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Today was a special day for Gilly!  Gilly and volunteer Jennifer went on a field trip to Petsmart and cruised the aisles in her own set of wheels and then had a chicken nugget date.  This little girl had the best time!
After being out on the streets as a stray, trying to fend for herself, we at Frankie and Andy’s Place believe in making sure Gilly and all our dogs are loved and know that they are uniquely special and their lives matter. They are given one on one attention and are treated as if they are our “own”...and to be quite honest, they are! They have many mommas and a few dads, all who value their lives and will stop at nothing to give them the very best.  These dogs spent far too long shortchanged. Never again 💜
If you’d like to learn more about Frankie and Andy’s Place and support our mission to save senior dogs and make their last days their best days, you can visit our website at
It’s “Wet Wednesday” here in Georgia.  Naomi thinks it’s the perfect afternoon to catch up on her 💤 ‘s. 🐾  What about you? 
Thank you to our volunteer, Rachel Mays for this precious shot of our Naomi. 😊
Sally Field is drooling at the thought of National Nachos Day! 🤤🐾
Today’s visit to Winder Adult Day Center brought many smiles to these sweet faces!
Cher and Marisa Tomei were the stars of the show today 🌟 🐾
Cher was being a little camera shy today 🤣
Thanks Amie Frey Botts and Patricia Lowrie for taking our girls!
#CherFAAP #MarisaTomeiFAAP
Sunday Shenanigans at Frankie and Andy’s Place! 🐾🍂🐶
These faces 😍😍😍
Hi everyone!  We are so excited that it is November!  Why you may ask?  It is National Adopt a Senior Dog Month!  Senior dogs are at the core of all of our hearts here at Frankie and Andy's Place and people, we have to tell you (from first hand experience!), senior dogs are where its at!  We will be spotlighting and promoting a different senior every day this month...forget Friday Fan will be on the daily!  We will share more about this tomorrow, but for now, we are excited to announce that Barkbox will not only be giving $15 off for new subscribers, but also increasing their donation to Frankie and Andy's Place to $30 for each new subscription through our unique code:
It's a win-win for a beloved dog in your life as well as the Frankie and Andy's Place dogs!
Please share with all your dog moms, dads, siblings,  grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! 🐾😊
Happy Monday from this dapper little lover boy, Alan Alda!  Accepting requests for modeling opportunities now! 😆🐾📸
Rebel Betty White enjoying her Sunday! 🐾💀😊
Drumroll please for our Friday Fan Club beauty, Marisa Tomei!
Marisa is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix around 13 years of age.  She came to us through Hickory Hound Level Rescue who rescued her from a shelter in Carrollton.  Marisa had been at the shelter for several months yet no one wanted to take a chance on this sweet girl. Thanks to Missy at Hickory Hound Level Rescue, Marisa was pulled and became roommates with Ice T!  They found out that she had cancer and had one of her toes removed as well as several growths on her neck and shoulder areas.
We were delighted to be able to welcome Marisa into the Frankie and Andy’s Place family! She had a wonderful reunion with Ice T and even found her soul sister and partner in crime, J-Lo. These two girls are inseparable and share a precious friendship. Marisa is sweet, calm and precious as can be with eyes that just look at you as if to say simply “thank you.” But Marisa, thank YOU. Thank you for filling our lives and hearts...your precious life matters and we will make sure you know nothing but love and care here at Frankie and Andy’s Place!
If you’d like to help us rescue more seniors like Marisa and provide them the end of life care that they deserve, you may do so on our website at and click the donate button.
Thank you!! 🐾😊
What are you doing on this gray, chilly fall afternoon? Alan Alda has the right idea...napping in a snuggly warm fleece jacket and cozy bed! 🐾😊🛏
Any guesses what our sweet Boris is daydreaming about while enjoying the nice fall weather? 😊
Our seniors get two snacks a at noon and one again before bedtime. We want to ensure that their blood sugar levels don’t get too low and that their little tummies do not grumble!  One of their favorites are chicken or fish and sweet potato “meatballs” made with Natural Balance. 
If you’d like to help support Boris’s daydreams as well as the rest of our seniors, you can find these items on our Amazon Wishlist at
We love to be able to personally thank those of you who send the dogs items from our wishlist. Please add a message/note when placing an Amazon order if Amazon gives you this option. Many times the shipping papers don’t come with the order when we receive it!
Thank you!! 🐾
Soul sisters, best friends, bunk mates, amigas...these girls stick together like peanut butter and jelly! 💜🐾🐶🐶
#JenniferLopezFAAP #MarisaTomeiFAAP