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Musician. Artist. Activist. Enthusiast. Kickstarting my new record now. Back it here:

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Not sure what you did with your Thurs night but I bet it wasn’t as fun as #pickininthepark2019 with The Brothers Comatose. 😜
It's been a gratifying to dive back into work on the new record and begin the process of overdubbing on on the tracks. Listening to each song in a detail oriented manner and making subtle choices on how to layer (or leave alone) the recordings feels like painting! .
Here's a still from when we tracked "House of Cards." We're sending it out to string composer @dricklesticks this week! eep!!! :) :) :) .
Also upcoming: Marble Fest with @james_jalapayneo joining on guitar - This Sunday, 2pm. Marble, Colorado
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Full band show at Delicious Orchards this Saturday. 5-8pm. Oh and this double rainbow I saw on #mcclurepass yesterday isn’t bad either. #nofilter
Spent the weekend in Nederland at a songwriter's camp. 14 of us took turns learning and teaching each other, exchanging music or ideas about music nonstop for four days. I left connected to my craft, and with these paragraphs written in my journal:
The best songs are cast like a net over humanity, and reveal a pattern between us of unavoidable relation points. We can use a song to extend an olive branch out toward others with very different points of view, to curiously step closer to each other, and to remind us that we are 99% the same as primates, that it is only a razor thin reality we have that differs. Songs give us the permission (and we so badly want it, don't we?) to sweetly agree. .
Songs have such power in their ability to speak to a generation, to capture the sensation of what it is like to be realistically alive in a certain place at a certain time. They highlight shared experiences, rather than exaggerate our divisions and stereotypes. .
We are such an intellectual culture. We're basically taught to avoid, numb, or certainly de-prioritize exploring our interior emotional landscapes. The methods of communicating and connecting with our hearts can scan as uncivilized, uneducated, base...
But a song reaches below all that, reaches down, down, down into your subconscious. It pulls up all the gunk you've been avoiding, suppressing, it pulls up the childlike joy and enthusiasm you've been controlling, your cathartic need to weep, to purge, to clean the conduits between your layered areas of awareness...
A good song can contain all the wonder in the universe! It can light a hearth in your heart, make you drunk like wine, rework your reality, turn you upside down and shake you till all the silly coins fall from your pockets and you have nothing left to clutch to but a sensation of newness and regeneration and...
Yes, that's it. Spring in your psyche. That's exactly what a good song can do.
Thank you for reminding me, @darrylpurpose
We did it! This morning my kickstarter closed out as successfully funded! Lets finish this record, Tim Mitchell!
For the 161 backers that made this real for me - please be on the lookout for surveys from Kickstarter to collect your address. I want to make sure I can get you the goods when the time comes this fall. .
Photo by Kori Stanton yesterday in her family's stunning lavender field at Stanton Farms. (More to come.) .
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"Dream when the day is thru, Dream and they might come true, Things never are as bad as they seem, So dream, dream, dream." -Johnny Mercer 
Thank you to the 147 backers who just rang in my Kickstarter with 3 DAYS TO SPARE! (which means, essentially, you can still pre-order for a bit longer ;) ) --> (
My confession: When I first set out to start recording again, I had no idea how I was going to pay for it. I worked with a team of loving and dedicated friends who made music with me on loan and faith, who believed in what I was doing enough to take a long view, who had enough confidence in my work ethic to know that I would come through. Everyone from the audio engineer and musicians to the videographers and photographers took a risk with me. .
So, oh man, would I be lying if I didn't admit the sheer terror and anxiety that seized me mid-way through the campaign!!!! But you, my community, you caught me like a net. You humbled me with your support. You gifted me with your vision. To think of the imagination you had to use when you decided to sign on! .
Thank you for being those early adopters, those fellow risk takers, those music lovers (and music makers) who have given me the opportunity to continue on with my passion and my life's expression. I can not wait to come through for you. Already, work has begun on the rewards. Already, I'm dreaming the release...
Photo cred: @sheepdogproductions 
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The COUNTDOWN! 75% funded, 7 days to go! If you've been meaning to kick, now is the time - it could be you that helps me cross the finish line! (Link in bio)
Thank you to the believers, friends, listeners and loved ones who have brought me this far! I'm humbled. And just when I thought our culture had totally succumbed to the Spotify myth that music should be free! .
I was listening to a radio program the other day about the current state of the music industry and one speaker, an artist on Third Man Records, made the point that 1 million plays on Spotify yielded the equivalent income of only 200 physical sales (approx $25 each.) Isn't that a startling fact? Only 200 music fans can make a major impact! THANK YOU in advance for your belief in the value of music, and for keeping it alive. .
Here's a clip from the last show of the west coast tour, at the lovely Jewelbox Theater with accompaniment by Jamie Payne. It's a cover of "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen. .
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Can I inject @kbcs ’seattle’s vinyl collection into my spirit somehow?
Is it anthropomorphizing to suggest Ladybug is also grateful for all the Kickstarter love? Ok, ok, she has no idea. But she looks so dapper in her new handkerchief!
If you have a small business or organization that would like to be included in the liner notes, think about the Sponsorship Package that we’ve just added. (Link in bio.) It’s a classy way to show you help contribute to culture in your community. .
(and check out this article from on why it's "Good Business to Support the Arts!" .
Thank you to the house concert hosts and small business owners who have jumped in on those upper pledge levels to give us the momentum we need. .
This tour is flying by! - two shows left:

June 30th: Philomath, OR 
Marys River Grange Hall

July 3rd: Seattle, WA 
Jewelbox Theater at The Rendezvous
with Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons

Photo by the ever wonderful Bill Powers
58% funded, 16 days to go! :) I’ve been beaming as I watch each new commitment of support come in and bump me over the half way mark. Thank you to the house concert hosts and small business owners who have jumped in on those upper pledge levels to give us the momentum we need. . (Link in bio)
If you have a small business or organization that would like to be included in the liner notes, think about the Sponsorship Package that we’ve just added. It’s a classy way to show your organization supports the arts! .
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My dear friend Carolina just finished drawing this portrait for my Kickstarter campaign!! She only used colored pencil - it's incredible to see the texture and detail she is able to execute with the medium. Zoom in! 
We'll be using this image for the CD release tour poster, and you'll receive a signed copy of it (in addition to the CD, of course) if you pledge at the $35 level and up! There's 19 days left, but why not jump in on the fun now? :) Link in bio.

One the most delightful things about living in Paonia is the circle of artists who enrich our culture there. Beyond contributing with her own stunning talent, Carolina is also always bringing in new creatives via her position as the director at the Elsewhere artist residency program. I am so grateful for her presence in my life and community, and it was an honor to be the subject of her care and attention as she worked carefully on this piece over the last month. 
Playing a house concert in Bend tomorrow, then on to a series of Oregon dates with decker. Having a blast out here! Jamie Payne is killing it on guitar and Ladybug is shaping up to be quite the road dog. 
Details at