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גאה בך אחותי ומחכה להערב שאוכל לצפות בדוקו הראשון מיני רבים שלך... אוהבת אותך ❤️🙌 @yaelgoldmanpfeffer
Bucket list item checked off. Be apart of a musical number in a Disney movie!! ✔️ . . .

Also so happy to hear the film is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. So so grateful I got to be apart of this film! #Shank #SlaughterRace
היום אני עומדת עם אחיותי בישראל שמוחות נגד אלימות נשים. המחאה היא בבית שלי, ישראל, אבל התופעה הנוראית הזו קיימת בכל מקום ללא קשר לגזע, דת, רקע או גיל. אני קוראת לכולם לקחת עמדה לעזור ולמגר את התופעה המקוללת הזו. לא עוד! אין מקום לסבלנות או להכלה. זה מוכרח להפסיק!!! בואו נעמוד כולנו מאוחדים ונצעק לעתיד טוב יותר. בטוח יותר. ולכן שם בחוץ שנמצאות במצב של איום ואלימות בבקשה פנו לעזרה או למקלט. אתן חשובות.חייכן חשובים!!כל כך!
Today I stand in solidarity with my sisters in Israel who are protesting domestic violence 
against women. 
The protest today is in Israel, BUT the struggle is global. Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate against gender, race, religion, background, or age. 
I call on all people to take a stand against the violence. Enough is enough. No more. It HAS to stop. 
Let's stand together, men and women, united for a better future.
And for you out there, who is suffering, please seek help or refuge, and know that I am here standing for you.
Had such a wonderful time at the UK premiere of @wreckitralph last night! What a special movie  with a beautiful message. Grateful I got to be apart of this! #shankyou 😉
And breathe..😊 🌊✌️
Can't wait for you all to finally meet Shank tomorrow! Here we go.... 🏁🚩🏁🚩 @wreckitralph
Thank you @mario_sorrenti & @revlon ❤️
My favorite kind of training🥊 Happy Friday ✌️
So sad hearing about the passing of Kitty O'Neil, a legacy to the Wonder Woman family.. At 5 months of age, she lost her hearing due to contracting multiple childhood illnesses. This made her want to achieve more as she went on to pursue sports as well as she learned the piano and cello. Not only was she a brave stunt woman on the original WW series, she broke records on and off set as well. On set she set a high fall record of 127ft by jumping off a hotel Terrace onto an airbag. She’s named the “fastest woman in the world” for driving a three wheeled rocket car going 512 mph on land which still stands today. She also set records on boats and jet skis. 
You were remarkable, strong, brave, and resilient. Rest In Peace Kitty! 🙅🏻‍♀ #WomenOfWonder
"Shank" you so much for that introduction Vanellope! So excited for you all to #MeetShank when #ralphbreakstheinternet comes to theaters November 21st. 🏁🏁