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Christ follower. Electric Guitarist. Worship enthusiast. Computer Engineer pursuit. Liberty Event Production. LEGO collector.

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Game day! Let's go Flames! #goflames #libertyuniversity
I am at my first ever football game. This should be fun!

#goflames #libertyflames #libertyuniversity #libertygameday #libertyfootball #flamesfootball
I love it here at Liberty University. And the sunsets finish off every day beautifully

#libertyuniversity #libertysunset #nofilter #sunset #goflames
I am currently on my way to Liberty University! My and my dad's MINI's are packed full. I move into the dorm in the morning. And I got an email on the way saying I got the job at school I wanted!

#mini #miniclubman #miniusa #travel #university #school #backtoschool #libertyuniversity #lynchburgva
I washed Truffle (twice, because the first time resulted in water spots lol) and waxed him today. Thanks father for the help on the second wash and wax lol. Truffle is all ready for outside life at Liberty University! Just admire that shine.

#libertyuniversity #mini #minicooper #miniclubman #washedandwaxed
The fine folks at @creationmusiccompany did an amazing job on my new 24x16 pedalboard and case! This is like my dream board right here. They did a custom Velcro topper for me to fit their flat boards. I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to have FXYNATE put on the case! Shoutout to the guy who put up with all my nonsensical requests on the lettering!

Before this, my pedalboard didn't have a case, so it's been sketchy taking it anywhere. And with college coming up and dorm life, I knew this was a must. So blessed to be able to get this and from the company I wanted to! Now to put it to good use.

Thank you again to everyone at CMC for your hard work and making my dream board!
I wanted to give a shoutout to Select Sounds LLC for the fast delivery of my Mission PR-1 Kit! They also included free picks and tea!
Newest edition to my board arrived yesterday! My future dorm roommate will thank me for this now that I can practice silently. Plus, it sounds fantastic!
It's been quite awhile since I've posted a selfie. So here is a selfie! Also, I love my new Twitch Glitch shirt! #selfie #twitch #twitchglitch #summer
I don't know if I have ever seen a prettier pedal. This little guy arrived today. So excited to plug it in and hear it! Finally I have a reverb!
I managed to correctly guess 2 more collectible minifigures yesterday (one for me, and one for my brother-in-law). I will admit, though, that the brick slope for the dress isn't difficult to locate #legocollectableminifigures #legocollectableminifiguresseries17 #minifigures #legominifigures #series17 #legoelf #elfprincess #elf #lego