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At GE, some of the best minds in engineering & technology are at work to tackle challenges in India & the world.

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Testing the transformers that will light up our cities tomorrow. We are at the best-in-class Ultra High Voltage Testing laboratory capable of testing both AC & DC coupling transformers. We are looking at #BrillianceInProgress at #Halol
The journey that begins with taking things apart to see how they work, and ends with helping build up a country is a noble one. This #EngineersDay we salute all those who have been putting imagination at work. #BrillianceInProgress
Experts meticulously handcraft 17,000-meters of copper conductor on to a 3-meter cylinder capable of carrying current at a very high voltage of 800 Kilo Volt. A transformer of such kind has the potential of powering numerous remote villages in the country where low voltage is a serious problem. At #Halol, it’s #BrillianceInProgress
Watch the tightening of bottom bars to match the design specifications on a 660 MW Turbo generator stator! #BrillianceInProgress at #Sanand
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Vishal Wanchoo as the President & CEO Designate of GE South Asia. Mr Wanchoo has been associated with GE for almost 20 years, beginning his career in November 1997. Over the years he has held several senior leadership positions in the company.
Watch our foremen deburring a generator rotor to remove all uneven points and sharpen edges #BrillianceInProgress at #Sanand
Shroud Machining is the last activity that a majestic bladed turbine rotor undergoes before testing process. #BrillianceInProgress at #Sanand
Brilliance takes a lot of hard work: Appanath Hingmare performs a grinding operation on the truck frame of the GE diesel locomotive. Watch #BrillianceInProgress in #Pune
Meet @DrSharmilaAnand who leads a social enterprise that helps develop future #Healthcare leaders
Watch the video. Link in Bio.
Perfection is not an accident: Watch how we deburr in manufacturing. #BrillianceInProgress in #Pune
An overview of our machine head product assembly for manufacturing of wind turbines in Multi Modal Factory in Pune. #BrillianceInProgress
Watch our engineer hard at work on our pitch system - A modern brilliant moving line with 100% digitization in #Pune. #BrillianceInProgress