital.
This is a great guide to consider for your pets and the extremely cold temperatures!
This is the mouth of a 9 year old Chihuahua! What's remarkable about this is she hasn't had any dental work for 4 years! Most dogs her age have lost a significant number of teeth. The secret?? The owners brush her teeth daily. Great job! #dog #k9teeth #dogteeth #dental #dogdental #vet
Applying topical flea prevention on cats is different than on dogs. Cats can actually get to the typical "between the shoulder blades" spot. As you can see in the video, our clinic cat MJ can easily reach the tasty treat we applied there. It is important to apply topical flea prevention at the base of the skull to prevent kitties from ingesting it and causing severe health complications.
The amount of community support for the Stewart family is truly amazing. Please continue to donate and help give this family an amazing Christmas. 🎄❤️
The donations for the Stewart family affected by fire is growing quickly. We also had an anonymous donation of $220! Great work so far and please continue the support!
We have a donation box started for the Stewart family that was tragically affected by a house fire. Please feel free to stop by the clinic and drop off your donations. Check our facebook event for the sizes needed! Thank you!
The best way to have hot cocoa! Although there isn't snow outside, the Christmas festivities are alive at Four Loving Paws! Come join us from 4-8 and visit with Santa!