The GECommunity is the summit that gathers all industry players to explore strategic agendas to drive new market-driven philosophies & innovations.

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The closing panel speakers concluded that there is a need to be the change-maker and shape regional policies that will further enhance and accelerate the development of startups and entrepreneurship ecosystems in the region. #GECommunity2017 #Designingthefuture
Day 2 of #GECommunity2017 saw an enthralling lab session organised by MyNEF on the topic of ‘How ICOs will eventually replace IPOs for startup funding’. The speaker, Ted Huang of Yang Braxter, shared the potential for ICOs to disrupt the traditional IPO funding scene. In traditional financial markets, investors who buy into IPOs own an equity stake and voting rights of a company. However with ICOs, investors do not get an equity stake, but a digital coin issued by the company which can be traded on an exchange. ICOs empower blockchain companies to raise money outside the traditional VC world faster, cutting out the financial intermediaries.

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In his keynote “Innovation Explosion - Think Like A Startup”, Steve Hoffman advised entrepreneurs not to focus on money or the size of the team but rather explore new worlds by gathering new information and combining what you already know to have a competitive edge.
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“With the support of Innovation Superclusters, our Innovation Labs gather entrepreneurs of different industries, driving unlikely partners to develop new possibilities and guiding them towards future economic environments to create Exponential Entrepreneurs. This is our strategic approach in creating hybrid concepts & practical solutions." - Ashran Dato' Ghazi, CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.
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Among the many highlights of #GECommunity2017 were the five masterclasses. Helmed by industry leaders from varied business disciplines, ranging from product management to cryptocurrencies, the masterclasses facilitated knowledge transfer and shared industry insights.

Through Adrian Pica’s masterclass on ‘First Steps in Product Management’, he reiterated the importance of the role of a Product Manager in a startup, and how the role brings the UX, tech and business functions together.

#Designingthefuture #GECommunity2017
In his keynote "3 Generations of Smart Cities and the Future of Entrepreneurship" at GECommunity2017, Boyd Cohen distilled the evolution of Smart Cities 3.0, where citizens of cities are no longer seen as passive recipients of technology services but more of being co-creators of such services in Smart Cities.

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Facial recognition has turned our faces into pixels that are searchable online, further immersing our physical presence into technology - a thought provoking sharing by Sophie Hackford in her keynote "Connecting the dots of Artificial Intelligence: A blessing or a burden?" at #GECommunity2017.

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It’s the last day of #GECommunity2017! Check out our esteemed speaker sessions and the various corporate, government and country pavilions at the exhibition halls. Facebook LIVE streaming schedule here -

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What an exciting day it has been at #GECommunity2017! Check out our key photo highlights from day 1. #GECommunity #Designingthefuture
Some cryptocurrency startups are so futuristic in their business models that it becomes too difficult for the average person to understand. In Julian Hosp’s keynote ‘How to unlock the potential of blockchain technology for a new decentralised world’ during #GECommunity2017, he suggested providing easy access into cryptocurrency for new users and simplifying the process as new users may not understand complex technical jargons.
In her Fireside Chat session titled "From Government to Capitalist”, Fleur Pellerin, the former Minister Delegate for SME, Innovation and the Digital Economy of France to now founder of Korelya Capital shared her experience on the importance of government understanding of network economies and focus on programmes to ensure local start-ups have equal opportunities for internationalization.
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"The future will be very much like Star Trek" - Dr Michio Kaku, in his keynote on Designing the Future with Future Minds.
#GECommunity2017 #GECommunity #Designingthefuture