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The final before and after photos of our main bathroom!  If you're friends with us on Facebook, then you've probably already seen these.  I couldn't help sharing on Instagram too though!  Noah worked so hard sprucing up our bathroom and we are so happy with how it turned out.  I can't believe we bought a house with such an ugly bathroom and thought, "Yeah, we can fix this!"
38 weeks.  Big belly and sleepy eyes.  I'm so ready for baby boy to be here.  At this point with Adeline I still had to wait another three weeks before she arrived.  I did manage to repaint my toenails with a new color from @piecefuljoy yesterday, and that's quite a big accomplishment when you're this pregnant.
Adeline often sits with her ankles crossed like this.  It's just one of the many cute things she does without any prompting.
37 week bump photo a few days late.  Baby boy dropped last week and it feels so good to be able to breathe easier and actually sing in church again.  We can't wait to meet our little man!
Adeline helped me bake a cake today.  I love her two little sprinkle mounds in the middle. 😊
Adeline loves to watch tractor videos with Noah.  Daddy's little farm girl. ❤
Adeline helped me make playdough today.  It's been keeping her busy for over an hour!
Ice building up on the INSIDE of one of our windows, because we live in an older home.  In Michigan.
After helping Noah get his car up the driveway yesterday morning only for him to come back a few hours later to take my SUV in for an emergency repair (new radiator), I'm glad he got to have a snow day off from work today.  I'm also thankful our shower plumbing is no longer in an outside wall and we have a new heater upstairs to keep Adeline warm.  It's only Wednesday and it already feels like it should be the end of the week, but we have good heat and cozy soups to keep us warm and fed through this crazy weather. (Adeline likes to watch daddy shovel the driveway.)
How bad the weather is today: I can barely see the house across the street.  Stay safe out there.  #puremichigan
Having a bok choy snack while we make dinner.
The great debate.  Pancakes or waffles?  I am firmly on the waffle side, especially with homemade maple syrup.