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Friends of FAI works to promote Italian culture in the U.S. and to support the preservation of historic buildings and properties in Italy.

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It’s a beautiful summer day in NYC (and not too hot... finally!)
Stumbling upon beautiful views in Rome (May 2018)
While it’s not a @fondoambiente property, there is something incredible about the intricacy of the “Golden Room” at the Palazzo Tobia Pallavicino in Genova.  Built in 1558 and created in classic rococo style,  the “Galleria Dorata” is one of the many gems waiting to be explored in Italy. Thanks to @peppe.arena87 for the wonderful photo!
This is a copy of the Farnese Bull, the largest single sculpture recovered from antiquity. We had the opportunity to see this amazing piece of art at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale Napoli in Naples during our 2018 Spring Tour. This classical sculpture, which was found in pieces at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome during the 16th century, was carved from a single piece of marble!
Beautiful Varese, Italy. We traveled to Varese in June to visit @villapanza and were absolutely charmed by this lovely city. Even at night, when all the stores were closed, Varese was a magical place!
Looks like we missed an amazing party! The FAI Giovani Milano group, one of the countless delegations of young members and supporters of @fondoambiente, threw a party at @villanecchicampiglio, a beautiful FAI property right in the heart of Milan. We are incredibly impressed by all the “FAI Giovani” groups!
Throwback to our 2018 Balbianello Spring Tour of Naples and Capri. This pic was taken in Naples right at the beginning of our trip... check out that view!
Our friend @andrea_mcvill_troisi , an enthusiastic supporter of @fondoambiente (and Friends of FAI!) shared this pic this morning. What could be more Italian than an amazing pizza on the Amalfi Coast?! Thanks Andrea...we wish we were there with you!
Beautiful roses at Villa Della Porta Bozzolo, one of the amazing 
@fondoambiente properties that Friends of FAI raised funds for!
Thanks @faigiovani.como for posting this amazing photo!! Makes us all wish we were in Italy this summer 😍
Check out this amazing view of Lake Como... from the air! Thanks to @luxuryitalianhoneymoons for sharing this amazing video 👏🏻
We love this amazing photo taken at Villa del Balbianello, one of the most famous (and most beautiful) @fondoambiente properties