I want Kim to go on @drinkchamps @therealnoreaga #LilKim @whoscrazy pls ask her to be a guest 🗣 we would love a long interview detailing her career
Fashion icon #LilKim
Serious question for all my followers pls comment ‼️ would you attend a concert / tour of these 4 Queens @lilkimthequeenbee @trinarockstarr @therealeve @missymisdemeanorelliott 🤔 because i would love for it to happen 🙌🏽🙌🏽💞 #LilKim #missyelliott #Eve #Trina
If you’re wondering why your questions weren’t asked they weren’t aired
#LilKim #LisaRaye #StacyDash
Well, tea. Wether you like them or not the proof is in the pudding. & although SOME of their sons & daughters may be trash the fact still remains 🙃
When Kim come in town everything shut down #LilKim
Kim’s New Interview with shade 45 #Lilkim
Epic picture 👑🐝 #LilKim PC @patrick.lucchese
QB bring the city out