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My interview with Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz 👇🏽

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Was it REALLY just a week ago? Royal wedding attire up top.. @lisashaubfinemillinery Love your hat! Kickin’ it shoes on bottom kudos to @Tinabrown wore heels the whole SIX hours! Will clogs ever be chic ? I sure hope so
Weigh in Today swipe left to see lowest I’ve been on @weightwatchers need to stop counting points in my head!was never good in math .. still waaaay down (started 184.5) so not freaked out .... yet ....
@norahodonnell keeps her word plus some! Norah up the ante- cuz the beard or no beard bet was $500 @anagraceproject #lovewins swipe left for back story
Hate to admit but I’ve been told that I ignore time cues. So imagine my shock when big @cbsthismorning cheese Ryan Kadro said THIS before we began royal coverage ...
And we’re off! Loved working w/ET’s @kevinfrazier on royal wedding coverage!  special thanx to @tinabrownLM who hung with us the WHOLE 6 hours ... swipe left
Hour 3 w/@kevinfrazier of our 6 hour royal wedding coverage  swipe left for how it started teaspoon in a cup get out anyone ????
There’s a party on and outside castle grounds tonight..loving spirit of celebration. as bishop Michael curry said “two young people fell in love and we all showed up”
#royalwedding #cbsthismorning #royalthismorning
The latest hat and different clogs for today...watching ceremony with Tina Brown. Goosebumps!
👒 number three for those counting !! Which is your favorite so far ? Still got good ones to come...
#royalwedding #cbsthismorning #royalthismorning
Hat number 2 this morning. Swipe left to see fascinator for first hour. Both in favorite color yellow! Changing hats every hour this morning.. two down three to go
#royalwedding #royalthismorning #cbsthismorning
Still some space along parade route ...we’ll see how long that lasts ! #royalwedding #royalthismorning #cbsthismorning
@Ryankadro this morning during pre show pow wow said “Just be Gayle” “no time cues.” Ryan, you’re on the record...Gonna have a lot of fun this morning
And did I mention very excited to be here? 👒💕
#royalthismorning #cbsthismorning #royalwedding