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Just some extreme cuteness from the Rockin’ Balloon Show with Rob Holladay this week. Summer is so much fun at the Garland County Library! #librariesrock #gclkids #gcl
The @hotspringspolicedepartment_ar came and read to the kiddos yesterday, and even let them take their car for a spin 😳🚨🚔(kidding).
It was super special and we are so grateful!
#gcl #gclkids #gclibrary
We will be closing early tomorrow afternoon, and will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!! 🦅🗽🎇#gcl #gclibrary #merica
Caught these guys reading up on the fish. It’s all so cute...especially that smooshed nose against the tank. Big thanks to @arkansasgameandfish for coming out again this year!
Not saying we pick favorite patrons, but if we did...Maxine would take the cake. She is sharing her dino collection with us while Jurassic Quest is in town. She also hid some dinosaur origami around the library.

Basically, she is just the greatest.
Craft Club made some beautiful string art last night! Registration for next month is now open. #gcl #gclibrary
These creative kids bedazzled some awesome cowboy hats for this week’s Amazing Makers, which focused on the great Dolly Parton. #gcl #gclibrary #gclkids
Tiny dancers learning some moves from the 1930s!👯‍♂️👯‍♀️
#gclibrary #garlandcountylibrary #gclkids #dancingthroughthedecades
We had so much fun at the Summer Reading Kickoff on Monday! Look at all of these sweet kiddos. And...that PUP(🤭)
These guys, though! They are the winners of the Teen Talent Show. 1st place was a flexibility routine, 2nd place was singing/ukulele and 3rd place was songs on a kalimba (finger piano).
Spinning gold! 💯 Donna demonstrated the art of spinning wool into yarn at the Traditional Art Showcase, Knotting and Crocheting today. What are some of your favorite techniques?
This is happening! Our neighbors have a water leak under our parking lot, so we have had to close the book drop and part of the parking lot. No worries, though, Janet loves being a human book drop. Especially in this heat!