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At GE, some of the best minds in engineering & technology are at work to tackle challenges in India & the world.

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We have embarked on the road to the #DigitalIndustrial revolution, and we understand that its full potential can only be unleashed once the #GenderGap in #STEM is closed. So we’ve pledged to have 20,000 women in STEM roles, and have 50:50 gender representation at our entry level technical programs by 2020. And so, we’ve pledged to #BalanceTheEquation
This Production Team coach for over 200 aviation engineers has initiated a Site Employee Development program, and volunteers to help teach English and train other employees on the shop floor. Say hello to Akanksha Mishra, sourcing leader for Wind Turbines at GE’s Multi Modal factory (MMF)! She is the Women’s Network hub leader in Pune, and is also a co-lead of Women in Operations for India. We hope that she continues doing excellently, and that the traveler in her gets to go all the places there are to see!

By 2020, we aim to hire more women into #STEM roles and achieve a 50:50 gender ratio.
From the first light bulb, to the first #DigitalIndustrial Company, we're celebrating 125 yrs of Innovation.
#125years #generalelectric #ge #edison
#Didyouknow? We cut 391m tons of CO2 emission through #ecomagination in wind: Would have taken 3187m trees to do it!
In 2005, GE launched Ecomagination, its commitment & strategy to solve world’s biggest energy and environmental challenges. 
#WorldEarthDay #EarthDay #earthday2017
To #BalanceTheEquation, we need more #FanGirls - women who obsess over improving technology and innovation.
We're pledging to #BalanceTheEquation by announcing our goal of 20,000 women in technical roles by 2020 and obtaining 50:50 gender representation in our entry-level technical leadership programs. See engineers at #GE India with their messages on what rings true with and inspires them, and why we should work towards closing this gender gap.
Here’s another success story from GE. We aim to #BalanceTheEquation because society cannot excel without empowered women
Currently, #STEM sectors still have a significant gender gap. To improve productivity and transform the industry, it is necessary to #BalanceTheEquation and have a gender diverse talent pool. Here’s a word from the awesome squad at #GE India. #diversity
When this nature-loving traveler is not ticking off destinations on her map, she’s orchestrating the Global Supply Chain organization here at #GE. Meet Hema G. from GE Healthcare. Hema has donned many hats in her 16+ years with us. She has provided technical expertise at GE Power, has been with GE Aviation as Compliance and Edison Manager, and has also led IT for QPM and testing CoE. She is now Sr. Director, Product Management for Enabling Functions, who also has HR, Legal, and L&D responsibilities. Cheers to your journey to the next destination, Hema!

Thanks @aliciasouza for a lovely illustration of Hema’s life and her contribution to the company. 
By 2020, we aim to hire more women into #STEM roles and achieve a 50:50 gender ratio. #BalanceTheEquation #healthcare #engineer
We want to #BalanceTheEquation and close the #STEM gender gap for current and future women engineers. #SquadGoals ✅
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#Diversity and inclusiveness are essential to productivity and commercial advantage. Do you need more reason to #BalanceTheEquation?