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Bike racer @the5thfloor, nostalgia collector @thrash_stash, geriatric skateboarder, photo nerd. Brooklyn, NY #thrashstash #generatesk8stuff

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One, two, three ah hahaha 🧛🏻‍♂️ #steverocco #worldindustries #90sskateboarding #80sskateboarding #thrashstash #generatesk8stuff
Cruising around LES a couple years back. Need to get some sessions in soon! #geriatricsessions
The stash that isn’t currently mounted on boards. #generatesk8stuff
Supercross 2018. 60% running, 15% slip and slide, 20% trying not to die, 5% actual bike race.#supercrosscx
When it’s Wednesday but you’re still finding dirt in every crevice of your body and bike. First 📷: @trevorraab #hippocx #5thcx
Quick Cat update. Peep the video.
Had an awesome time in San Diego with my family last week. Highlights were Joshua Tree, watching the SpaceX launch off the back deck of the house where we were staying, and many many chill hot tub sessions. Still not sure why I come back home every year.
Sea Lion Selfie Saturday
Annnnd weekend update. Raced LuckycharmCX and CRCX , both in NJ. Took 7th at both. Solid weekend on and off the bike which consisted of Apple and pumpkin picking, lots of awesome food, and some last minute hotel swaps because the first one we ended up in was a dump. 📷: @trevorraab #5thcx #luckycharmcross #cooperrivercx
My best pick ever picking a ripe one at Sunhigh Orchards this past weekend. #sunhighorchard
#townhallcx last Saturday. First race I’ve felt “decent” in this year. I can feel the haze of my last training block fading, and my body adapting to the rigors of red-lining for 45 minutes. #5thcx 📷: @trevorraab
Late weekend roundup... Raced back to back at #nittanycx last weekend. 102937% less muddy then the weekend before at Whirlybird. Looking forward to #townhallcx  this weekend! #5thcx 📷: @chrispino @alissabrossmer