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New episode of DailyVee is up - who's been watching the Vlog? YES/NO ?
@teamgaryvee is alive - this amazing crew that is behind a lot of our amazing work will now be jumping into the comments to help scale giveaways - they can answer questions all day long - and new behind the scenes content .... follow @teamgaryvee NOW !!!
The new #instagramgallery feature will lead to some really creative executions - make sure u update your app so u can do this - here is a very important message to all of you and please TAG A FRIEND WHO REALLY UNDERSTANDS THIS
New episode of #DailyVee is up - link in the profile - whatya think of my $0.02 here
Want to accomplish something, first figure out the leverage .. this is such a key to all strategy ... most people want and ask and take .. what about doing THE THINGS THAT ALLOW YOU TO give, listen and deploy! TAG A FRIEND WHO GETS THIS!
The one thing I would do if I were you guys .. watch how I post on all platforms,
Look how I engage, see what I put out and when and how and where my attention goes - where do I show up, why, who do I surround my self with .. this is why I do #dailyvee .. hope u get the value - love uā¤
Lets fucking move - nothing beats DOING - perfection, procrastination, pondering all enemies - STOP LOOKING FOR PERMISSION AND WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS. - #MoreMoreMore ..
Maybe the most important thing all the winners on here need to digest .. please TAG A FRIEND WHO's WINNING! #60secclub in effect ...
I'm not worried what time you get up... because it's more about what you do when you are awake .. in worried about mindset... everyone loves to think the other guy or gal got lucky, or were handed it, or are privileged .... it's work... no one you know thats ever made "it" did it without FUCKING WORK... whatya you Doing tonight? ;)
HARD WORK .. it's the short cut you've all been looking for - ok this is the post for the #60secClub - people who like and comment with hashtag #60secclub within the first minute of this post ( turn notifications for future ) one person will be picked and get to shadow me in NYC next month ( u have to get yourself to NYC )
I've got problems .. we all do .. and no matter the level of problem we all feel like it's big because it's ours .. that said I don't complain out loud not in person not in social not at all .. I MADE MY BED I HAVE TO SLEEP IN IT! TAG 2 friends you admire for putting their head down and working and not complaining about stuff ...