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What’s on your plate today? 🍽 Let us help you solve your 🥘🍕🍝🌮🍱🍩makan problem at 🇲🇾 #Friedchillies #JomMakan #LetsCook

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Yesterday we went LIVE on Facebook to teach you how to make Masak Lemak Ketam. If you missed it, just go to our to watch it 😉 #MasakKetam
Can an instant ramen look this good? Yes it can, sir. Yes it can 🤤
Cucur Bilis in the office yo! What’s ure favourite cucur?
#snack #friedchillies
You cannot go wrong by starting your day in the middle of KL, in the middle of the week with this handsome plate of Roti Canai Special as your breakfast date 💛 #FCMakanBestAward2018
Our #foodsters Lisa & Vini went LIVE on Facebook today with our Special Edition #WaterCrisisRecipe. Go watch it on our NOW! 😉
#BreakingNews! Kit Kat just sent us a Kit Kat Kake! We asked if there’s any Kit Kat in this Kit Kat Kake but there’s non and it’s ok because we like cake! #MyBreak ❤️ Ps. It’s FriYay! Have a break, have a Kit Kat people!
Our little designer turns 24 today! It’s a Durian Cake by Nutmeg #BV2 🤤
Satay-strong KL’its, let the rain pass and come join us for some #ZainahSatay in Keramat 🤤 #SoSedapCanSlapYourFace
Mmm... fried chicken and waffles 🤤 This is one of our foodster @vinivedivici fav all time food and we’ll happy to shut her up if YOU can tell us where’s the best place to have fried chicken and waffles in Malaysia. A&W don’t count 😂
We tried some lamb today from @momsbbqkl at TTDI #Sedap! There are tons of other food to try out and the ambience was particularly nice after the rain today. Go check out the #Foodtruck’s there and let us know which ones do you think we should try next 👌🏻🤤
Fresh Satay Ikan straight from their Pangkor Island Factory. Really kkKrunchy, sweet with a bit  of fishy saltiness.
Hey foodies! We’re on a lil trip to Pangkor and we’d like you to recommend tempat #makanbest here 😘  #JomMakan #Pangkor 🏝