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By the way, if you want to cheat an alpha out of @oculusmedium, I found that cloning, your layers and setting the clone to emissive (make sure bloom is off!) You can then float out a camera window and take a shot of these layers and then the originals and extract a perfect map. Make sure you don't bump your camera position though or it will mess up. #ve #oculus #oculusmedium
Continuing to develop and explore potential workflows for #industrialdesign, I'm trying to create a sculpt a day out of @oculusmedium to better understand it's abilities and limitations. So far my biggest wish would be planar snapping and orientation change of stamps beyond just about the X and Y axis (also snapping at 15° increments of the stamp would be immensely helpful. Oh, also arrays. 🙂
Spent an hour learning a little more about @oculusmedium and trying to fool some of the tools into doing what I wanted. Example: using a ladle to make an intersect boolean on the front "arms". Having a ton of fun over here! #vr #medium #oculusmedium
A study in contrasts. #shoes
Disassembling UFO wafers for fun and profit. By the way, did you know this candy came out of a lack of sales of communion wafers? Good adaptation to circumstance. #candy
Happy to help out!
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Hot off the press! 🔥 Shoutout to @gabemathews for the sweet design on our new shirts. Hurry to your any of our gyms to get your new Circuit Tee! #thecircuitgym
Throwing some love to #weeklydesignchallenge this weekend while I wait for my Schmoopy to return from tennis sectionals in Spokane. Pepper grinder with top load/dispensing cap, grain dial, and thick walled container. Had some #procreate fun with this one.
#timelapse of part of my flight from PVD to IAD on our way back from vacation. I have a crush on the sky. #vacation
Final image for my next  abbreviated #scifi story. Coming soon to
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This month's first book is The Design of Future Things by Donald A. Norman. Check it out! #education #entrepreneur #designlife #process #designprocess #BeaBetterDesigner #design #innovation #industrialdesign #engineering
Next image from my abbreviated #scifi story. Coming soon to
Next image from my next abbreviated #scifi story. Coming soon to