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Happy Sunday everyone! We LOVE our athletes and so proud of them! 💚💛🖤#figureskatingclubofparkcity
And #skatethesummit2018 is a wrap! Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to all the volunteers and officials for a great competition.
Dramatic Showcase No Test/PrePreliminary
Meskele Allison - 1st
Autumn Boyd - 2nd 
Dramatic Showcase Preliminary 
Trevor Meeboer - 1st
Awstyn Knight - 2nd

No Test Freeskate 
Daisy Stone - 1st
Meskele Allison - 2nd 
Emma Beghein - 3rd

PrePreliminary Freeskate 
Camille Sibley - 1st 
Autumn Boyd - 2nd 
Lilia Stein - 3rd
Vanessa Bradfield - 4th
Abi Ploof - 6th

Preliminary Freeskate
Trevor Meeboer - 1st
Awstyn Knight - 2nd 
Eva Biskup - 3rd
Nick Johnstone - 4th

Freeskate 3 A 
Cat Greenberg - 1st
Teagan Grady - 3rd

Freeskate 1 
Sean Meeboer - 3rd
Marley Kobernick - 5th

Showcase Dramatic Freeskate 1-6 
Teagan Grady - 1st

Freeskate 3 B 
Hope Thomas - 1st
Zoey Ayers - 3rd
Molly Grace Galvin - 4th

Showcase Duets - PrePreliminarty/Preliminary 
Awstyn and Trevor - 1st
Autumn and Lilia - 2nd 
Camille and Abi - 3rd
Qualifying rounds are over at the Ann Arbor #springtimeinvitational2018. Congratulations to our awesome athletes!
Juvenile Girls Group B
Hannah Baldwin 4th*

Intermediate Ladies Group B
Brynn Roberts 1st*
Maddie Stinson 8th
*advances to Final Round
Skate the Summit results day 1:
Snowplow Sam
Aria McNeil - 2nd

Basic 2 
Ryder Wiliford - 1st
Edith McGowan Freer - 2nd 
Isabel Broadhead - 3rd (PC LTS) 
Basic 4A
Anastyn Knight - 2nd

Basic 3A
Alyssa Simonsen - 2nd
Madison Lampert - 3rd
Clara Ziegler - 6th (PC LTS)

Basic 3B
Sydney Martin - 1st (PC LTS)
Catherine Martin - 3rd (PC LTS)

Basic 4 Boys 
Ryder Armijo - 1st
Lucas Beghein - 2nd

Basic 4B
Natalia Capote - 1st (PC LTS) 
Isla Eastman - 2nd (PC LTS)
Scarlett Brinton - 3rd (PC LTS)
Talia Walker - 4th

Basic 6
Alex Griffiths - 1st

FS 1-6 Duets
Anastyn Knight and Sean Meeboer - 1st

Showcase Light Freeskate 1-6A
Sean Meeboer - 1st
Cat Greenberg - 2nd

Showcase Light Freeskate 1-6B
Teagan Grady - 1st

No Test/PrePre Light Entertainment
Autumn Boyd - 2nd
Lilia Stein - 4th

Preliminary Showcase Light Entertainment 
Trevor Meeboer - 1st
Awstyn Knight - 2nd 
PrePreliminary Freeskate Test - Audrey Garringer  #figureskatingclubofparkcity #skatethesummit2018
Short program results from the #springtimeinvitational2018.
Intermediate Ladies Group A
Brynn Roberts 2nd
Intermediate Ladies Group B
Maddie Stinson 9th
Juvenile Girls 
Hannah Baldwin 14th
#figureskatingclubofparkcity #competitionweek #springtimeinvitational2018
The#figureskatingclubofparkcity is ready to #skatethesummit this weekend! Good luck to all competitors! #competitionweek
The #figureskatingclubofparkcity was well represented at @starsonice last night! #starsonice #figureskatingclubofparkcity
Twirling into Thursday! #figureskatingclubofparkcity
Stars on Ice in Salt Lake and @skatergirl.hadley got to meet @adaripp! #hugsforhadley #cancersucks #leukemia
Safe travels and good luck to our athletes heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the #springtimeinvitational2018! #figureskatingclubofparkcity #competitionweek
It’s #competitionweek!! Good luck to our amazing athletes at the #SpringtimeInvitational2018 and #SkatetheSummit2018 competitions this weekend! You are all champions! #figureskatingclubofparkcity #hearusroar
#Repost @usfigureskating with @get_repost
It’s all part of your journey. #MondayMotivation #WeGetUp