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Tag a teacher - also what's the name of your favorite teacher of all time? #entrepreneur
Thx @johnlegend for stopping by and doing the #askgaryvee show! If you called in what would your question be?
That time people said I was crazy that FB bought Instagram for a Billy .. what's your big prediction or current observation that most don't agree with ... #entrepreneur
This isn't any secret shit ... this is putting in the work behind the thoughts #hustlehard
New episode is linked in profile and story ... pls understand this POV! #compassion <- use this hashtag in your $0.02 in the comments and I'll pick one of you for a 5min FaceTime
Understand this concept! Hey Dan Gilbert thnx for being a sport 🏀! Use hashtag #motivated in your comment and I'll pick one person for a 5min FaceTime ..
Worth sharing ... important not to forget - true #entrepreneur
You're letting too much bullshit to get into your world ... it's time to #Focus - use hashtag #focus in your $0.02 on this concept and I'll pick one of you for a 5 min FaceTime 😍
There isn't another option ... happy Saturday;) 💪🏽🔥🌞 #entrepreneur
If you don't believe in your shit how do you expect others to buy in! #passion
Lets #annihilate this day! I got you, I just need you to have yourself! #hunger