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Happy Friday! This Friday’s Fan Club Spotlight goes to our sweet Jennifer Lopez.  J-Lo is our beautiful senior Bichon who came to us from Releash Atlanta.  J-Lo has been through a lot emotionally and is still adjusting to her new life at Frankie and Andy’s Place.  Just as many of us humans need time to mourn after a loss of a loved one and try to adjust to life without that person and having to learn a new “normal”...dogs are the same way. J-Lo was given to Releash Atlanta after her beloved owner passed away.  J-Lo is as precious as she can be and likes to have someone sit with her and love on her.  Just like many of our seniors, her quiet, calm demeanor quickly goes by the wayside when it’s snack or mealtime! Out comes this vocal (yes folks, she barks!) energetic, push to the front of the line, “me me me!” girl who has no shame in speaking up for what she wants! Her little wobbly back legs all the sudden aren’t an issue. 
J-Lo is such a delightful addition to our family and we love her so!
If you’d like to donate to J-Lo’s care, you may do so on our website at and click the Donate button. 
Thank you! 🐾😊
Soaking up the last couple days of summer! ☀️🐾
Hi everybody, Gilly here! Did you know that sometimes us oldies have potty accidents? Sometimes it can be hard for some of us to make it through the whole night so you can imagine the amount of laundry we can create! (Some of us may need their own laundry basket, but I’m not pointing paws!) We are down to our last bottle of Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin detergent. If you’d like to help keep my panties and blankets clean, you can find this as well as other items needed on our Amazon Wish List at
Thank you! 🐾😊
Sunday Rainy Sunday! 🐾☔️
This Friday Fan Club goes out to a very special girl.  She is a true rockstar. Her life has changed dramatically in such a short period of time, yet her sweet gentle personality still shines through so brightly.  Helena Bonham Carter came to us in July with her brother, George Clooney. They had been given up by their owner to the vet who “determined” it was time to put them to sleep because they were old. Thankfully the vet did not listen! 
In a matter of a couple short months, Helena’s home and family changed and just a few days ago, she lost her beloved brother, George.  We were so worried about how Helena would handle all of this in such a short period of time.  She’s been given a lot of extra attention, care and even had her first trip to the Adult Day Center this week.  She did amazing and brought many smiles to so many people. She’s even stepped up to the plate as “mother hen” to our little Gilly and has been sharing Gilly’s bed and sleeping with her.  This beautiful girl who has been through so much is just happy to spread her love and joy to others.  We know George is watching and is so proud of his sister. 💜
Helena, we just love you and are so blessed to have you as part of the Frankie and Andy’s Place family!
If you’d like to donate to Helena’s care or any of our other seniors, you may do so on our website at and selecting Donate. 
Thank you! 🐾🐶
How adorable are these faces? These are the seniors that we have pulled from kill shelters to give them a new chance at life.  You can help us by subscribing to BarkBox today through our link,  For each subscription purchase, they’ll donate $25 to us which will help us to save more dogs just like Boris, Gilly, Ilsa, JuJu, Fiona, Ozzy, Lil Kim, Errol Flynn, Tallulah and Luna.  Plus, you get 50% off your first Box! Spoiling your dog never felt so good! 🐾😊🐶
Tender Tummy Tuesday! We like to add this digestive health supplement to our seniors’ food to help with digestion and to absorb nutrients properly. It is an excellent probiotic. Ice T was excited to help open a new container!  We have this item as well as several others on our Amazon Wish List which can be found with this link
or on our website
Today Amie and Helena Bonham Carter went to Winder Day Health Center.  This was Helena's first time going on site visits and she handled it like a pro! Everyone loved on her and commented on her undenying beauty! After being the center of attention at the center, she got to enjoy some much needed chicken nuggets! This is one amazing girl! 🐾💜
Saturday snapshots at Frankie and Andy’s Place! 📷🐾
Fall back Friday! Our Lil Kim, Queen Matriarch of the cabin, loved her Boris. She was always one who took her job very seriously and looked over everyone at the cabin. She was a strong leader, but there was something about Boris that would make her weak in all four knees! Look at her, loving all over him, unbeknownst to the camera until the end 😂 We miss you Lil Kim! 
Lil Kim was our first senior at Frankie and Andy’s Place. If she only knew that we have now rescued 15+ seniors since she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she would be so proud.
If you’d like to support our journey to save more seniors from dreadful conditions and provide them a loving environment to live out the rest of their days, you may do so at
Thank you! 🐾💜
#BorisFAAP #LilKimFAAP
Yesterday Ice T and Cher went to Four Seasons Assisted Living in Winder with volunteers Aimee and Alisha.  Ice T and Cher were all snuggles and cuddles with the residents and won over every heart in the room! 🐾😊💜
#icetFAAP #cherFAAP #FAAP
Have any of our followers and fans ever seen the classic movie “The Sound of Music”? If so, you’ll know that I am singing along to the song “My Favorite Things” like Maria! Us seniors also have a list of some of our “favorite things” and would be so grateful for anything from our list! We get so excited when we see an Amazon box. 🐾😊
If you’d like to check out our list and help, you can click on the link: or click the link above in our profile and you can access it on our website.
💜Thank you!
Cher (today’s elected spokesdog by my peers😁)