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#oktoberfest2017 concluded with Showcase Light Entertainment today. Our athletes really shine! Thank you to @chfsc for a great competition. And many thanks to the officials, volunteers, coaches, parents and skating enthusiasts who making putting an event of this magnitude possible.

Day 4 results:
Showcase Light Entertainment

Pre FS- FS 6 Group A
Abi Ploof 3rd
Cat Greenberg 4th
Teagan Grady 5th 
Pre FS- FS 6 Group B
Marley Stark 3rd

Basic 1- Basic 6
Sean Meeboer 1st

Lilia Stein 1st
Camille Sibley 4th

Rachel Seckinger 1st
Elsa Futch 2nd
Trevor Meeboer 3rd
Awstyn Knight 4th

Amelie Stein 1st
Kate Pressgrove 2nd

Hannah Baldwin 1st

No-test Duets
Autumn Boyd and Lilia Stein 1st

Pre-Preliminary Duets 
Awstyn Knight and Trevor Meeboer 1st

Preliminary Duets
Sofia Holland and Amelie Stein 1st

#figureskatingclubofparkcity #ontoregionals #thatsawrap
Congratulations to Tatum on passing her Pre-Juvenile moves test today at #oktoberfest2017! Tatum is the last of 7 athletes on the Juvenile #parkcityicing team who worked so hard his summer to pass their tests to be eligible compete this season! Way to go! We are so proud! @parkcityicing #figureskatingclubofparkcity #sectionalsherewecome #juvenilesynchro
Our moms rock! #figureskatingclubofparkcity #skatingmoms #bestparentsever #oktoberfest2017 #allwinners
Dancing into day 4 of #oktoberfest2017! It's been a fun weekend! Thank you to all the officials and volunteers and to @chfsc for hosting a great competition! #figureskatingclubofparkcity #sundayfunday #showcasesunday #thatlizardthough
And that's a wrap on Day 3 at #oktoberfest2017. Our talented athletes work so hard! Congratulations on all your efforts!

No-test Group A
Allison Coffee 4th

No-test Group B
Camille Sibley 2nd
Shannon Coffee 4th

No-test Group C
Daisy Stone 2nd
Meskele Allison 3rd

No-test Group D
Lilia Stein 3rd
Autumn Boyd 5th

Intermediate Freeskate 
Sam Bray 2nd
Brynn Roberts 5th
Morgan Heavrin 6th
Hailey Hultberg 7th
Zoe Hopper 9th
Phia Domonoske 11th

Intermediate combined results 
Sam Bray 3rd
Morgan Heavrin 5th
Brynn Roberts 6th
Hailey Hultberg 7th 
Zoe Hopper 9th
Phia Domonoske 10th

Pre-Preliminary Group A
Eva Biskup 4th
Stella Greenberg 5th
Awstyn Knight 7th

Pre-Preliminary Group B
Rachel Seckinger 1st
Elsa Futch 5th
Anya Pushka 6th
Vanessa Bradfield 7th
Tatum Carter 8th

Pre-Preliminary Group C
Audrey Garringer 3rd

Pre-Preliminary Group D
Leyden Mitchell 5th

Pre-Preliminary Boys
Trevor Meeboer 1st

Dramatic Showcase
Lilia Stein 2nd
Autumn Boyd 3rd
Meskele Allison 4th

Eva Biskup 1st
Awstyn Knight 2nd
Elsa Futch 3rd
Stella Greenberg 4th
Lucie Kusner 5th

Pre-Preliminary Boys
Trevor Meeboer 1st

#figureskatingclubofparkcity #amazingathletes #awesomecoaches @chfsc
Whip into the weekend and day 3 at #oktoberfest2017! @chfsc #figureskatingclubofparkcity #intermediateladies #everyonegotlevel2steps #wootwoot @ssam.bray @hayhayhultberg @skaterbug1219 @designer_dawg @zoehopper6 @phia133
That concludes Day 2 at #oktoberfest2017! Have we mentioned how proud we are of our athletes and our coaches?

Showcase Dramatic
Pre-freeskate 6 
Teagan Grady 3rd

Amelie Stein 2nd
Kate Pressgrove 3rd
Sofia Holland 6th

Chloe Taurel 1st

Kate Pressgrove 3rd
Amelie Stein 6th

Pre-Preliminary Test Track
Lucie Kusner 2nd 
Intermediate Short Program
Morgan Heavrin 3rd
Sam Bray 4th
Hailey Hultberg 6th
Brynn Roberts 7th
Sophia Domonoske 8th
Zoe Hopper 10th

Pre-Juvenile test track
Madie Ho 4th

#figureskatingclubofparkcity #weareproud #hardworkpaysoff @chfsc
Shimmying into Day 2 of #oktoberfest2017! Good luck athletes and coaches! @chfsc #figureskatingclubofparkcity #juvenileathletes @mads.sk8 @skatergirl.hadley @annagready @iceskaterpig262 @andee_skates
And #oktoberfest2017 is off and running! We are so proud of our athletes and coaches for all their hard work and lots of early mornings to prepare!

Day 1 results:
Free Skate 1 Group A
Cat Greenberg 3rd
Maddie Simonsen 4th

Free Skate 1 Group B
Scout Witt 3rd
Emma Beghein 4th
Teagan Grady 5th

Free Skate 1 Group C
Hope Thomas 5th

Free Skate 3
Abi Ploof 5th

Free Skate 4 Group A
Marley Stark 4th

Free Skate 4 Group B
Sophia Mondschein 1st

Basic 4 Group C
Sean Meeboer 1st
Ash Stein 2nd

Basic 3 Group A
Anastyn Knight 1st

Basic 3 Group B
Talia Walker 3rd

Basic 2
Alyssa Simonsen 3rd
Madison Lampert 5th

Hannah Baldwin 1st

Morgan Heavrin 1st
Nathalie Seckinger 2nd
Andee Lyons 3rd
Hadley Miles 6th
Chloe Taurel 9th
Maddie Stinson 10th
Anna Gready 12th

#figureskatingclubofparkcity #hardworkpaysoff #teamworkmakesthedreamwork @chfsc
Here we go!! #oktoberfest2017 @chfsc #figureskatingclubofparkcity #competitionweek #hardworkpaysoff @chfsc
Our athletes are jumping with excitement because they are so ready to compete at #Oktoberfest2017! The competition kicks off tomorrow morning! Good luck to all our awesome skaters! #figureskatingclubofparkcity #competitionweek #hardworkpaysoff #shouldbeseptemberfest @chfsc
#announcer #usfigureskating @usfigureskating