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Guess what we are making today in ze FC Studio? 
Crispy, addictive Ah Kow's sesame fried chicken rice. What r you having for lunch today? 
#lunch #chickenrice#friedchicken #ayamlejen
If u r wondering what's happening with our lamb shoulder we marinated yesterday. Here it is, just cooking leisurely on the barbie- still a bit to go folks! Will keep you posted
#partipanggangpatriotik #lamb #barbecue
Let's get a bit technical. If u want to have cooked but juicy breast, the temperature shud b between 65-70c. Look at this baby, all glazed with BBQ sauce
#partipanggangpatriotik #barbecue #chicken
Chicken lovers dun think we forgot abt you! Here's our surefire spatchcock chook getting all juicy on the grill
#barbecue #chicken #partipanggangpatriotik
Ok folks this is what's happening now. Brisket has been seared fat side down then it's simmering in a stock of BBQ sauce, passata, beef stock and thyme. Once simmering it's in the oven or barbie for a couple of hours. Ada rupa tak @kunizar @cowboysfoodtruck? 
#barbecue #brisket #partipanggangpatriotik
Well lookee here! Curing a nice hunk of brisket for tmrw's bbq. Oh yes. Salted with smoky salt, fresh pepper, paprika and a dash of cinnamon. Stay tuned folks!
#barbecue #brisket #partipanggangpatriotik
Lamb shoulder rubbed with good things like paprika, cumin, brown sugar, dry mustard ready for the barbie tmrw! 
#lamb #barbecue
Look at this beautiful baby! Lamb shoulder for our Merdeka content. Stay tuned tmrw for what we r going to do with it
#lamb #barbecue
We r making sloppy joe's today. Great in buns, on top of pasta or over your hotdog to coney-fy it!
#beef #sloppyjoe #lunch
Good morning folks! How about a drive down to Ipoh for the chee cheong fun at Canning Garden? 
#breakfast #cheecheogfun #noodles #ipoh
This folks is unbelievably tasty! Harissa cut into cubes and grilled. Wowsers! Like the most wonderful oat and lamb nuggets @jasmeenz the office smells amazing!