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@brekkyboy debut EP ‘Sundog’ is out TODAY!! 🌅 Available on all music platforms yeeewwww link in their bio 🌅 
I had the pleasure of helping to bring this bad-boi to life. Thanks @frothalicious @bass_feelz and @liamplaysdrums for the good times. 
P/E/M @freeenergydevicestudios ..
Film 🎞by @mitch_loveday 📹
Speaker meets stealth bomber #f117a #princess #duntechaudio
@duntechaudio #princess
I have the pleasure of cP/E/M this bad boi for the hottest new #stadia band around... @unclericotheband 
#32 Our debut single ‘Nightglow’ is OUT NOW on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc. Thanks for the love so far with the song and film clip! Link in @unclericotheband bio #nightglow

Happy Mother’s Day, Love you Mum
The ever talented (and hot) @sarahmbelkner playing with the amazing @missyhigginsmusic @enmore_theatre ...proud huzb&
Thanks niece-y for@having me at your 2nd birthday 🎂. AhYayoo 
Lovely to catch most of the fam and have a little fang in the #350z #weekendaway
@michaellynch4246 getting a feel for the new @duntechaudio #princesses ...totally getting off on the insane detail and holographic imaging
The one and only @heavyweighthill digging on the new @Duntechaudio #princess  main monitors. ...I gotta say, his new mixes sound absolutely fkn redik!!!! Monitoring——complete. 
KHalso digging the @radarrecording #radarstudio..( I think he may get one). Complimented by @amphion_loudspeakers and @zaehl 
Thanks for a fun listening session brother
Thanks @juliamayg for being a gun!
Had a mega week with this talented fella @nathan_cavaleri and set my personal highest guitar to song ratio... ................ 14:5 not bad!! We got some pretty wicked tones. #amped. . 
Thanks @liamplaysdrums for all the boom boom Loving the new #duntechaudio #duntechprincess #fantasymeetsreality
Ah, so we have arrived at the monitoring destination. I’m so stoked and proud to take ownership of the first pair of the newly designed #duntech Princess. 
I’ve been a @duntechaudio nut since I was 7 years old. I went to a new school-mates house in grade 2, and his dad had a pair of Little Duchesses playing Sonny Rollins ‘WAy Out West’, it sounded so real that I went looking for the musicians. I can remember the sound like yesterday. ...flash forward BOOM 💥 
Thanks to Kiat from Duntech for redefining the boundaries. To @sarahmbelkner for listening to me talk about these things all day and night for the last 3 months( not to mention the cables (!!))[ @wireworldcable silver eclipse 5.2]. And the incredibly strong and dashing @bundatron also it’s FEDS 11th birthday 🎂 so Sydney crew can have a listen at a party soon. (Or hit me up).