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I’m firing my blog back up! Read “The Advantages of Solitude and a Day’s Drive Across the American Southwest” here:

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Two weddings in one month! Hot damn, I’m happy for my dear friends Dave and Sarah. It was a pleasure to bear witness to your tender and profound commitment to each other and a tremendous honor to sing to you. And every wedding should end with honkey tonking! (Just sayin’)
With so much love and heartfelt congratulations,
Rainy days like today all I want to do is listen to my favorite vinyl and paint. This art nouveau design reminded me of the folk ballad Clyde Waters, or The Drowned Lovers, which I’ve just learned to play after years of loving @anaismitchell and @hamer.jefferson ‘s version on Child Ballads. .
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Favorite moment alive so far: Marrying my baby sister. Twelve family members by the shores of Lost Lake and a barefoot bride and groom, it was pure and sincere. I knew we were sending her safely and soundly into her life with Vicente when he concluded his vows with: "My only wish is that I would die by the foot of your bed." Congratulations, Vicente Perez Martinez and @sarahsad. I love you both so much.

And now lets make some Paella and feed a lot of humans!!! :)
Look, I painted my first ocean! I copied it off of a really beautiful photograph on the interwebs. Cheating? Prolly. But I still had fun. :) I was listening to @westwiththanight ‘s lovely piano music while I worked. :) #watercolor #mybrainlovespainting
What an incredible weekend of shows with a team of diverse creatives! Thanks to the Historic Tabor Opera House and The Temporary for hosting Solace. And thanks most of all to Author Craig Childs for the incredible stories that gathered us all together to interpret and express ourselves.
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We’re adding another number, my song “Graveyard Ballet”, to @journalizard ‘s multi-media production “Solace”, showing this Friday at the The Tabor Opera House in Leadville and Saturday at the Temporary in Basalt. @brooklynwarren will be dancing to the song! 
Tix information at and .
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Backstage buddies at @folksfest and powerful sets by @reginaspektor and @themilkcartonkids (real #polaroids) 📸👌
I’ve been basically obsessed with Frida since about 2015 when I took this weird drunk looking imitation photo. That’s why I can’t wait to watch Frida the movie at my hometown adorable theater, the #paradiseofpaonia, tonight as a fundraiser for @elsewherestudiospaonia . (You can listen to the song I released about her life, No Moon at All, on Bandcamp or Spotify. It’s featured on the record If the Static Clears.) Now, the real question, shall we all wear flowers to the theater?
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We hit the interstate and a tambourine jangles in the back seat when we speed over bumps in the road. I try to take myself into the present moment, try to appreciate all the chaos and history that has brought me here to this arbitrary but enjoyable point in time. Picacho peak juts it's jagged toothlike summit above the Sonoran plains, glimmering though a curtain of heat waves. Columns of dust devils, like hot pink smoke signals, swirl and dart in between the tall cacti. I think about all the childhood stories that rose up out of this landscape for me, how they've created my identity as it is today -- random whirlpools of memory resurrecting from the dusty past. 
How could I ever mistake the desert for being lifeless? How dare I! .
... read on at my blog. Link in bio... .
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Oh, my brain! That whirlpool of worries, that spit over a fire of yearning, that washing machine of sopping hopes, caged organ, croquet course of ideas and well worn waterway of stories; that attention hoarding dictator of dramas and whimpering slave to my ego. Can’t I just hear my heart pounding instead?
Oh, my heart! That shattered glass temple, that forgetful sun, rising up again; that stormy tempest, great betrayer, tattletale to my mouth; that buried ember, unearthed and blown; that pulsing fistful of muscle moaning for life: more, more, more...
Oh, my soul! That cobalt blue diver, that quiet and peaceful knowing, broader and deeper than the rippled surface anxieties of the mind; that infinite center, that faithful camaraderie with the self — because the self is all things at once and requires no distinction, no more than the laced and dappled light of the lake requests separation from the water. .
I was inspired to write this poem after reading a quote by Diane Ackerman in which she lists some fun analogies for the brain (hers are better than mine so I won’t quote her. 😜) and the painting is based on the beautiful black and white synchronized swimming shots of Swedish photographer Emma Hartvig. .
Having finally grown tired of my self-imposed journal regiment of taking a Polaroid each day and writing about it, I’m now on day two of making a watercolor with a corresponding poem instead. I’m having fun! :) :) #watercolor #poem #awatercolorandwords #gabriellelouise #blogentry #synchronizedswimming
Paonia: Tomorrow, Tomorrow at Delicious Orchards. It’s going to be a beautiful afternoon and I’m playing as a trio with Greg Schochet and Damon Smith. See you there.
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