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Finally had time for this week’s #weeklydesignchallenge of a drone. After seeing Blade Runner 2049, it’s almost impossible for me to not want to draw the Spinner’s drone aesthetic mated with a little more contemporary function. Might need to model this one!
#inktober 18 : Filthy. It just tracked “mud” into the house. Damnit Dianne! #inktober2017 #doublesnakes
#inktober 16 : Graceful. This one was pretty tricky. My inclination was to default to wispy, curly forms. But I think that is due to an inherent sense of movement (like a dancer) that we assign that sort of aesthetic to the word. But when you think about the word from a more pragmatic way, it can start to assume all sorts of other connotations; such as when to terminate lines, the pressure to use with the pen, or even the proportions to use. I filled three pages before I decided to go with the first thing I drew, the lower doodle and the second one, the upper. I liked that prompt. #inktober2017
Here you can see how I set up the shot for the @oculusmedium pumpkin carving. Reference images are handy like that.
My submission for the @oculusmedium pumpkin thing. Had fun diving back into medium. Background is just a reference image in the background. #spooky
#inktober 16 : Fat. Went with some quick #concept car silhouettes for this one. Big rotund tires informing the proportions can be a fun way to go. #inktober2017
#inktober 15 : Mysterious. The spooky bust of a g-man celebrating his mystery. #inktober2017
#Repost @polyplane
This month's second book is What's Your Story? by Ryan Mathews. Check it out! #education #designlife #process #designprocess #Beabetterdesigner #design #innovation #futurism #think #deviant
#inktober 14 : Fierce. The first drawing was as a caricature of @scottycurious doing a tiger pose...but then I was like, “nah.” #inktober2017
#inktober 13 : Teeming. Not a fan of that word. #inktober2017
#inktober 12 : Shattered. #concept of a ship that was inspired by cracked glass. #inktober2017
#inktober 11 : Run. Decided to take some of these prompts and make them into #conceptvehicle prompts. #inktober2017