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1/2 dozen raspberry points pleease
Don’t miss the last episode of #midnighttexas this Friday Dec28! if this show has taught you anything, you know not to trust thine own eyes.
It was such an incredible journey I feel lucky to have been a part of. 
There aren’t many shows on television (particularly on network tv) that dare to push so many boundaries. It was a fun thrill ride yes, but it also dared to be political and controversial and unapologetically inclusive and full of heart at every step. I’ve been genuinely surprised and moved by the outpouring of love from the fans this past week. So thanks to all of you and thanks to my dedicated and gifted castmates @parisafitzhenley @ariellekebbel @saraheramos @yuluminati @jasonleelewis @dylanthebruce @pmensahonline @jaimeraynewman4real @justjokingjk @bernardosaracino @nestorcarbonell @adamvandamn my dear Joanne Camp and all our cast and crew. Thanks to @monicaowusubreen And @davidjanollari for trusting me with their baby and to @nicasnyder and @ericcharmelo for taking this baby through its teen years. Looks like we won’t see it become a grownup but maybe it was always meant to stay a teenage rebel and that’s ok. 
Happy Holidays everyone.
There’s a link to a fun interview about the end of midnight in my bio if you want to hear more. 🤓
Been living in this sweater since Thanksgiving. No other plans til Easter.
Soft focus (bliss)
11/22 #neverforget
Just driving Miss @ariellekebbel to a screening of tonight’s #midnighttexas in a golf cart.
Day 10/10 📞🏠 #10daymoviechallenge