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Thank you to Ms. Lee's Spanish class for shooting their library commercial today, it's a good one! 📚🎥💃
Scramble square champions! "Can you unscramble the squares without scrambling your brain?" #schoollibrarymonth #participatoryculture #grhs_pln #fun
First day of shooting for the Library Commercial contest was a success!  Email me so your class can take part in the fun!  #schoollibrarymonth #grhs_pln 🎥📚🎞🎉
Jarred is almost as excited as I am to start shooting the library commercials for School Library Month.  Yes people, March is school library month! 📚🎉✌️
Did you know there are Ebooks available though the library website?  Here is the login info- check them out! 📚💻📲✔️
What do you do when it's 65 degrees in February?  You dance in the library. 💃📚
Behind the scenes of the best part of everyone's week, Mr. Mai's jokes! 🎬🎥😀
Crazy sock day and Mardi Gras in French class!
Librarian workshops aren't what they used to be! Our team had several learning experiences, one I have shared here in slow motion which makes everything so much cooler.  #spaghettiandmarshmallowtowerchallenge  #lowtechmakerspace
Tbt to September 2015 and the library spaghetti and marshmallow tower challenge.  Looking forward to starting more #makerspace activities in the library soon!
Fun fact- Every month the library gets a box of brand new books delivered.  Top row:  fiction.  Bottom row:  non-fiction.  Anything spark your interest?  Come down and check them out! 📦📫📚🎉🎉👍🏻