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Lots of Games2u activities for this fall school event. We brought our Giant Hamster Balls, Bumper Balls, Laser Tag, Booger Wars and Video game theatre ! #games2u
Fall may be here with temperatures dropping, but Games2u outdoor events are still fun as ever ! This group really enjoyed their Laser Tag birthday party #games2u
Our Hamster Balls and Bumper Balls at "Foule Raffaire", a huge francophone event organized by CJP (Counseil Jeunesse Provincial) for Highschool students!
We lucked out on this recent Birthday Party with some warm weather ! Almost forgot it was fall..... almost! #games2u
Wondering how fun our Games2U birthday parties are? This family booked us for the 3rd year in a row!
Laser Tag and some Hamster Balls for this Birthday Party. Needless to say these kids loved it! #Games2U
At the Rady JCC for a big BBQ event with our Bumper Balls and Arena. We brought various sizes so that both kids and adults could join in the fun !
What makes the perfect Soccer Team Windup Party ? Some Bubble Soccer with our Games2U Bumper Balls !!!! ⚽️ This team definitely agreed as they played until sun down #Games2U
Our second day at the Lorette Family Fun Days was a blast !
Our 3rd year attending the Lorette Family Fun Days last weekend and we're still a huge hit ! #games2u
Ready.... Get Set.... GO! Hamster Ball races at birthday parties are always a hit ! #Games2U
Big wind-up party for all Mini Soccer teams. What a great way to end the season !