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Christ follower. Electric Guitarist. Worship enthusiast. Computer Engineer pursuit. Liberty Event Production. LEGO collector.

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Something that God has been teaching me lately is that no matter what I do, praise Him. Of recent, I have been scheduled to play electric or synth and all of my preparation goes into this. But something continues to happen where I have to put down my instruments and pick up a microphone to sing instead.

This has been frustrating for me since I have prepared for one thing, but do another. God, however, has been teaching me that my focus has been wrong. Instead of being focused on bringing Him praise, my focus has been on where I am right now, not where He wants me to be.

So whatever the reason may be, I am learning that wherever God puts you, praise Him, and praise Him with your all.

Also, my rig for today. #sunday #wordoftheday
Thank you to the kind folks at Strymon for the DECO shirt and stickers!! 😄
Taking care of the kids. They’ve been tuned and polished.
After wearing @converse for 9 years, I have decided to give @vans a try. Would you label me a traitor?
The past two semesters at Liberty University have offered some of the best experiences I have received in life. I have also created numerous friendships with a variety of amazing people. But these folks right here (including @hannah_luper who bailed on us that night), are some of the greatest friends I have ever had. Thank all of you for making work so fun and the semesters great. And let’s never lose our A-team
So my streak for being able to identify a fig before I bought it was broken tonight. Mr. Red Dragon was supposed to of been a unicorn, but I can’t actually be mad because I wanted this one anyways lol but success on 4 of 5
New year. New me. There were highs and lows to 2017. I have learned a lot and I have changed a lot. I am blessed to be going to Liberty University, and for all of the opportunities I have had there. I have made a lot of great friends, and I am excited to get to know more people this year.
And to start this year off I now have a beard, I have changed my haircut/style, and I have a fur hooded coat that I’ve been wanting for years (thanks mom and dad!).
I don’t know what all this year will hold, but God is good and I trust Him to lead me where He wants me!
#newyearnewme #2018 #beard #worship #fur #libertyuniversity #hollister #selfie
This has been a year with highs and lows, but I am grateful for all that God has brought me through and where He has taken me. I have met a lot of great people along the way, and I am in places I was too afraid to reach before. As we close out this year, I am excited for the year to come and all of the possibilities it brings with it.
Also, thank you for those who liked my pictures and followed me. You all are great and I hope your 2018 is blessed! #2017bestnine
I post a lot of pictures of my car, but how can you not when it’s so cute? And the snow is an added bonus .
#mini #minicooper #miniclubman #minination #snow #winter #wintersnow #Christmas #December
So I did No Shave November for the first time ever. I look considerably older with a beard, and I kind of liked it. But it’s nice not having a beard, too 👌🏻#noshavenovember
Tonight was our third worship night of the semester on my floor. Truly blessed to have the opportunity to play and sing alongside such talented believers in Christ. I hope to have many more opportunities in the future to serve with them.

Also, this is my setup from tonight. Finally a picture of my board with everything on it. And my boots.
I love Truffle. He is superb. And I’m thankful I get to use him to take people to church 👌🏻
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