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Bike racer @the5thfloor, nostalgia collector @thrash_stash, geriatric skateboarder, photo nerd. Brooklyn, NY

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Stuck around to see my friends smash the Cat 4 race yesterday. Good to see @atlightman out there representing #5thcx .
#raineyparkcross #5thnyc #coalitioncc
Gnarliest, coldest, muddiest, funnest race of the year, and to top it off a pretty good result. The official actual for real last race of the season. /end #raineyparkcross #5thnyc #5thcx 📷: @alissabrossmer
I was tempted to just leave it this way after SuperCross, but I ended up giving it the hose for one last race. Looking forward to #raineyparkcross this Sunday! #bitchesandhose
Work Christmas party #1 in the books. #didimentionthisgirlmakesmeinsanelyhappy
It's an unspoken rule that when you go Christmas shopping you gotta treat yourself too. Genuine leopard fur.
I've consumed roughly 12-15 pieces of pie, 20 cookies and 10-30 drinks since last riding my bike 7 days ago...because #offseason
Experience is impossible to sum up in words. This season has been a blur. From road races, some good results, to broken bones that set me back…But I was determined to stay focused on CX. Cyclocross requires so much time, training, and balance to achieve no matter what level you are at. Everything during your week is laid out in order to make your weekend happen. Every minute counts. Travelling to a different state every weekend, race fees, hotels, gas, food on the road. Loads of stress, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Somehow there is a payoff, and the payoff is knowing how far into the red you can push every aspect of your life, and of course while racing.  I am more then grateful to my girl who has supported me and let me consume her weekends for the past 3 months. You mean the effing world to me @alissabrossmer and it means more then you’ll ever know to have you there with me every weekend. Yesterday was the unofficial end to my season. Time to hibernate for a little while, get fat and slow again in the off season. Who wants to go skate?
If you see this face while I'm racing, I assure you it's my pain face and not a smile. Post-barrier and still clipping in pain face.
Raced in CT on Saturday, then stayed at a cabin in upstate NY. Hiked at Lake Minnewaska/ Gertrude's nose yesterday literally in a cloud. Perfect weekend. #lakeminnewaska #gertrudesnose
Wen u got dat ram air but u ain't goin nowhere.
Thanks to everyone that came out for the @thrash_stash show at @deluxecycles. Super happy that my grandfather made it out. He's the only family that I have here in NYC, and a huge reason that I moved here. I came to NYC as a kid so many times to visit him, and knew that I had to live here someday. Also, he's 82...seriously! Thanks to Wilis @deluxecycles for working with me to make this happen! #thrashstash #generatesk8stuff
Mystifying Oracle capsule collection dropping at @deluxecycles tonight at the show. We set everything up last night and it looks rad! Hoping to see a lot of you out there!