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Akira and I wish all of you a happy 2nd Advent from the Simba Siba Inu charity walk.
2 more to go before you spend quality time with your friends and families ;)
Lunch with Mark Belardo in Quezon City. Mark is the recipient of our grant ;)
He will graduate in December with his animation project.

Good luck Mark! We can't wait to see your completed film ;)
Today's breakfast reading ....
Spot the Human in #Manila traffic.
In Manila? Feel like a dramatic crash dive into Manila's colonial past? Then do not miss out on #carlosceldran and his #carlosceldrantour
Thank you #UPFI - that was a lot of fun ;)
#jokoy #breakthemouldtour
Connect to #Jesus
Saint #Jobs
"Breda #Koeppel #prison 2