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“The last time I checked, I live in Atlanta not Seattle,” says Tallulah!
Tallulah has decided to stay perched on the sofa indoors on this SOGGY Saturday! 
Rain, rain go away...the seniors want to go out to play!
#TallulahFAAP #TallulahBankhead
Hi everyone!
For 2 years we have been in the top spot and we would like to continue our winning spot for the 3rd year!  We are currently in the number 2 spot for Animal Nonprofits. 😞
Right now we are about 80 votes from the top spot!
Please help us by voting for us.  You can access the link in our bio on Instagram and click on "Share Your Story" on the site.  Please rate us and also share some words about why you think we are the best Animal Nonprofit!
We would appreciate it very much and it would help us out greatly! 🙂
Thank you!
Yesterday the dynamic duo of Marisa Tomei and Pat Lowrie went for their weekly visit to Winder Adult Health Day Center.  This sweet girl shines every time with her calm, gentle demeanor. 💜🐾
#MarisaFAAP #MarisaTomei
Olivia decided to do a little yard work this morning and arrange the little cabin (Andy’s cabin) yard to her liking! 
This precious girl knows how to have a good time.
Another perfect example of a Frankie and Andy’s Place miracle in action 💜🐾
#OliviaFAAP #OliviaNewtonJohn
Look who is feeling so fancy, fresh and fabulous!! Thank you Harriette Taylor for taking Cher today for her spa day! 😊🐾🛁
Richard Gere came to a screeching halt when he heard that we had updated our Amazon Wishlist today!
You can check out the items on our list at
🐾 😊 Thank you!
#RichardGere #RichardFAAP
Helena and Marisa were rockstars today at their visit to Winder Adult Health Day Center. Marisa was a little bashful in front of the camera today so she let Helena take the spotlight! 🐾😊
#HelenaBonhamCarter #HelenaFAAP #MarisaTomei #MarisaFAAP
Sunday, Sunny Sunday! Thankful for sunny skies and beautiful weather! ☀️🐾
Is anyone else having a bad hair day? 
This rainy Georgia weather can go away any day now please! ☔️
But Richard, you are adorable no matter what! 💜
Sweet Natalie Portman has had itchy, dry skin.  A good, nutritious diet has helped a great deal as well as baths using Burt's Bees Itch Soothing Shampoo. Natalie is one who does not really like to be picked up, however once in the bath, she loved being pampered! 🐾🛁
Happy New Year to all of our Frankie and Andy’s Place followers and supporters! 
Tallulah’s New Years Resolution is to take more naps 😴😆...what are yours?
Rub-a-dub-dub, Sally’s in the tub!
It was bath day for Sally Field along with a bonus warm water massage...this was one happy girl! So happy that she literally had the zoomies after! Anyone who knows this girl knows she typically moves at snail speed 😂🐾 So glad you enjoyed your spa day, Sally! 🛁