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Mrs. Irwin窶冱 Creative Writing class held their 2nd annual 窶廴oscars窶 today.  Swipe 筐。ク to see more!  Students wrote short stories and then competed in various categories to win the prestigious Moscar (which may have included candy). So fun!  Great idea Mrs. Irwin! 沁ャ沛沒晰汾嬉泗交沛サ
Just a little jam session in the library after school.  #Nirvana 洟溪恁ク条沁ク
Still a work in progress, but thanks to Katie and McKenzie for helping organize our #CreationStation today! 笨ゑク条沒酒沒交沒絶恟ク条沒晰泱昨沒夸泓を沒ー泓橇汾嬉汾嬉汾嬉汾嬉汾嬉汾
#MathMakerMonday never lets us down, great work today!  @christinamarie216 @kristin.johnson0723
Mr. Joyce窶冱 World History class using library databases for their Genocide projects this week. 沍酒汾嬉汳サ
Thank you to @christinamarie216 @kristin.johnson0723 and @sflamini for another awesome #MathMakerMonday!  Yesterday they planned STEAM stations and students were having fun exploring.
Mr. Pierro stopped in to see some of the presentations, and this second batch of presenters even taught me how to create a boomerang video!  Swipe 筐。ク to see it!  @carrieannevans , Even your spectator students were into it and engaged, nicely done! 泗交沛サ汾
Genius Hour presentations today were beyond impressive.  Swipe 汨 to see the first batch of presenters.  Thanks to Mrs. Evans and her awesome students! @carrieannevans
Swipe 汨 to see pics from Gateway 2 Careers Red Carpet event debuting the Classroom Closeup segment (will post segment soon!)
Prep for the big Red Carpet event tomorrow to debut Gateway2Careers 窶廚lassroom Closeup窶 commercial! 沁橇沒ス沁・沁ャ
The library will be home to Gateways new Throwers club thanks to Mrs. Smith (@season32) after school on Thursdays.  This librarian (who may know how to juggle), is excited! 泗銀坂凰ク条洟ケ窶坂凰ク条汾
Another successful round of #speedbooking!  Thank you @lizbuehler1 and her 2nd period class for being so excited about all things 沒夸沒夸沒!