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Judy Blume. 📚 📚 📚
Monday mornings y’all 🥊
#mondaymotivation #monday #meditation #kevinmorbyontheitunes #carryagladsongwhereverIgo
#mourning the #sixers
Those freckles, that brain, his jokes, his warmth, his morals, his sadness, his heart. My everything. #happymothersday ♥️
#fbf to house phones, moviefone  and *69 ☎️
Vegan Easter egg hunt, party of 1. 💜 #easter #veganchild #experthidingskills #lemontrees #bananatrees #tookhimtwohours
“My friend, Finn, I always go to the park with him, every day he’s mean to me, but he actually be nice, even though he be mean.” #whatyouregratefulfor #sedar #passover @jilliangiacomini has the best kids. 🌻🌻🌻
Listening to the wisdom of these fine broads. #nyc #theater #witchcraft 🌹
As soon as I was born my big bro made sure I always had good music, good food and good advice that I never take. 🦋🌈 (ages 1,9 18,26 and his Hanukkah present age 7). #nationalsiblingday
Signs from a desert Airbnb 🌵 
#joshuatree #thichnhathanh #inthistogether ➡️➡️
That’s a wrap on SMILF.  @deadline just posted an article about the finale, here is an excerpt:

DEADLINE: What has the reaction you’ve received been like the past few weeks?

SHAW: The single moms and the dads, the people writing me DM’s about their struggles, their abuse, their poverty, their addiction, depression and feeling marginalized, the people in Boston, the women ballers, the girls with food issues, etc., etc. —I’m reading all your messages. I see you and I appreciate you.

To the crew and everyone who worked on the show. I’m sorry you were counting on this job and I’m going to hustle my ass to get us all on a set again, this time with a little more experience and wisdom under my belt. Thank you for everything. 💚
Thank you to #showtime marketing and the folks running the #smilf handle @sho_smilf - your #BTS shots! 🥰🥰🥰 Last three pics are from the two campaigns, thank you for making a creator part of the conversation. 🥰🥰🥰 #digitalmarketing #marketing #billboards
My girl single mama and animal/environmental rights activist Erica St. John lived with me this summer in Boston. She was there taking care of her daughter Mia, Isaac, the puppies and she took care of me. Her first time on a set she was outraged over how much plastic was wasted. She made sure I always had my #Swellbottle and took the kids on adventures around the city while we were filming. She was just as much part of the crew as the crew. ♥️ And If anyone needs an environmental/green advisor on set she’s your lady. 🌍 (➡️➡️swipe)
#friends #friendsarefamily #noplastic #southendboston #capecod #singlemom #smilf