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Are you under 25 years old .. understand this and if your over 29 years old .. add 10 years :)
Don't sleep 😴 on #Kindness .. utterly the most underrated component of my mix and the mix of many I see "succeeding" in life. It costs as much as hate but it returns much bigger dividends! ❤️.
Tonight ... call put your own bullshit before he " market " or someone else does ...
Something everyone needs to think about ... tag a few winners
When you understand this FACT..stuff Shockingly starts to click, go figure. Dump your negativity, its got zero fucking value ... Tag you #Positive homies!
Fear sucks .. I say "fuck it"
Sometimes we execute on our plans... I salute all of you putting in the time to be thoughtful of what you want and going out and putting in the work to get it - new 📱📽#DailyVee is linked in my profile right now, make sure u check out minute 5:53 on 🤣😂
I'm in charge of ME .. ME! I went off on today's podcast ...
$0.03 really have to be thoughtful about the process .. The patience element is an epidemic, it's destroying 90% of you.
Ayyyy... if you're not happy - change that shit up! Tag a friend! You are in control, it's on you
Whatycha know about @rvssian .. talent young man ..
A lot of you are looking for Sponsors and Sponsorship deals .. here is my $0.02 ... #Hustle