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Gators Glen Lake clean up for community service day. Proud of these kids! #communityservice @Official_GRHS
Yesterday’s final Friday Book club.  Standing up in front of the class and presenting is not easy, the kids did a great job! 📚🗣🐊👍🏻. Thanks to @cindyf82264 for being such an awesome teacher and also an awesome baker of cup🎂. ❤️
Wednesday’s Key Club trip to donate books to National Park Elementary.  The high school kids were just as excited as the little ones! ❤️📚❤️📚. Thank you @suzanne_lynch_ for inviting me!
Love the libraries new sculptures made by @jamie1034 art classes! 🎨👍🏻🐊
Forgot these future engineers from @kristin.johnson0723 class in my earlier post, and I added @christinamarie216 Math Taboo game because it was too fun not to share.  Not the same without the Taboo buzzer I will admit, but still fun!  That’s a wrap for this year’s #MathMakerMonday! 🎬❤️🐊
Without @christinamarie216 there would be no #MathMakerMonday.  I am so thankful to her and her constant energy and focus.  Have to mention how proud I am of the flexibility and dare I say “laid back” nature she exhibited towards the end of the year, very proud!  Thanks to all her students too they worked hard, and had a lot of fun, each Monday! 🔐💻🎨🚨💦🔨🔧🐊🙌
Thank you to @kristin.johnson0723 2nd period class for an awesome year of #MathMakerMonday!  Today’s presentations were great.
@kclanet crafty French class today and @cindyf82264 Friday book club students doing their thing!  #funfriday
Hercules and popcorn after school.  Thank you Latin Club! 🎥🍿👌🏻
Love this!  Especially  on the eve of another book club Friday tomorrow! ❤️📚🐊🤗
One of my favorite accomplishments of the year- creating a digital breakout room using google sites.  @keenan694 let me use her class to test it out and they did great! 🔐
@cindyf82264 Friday book club in the library, always a hit! 📚❤️🐊