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At GE, some of the best minds in engineering & technology are at work to tackle challenges in India & the world.

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With industrial internet of things, we are reimagining the future of things. Know more about this fascinating story. #IIOT 
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This #WorldEarthDay, let’s collectively work to make sure a product like this doesn’t see the light of day.
Learn how we are working with governments, businesses and communities to implement solutions that address poor air quality.
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#earthday #generalelectric
Without action, the effects of air pollution has the potential to wreak havoc. Millions of people’s lives are at risk. This #WorldEarthDay, take a step towards change. 
We are innovating every day to reduce the environmental impact not only in India, but at a global scale. Learn how we are investing in cleaner technology and business innovation today, so you don’t have to invest in a product like this tomorrow. 
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#earthday #generalelectric
After an intense workout that makes you sweat a lot, you may have weighed yourself to realize that you’re lighter than before you started your session. But is this really true? Or are we just reacting on half-baked information? Burst the bubble this #WorldHealthDay
Are chocolates and fried food really the reason behind those annoying pimples? Or are we just reacting to one of the many pieces of half-baked information available on the internet? This #WorldHealthDay, know the complete story.
Can a rusty piece of metal cause tetanus? Yes. Will every rusty piece of metal cause tetanus? Perhaps not. Stop following half-baked information. Always look for more info.
Constantly cracking your knuckles may result in reduced grip strength or swollen hands, but does it really lead to arthritis? Or are we just fretting over half-baked information? This #WorldHealthDay, get the complete picture.
Designed by a woman, for women, the Senographe Pristina makes sure every mammography experience is comforting, calm & confident – just like the women in our lives. We wish everyone a very happy #WomensDay
Today marks a momentous occasion for us as we hand over the first two diesel-electric Evolution series locomotives to the #IndianRailways. The operations of the two locomotives will be monitored in real-time to help improve productivity and reduce downtime.
When more than 1000 villagers in Behlolpur, a remote village in Bihar saw electricity for the first time, it powered not just the village, but their lives! GE & Tata Power are working to power lives in some of the most remotest, rural communities in India. #PoweringEveryone
Changing lives with a switch of a button. Literally. Watch this space. #PoweringEveryone
In a unique partnership of its kind, GE is working with Akshaya Patra to contribute to sustainable development and strengthen the world’s largest mid-day meal programme in schools, watch this video to know how.