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We were privileged to have Rekha Pai, who serves on the board of Fast Forward, an Accelerator for Tech Non-profits based in San Francisco, as a guest speaker at the #RoadtoGEC sharing session at MaGIC Cyberjaya yesterday.

On Digital Transformation happening around the world, she has this to share. “Half of the world now are internet users, we have 7.4 b people in the world and 3.7 billion people now are online users and most of them are actively on mobile phones.  4.9/ 5b of these people are between the age of 12 – 64 and mobile phones are leading the digital transformation. “ “The digital mobility and connectivity we are having is what digital transformation that is unparalleled and changing our lives. It is changing our lives in all possible layers ie. as a consumer, industry, enterprise, government and social service sectors.” Stay tuned as we will be bringing more innovative, forward-thinking speakers to #RoadtoGEC program!

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In the lead up to the second Global Entrepreneurship Community conference, we are bringing industry experts and ecosystem players for sharing sessions and discussions on innovation, global community engagement and emerging trends.

Join Rekha Pai Kamath - who serves on the board of Fast Forward, an Accelerator for Tech Non-profits based in San Francisco - as she shares her insights on the current state of Tech Innovation and the impact it has on all aspects of our lives, including examples where tech has created social impact by creating opportunities and solutions for underserved communities everywhere, such as in the fields of health, education, jobs, government/civic engagement, financial inclusion/literacy. 
She will also be sharing on Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem, how & why entrepreneurship, intra-preneurship and the startup ecosystem the Silicon Valley works, plus the overview on risk capital landscape - including angel investing, MicroVCs, crowdsourced equity models and Venture Capitals.

Register here to join the session:

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Bibop Gresta in action at #GECommunity2016.
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"Mumbai Dabawalla was the first organisation in India to get Six Sigma Certification; even though the dabawalla members do not know what it means." .
Key take-away:
1) Passion
2) Commitment
3) Consistency
4) 100% Execution
5) Accuracy
6) Dedication 
7) Time Management
8) Complete customer satisfaction
Good Morning GECommunity2016 participants!

We are on 2nd day of the show, make sure you come early today to book your seat at the front row at Ballroom 1& 2. We will be having Dr Pawan Agrawal this morning that will start at 9a.m.

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Thank you @billrancic for the inspiring stories. Hope to see you again.

"What traits that they that separates us from them? 
1. They are good decision makers. 
2. They're all creative and find creative ways to market themselves. 
3. They have the never quit, never give up mindset. " -Bill Rancic, Celebrity Entrepreneur
@Regrann from @spinzer -  With our Lifestyle cluster host and #GEM Ambassador @missfazura! She's not only an actress but an entrepreneur as well, among so many things she's doing - successful at that too! Definitely an inspiration not just to Malaysians but the rest of the world too. Proud to play moderator to this wonderful lady 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @gecommunityco - #regrann
"The fundamental truth of business is it is driven by imagination? The fundamental truth of profitability is ingenuity." ~Jon Duschinsky, The CEO of Conversation Farm

"Think big. Think new. Think quick." ~Mike Walsh, Keynote Speaker, CEO of Tomorrow(Futurist)