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Handcrafted flower crowns & accessories | since 2009
“The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man.” -Richard Feynman 💫🥀

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Golden hour | antique wax flower crown  coming soon to #gardensofwhimsy
Thank you to my beautiful friends @newyorkalexa and @m_mastrangelo for sharing your love with us all. Such a perfect day ✨
A glimpse at new veils coming to #gardensofwhimsy inspired by ghost brides and scottish woodlands (side note: I just watched florence + the machine’s new video for “big god” and can I just say 🙌🏻✨ the veils, the water, the movement)
“Museums are places of worship for those whose faith dwells in human stories.”
So lucky to spend my birthdays with @outoftownbrowns thank you for all of the adventuring and lord of the rings chats 🌿👯‍♀️🥂
I suppose I should get a haircut at some point no?
Coppélia last night ✨🥂
Hushed tones of spring 🌿
Crown and veil @gardensofwhimsy
Jewels @thenorthwaystudio
Muse @meganmegs
Antique gown @continuall_shop
Photographer @madimagesinc
Moss covered stone and otherworldly ferns. New creations coming very soon...🍂
Crown and veil @gardensofwhimsy
Jewels @thenorthwaystudio 
Muse @leahgeorgebrown
Antique gown @continuall_shop
Photographer @madimagesinc
Seahorses ✨early morning adventuring with my Dad. I never knew how gracefully horses could swim whilst carrying you through the glassy water, or the strange growling noises they make with nostrils flared as they keep their heads above water, or the velvet soft feel of their fur beneath the waves against your feet, or how curious dolphins can be of these land beasts swimming beside them.
Any guesses how I spent my morning?
Planning my next run away to Scotland trip 🤤 if I ever have the time to actually go. I’ve been working on new wild and natural designs for my shop...very much inspired by this land.