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Look who got her spa on this week! 🛁🧼✂️🐾
Any guesses who this is?! And no it is not a new senior! 😆
Waiting for Friday like...🕰⏳
We feel you, Olivia! 🐾
Anyone else looking forward to Friday?! #OliviaFAAP
Just in case anyone was wondering what Richard Gere was up to! Clearly he is more smitten for Olivia Newton John than he was for Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman! 😆🐾
#RichardFAAP #OliviaFAAP
Sunday smiles! We don’t let the rain dull our sunshine! 😊🐾
#JLoFAAP #HalleFAAP #GerryFAAP #CherFAAP #OliviaFAAP #TallulahFAAP #HelenaFAAP
Fan Club Friday! Who other than one our favorite OG’s (you know Original Gangsta!) to give a shout out to than Boris Karloff! This boy is seriously a miracle and is the poster boy for defying the odds! He came to us in dreadful condition...severe heart murmur, testicular cancer, poor skin condition, malnourished...overall declining health. We thought we were taking on a hospice case and would be lucky to have him for a couple weeks or months. It will be 3 yes, THREE years this summer that we have had the honor of having Boris as a part of our family!  He has been the resident heartthrob...for all of us, dogs and humans! He is gentle, kind to everyone (well, he does like to push Alan’s buttons sometimes...but all in good fun!) and still makes every one of us volunteers feel like a million bucks when we walk in the cabin and he greets us! 😍
He is a funny boy...and is not discriminatory in the least whether big or small...including bed choices shown here! 😆
Everyone please give a round of applause for this boy...seriously we pinch ourselves that we have had this beautiful miracle for 3 years! 
If you’d like to learn more about us or help support our mission to provide other seniors, just like Boris, with a soft landing and surrounded with nothing but the love they deserve for the rest of their lives, you may do so at
Valerie Bertinelli, you have the right idea! Raise your hand if you think all jobs should give an afternoon nap break! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️🐾🐾
Yesterday, one of our volunteers, Jennifer Calderhead, accompanied Pat Mitchell to the Winder Adult Health Day Center for the very first time and shared her experience:
“On June 3rd I tagged along with Pat Mitchell, Marisa Tomei, and Carol Burnett to visit Winder Adult Day Center.  We were enthusiastically greeted by Kathleen who was proudly wearing her own FAAP t-shirt.  I met Jonilynn, who was celebrating her birthday. Her outstretched arms eagerly awaiting for Carol to be placed in her lap, after which she instructed me to get a disposable camera out of her bag.  She had brought it especially to have pictures of her with the dogs. A few pictures later Carol and I went on to meet more friends. Carol and Marisa loved every lap and person.  On our way out, Kathleen reminded me I promised her she could hold Carol.  As she sat there petting her, Jonilynn walked by and told Kathleen to "Hold that pose!” She got her camera and took a picture.  It was such joy for me to accompany Pat, who clearly loves taking dogs there.  And the ride there and back with the wind in our hair/fur and sun on our faces in the little red convertible was a wonderful beginning and ending.”
How amazing is that? If only we all could share in experiences such as these! 🐾💜
Thank you Jennifer and Pat!
#CarolFAAP #MarisaFAAP
There was no hiding Boris’s excitement when he saw his buddy Gilly today.  He wouldn’t leave her side and kept sniffing and licking her. Wherever Gilly went, Boris was bound to follow! 💜🐾🐶🐶
#BorisFAAP #GillyFAAP #GildaFAAP
Friday Fan Club! Did you know us humans aren’t the only ones crushing on these senior pups? 💜😍
Little Richard Gere has an absolute love obsession for Olivia and ONLY Olivia...all the other furry ladies can just park it! He lives for being close to her and will groom and lick her for hours if you’d let him. And she just lets him do his thing...even if it does get on her nerves at times 😂 She does love him too.
Enjoy these cute little photos of Richard being “caught” in the moment 💜
#RichardFAAP #OliviaFAAP
Olivia cruising! 🐾🚗
Boris cruising! 🐾🚗
We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day yesterday! We know 3 seniors that had the times of their lives!  Richard Gere, Olivia Newton John and Boris Karloff went cruising the streets of Winder, convertible style yesterday and from the smiles on these faces, they enjoyed every minute! Thanks to volunteers Pat and Andee for taking them on such a fun adventure! 🐾🚗
Stay tuned for a few videos from yesterday’s ride! 😁
#BorisFAAP #OliviaFAAP #RichardFAAP