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At GE, some of the best minds in engineering & technology are at work to tackle challenges in India & the world.

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Love taking #selfies? What if your selfie could tell you whether you have #hypertension? Here's a cool app that could diagnose this by scanning your face and hand.

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As big as your fist, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 bn times in an average lifetime. Fascinating, isn’t it? Watch how integration of physical & digital worlds is helping us transform Indian healthcare
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Our relationship with you goes far beyond just providing our innovative technology. #WhatMatters for us is the joy of bringing you closer to your loved ones. You are at the heart of the things we do.
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Hiding in plain sight, engineers are the everyday unsung heroes that keep the cycle of innovation running. This #EngineersDay let’s celebrate with these people who enable us to move forward.
Sibling relationships are the most unique. Sometimes they may not agree over things, but #whatmatters is they always have each other’s back. Here's a film to take you down memory lane. Watch and tag the ones you share these bittersweet moments with. #HappyRakshabandhan
From the first commercially viable filament lightbulb in 1879, to managing 40% of the world's energy data with #PREDIX, we lead change in the #energy industry so power goes where it's needed most. Walk down memory lane with us with this bookshelf. #Innovation
We are honoured that Air Vistara has chosen GE Aviation's GEnx-1B engine to power its new fleet of Boeing wide-bodied aircrafts! The 787-9 Dreamliners are intended for use on medium-haul and long-haul international routes.
Every two seconds a plane with a GE engine takes off. This speaks volumes of our dedication to bringing the best #technology to aviation and to you. Browse through the history we’ve made. #Innovation

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The GE90-115B engine set a world record 127,900 pounds of thrust. We flexed our muscles harder because we knew you were watching @jetairways 
You were the first airline in South Asia to operate the Airbus A330 aircrafts powered by the GE CF6 engines. You’ve always had an eye for the best, haven’t you @jetairways ? It’s great to be a part of your journey. #LoveIsInTheAir #25yearsof9w
The GE90 fan-blade is 4ft long & weighs less than 50 pounds. It’s made from toughened carbon-fibre composites to deliver double the strength at 1/3rd the weight of titanium. A design that’s efficient and powerful, just like our partnership with Jet Airways. #LoveIsInTheAir
When the GE90 was launched, the early models boasted outputs between 74000 and 94000 pounds of thrust, and till date, it remains one of  the biggest turbofan engine in the world!. #LoveIsInTheAir