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What窶冱 said on the block... stay on the block!
We got action! 笶ク鞘揆ク鞘揆ク鞘揆ク鞘揆ク鞘揆ク
Calm before the 笵
窶廱udge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character 窶
Me and my son!! 汾カ汾カ汾カ汾カ汾カ
窶廬l believe it, when I see it窶
It窶冱 hard to believe it窶冱 been 4 years already man! I just remember being that little kid having aspirations of one day playing in the NFL, and to actually be living my dreams is a blessing! I remember the day I signed my first contract and about dying from dehydration a few days later lol! As I approach the last game of my rookie contract I reminisce on all the time spent here and want to say thank you to this organization and all the ppl I have come in contact with! Man football is like a sped up lifecycle/lifestyle that throws so much adversity at you in a short period of time! It窶冱 not about how well your doing when your on top of the mountain but how well you do when you fall down that mountain! Are you going to get back up and continue the climb or are you going to lay down and call it a quits? I窶况e learned so much and gained so many new friends and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life! Miami I love you and thank y窶兮ll for taking a chance on a Carolina boy coming from West Side Charlotte! (S\O to Harding University High School 窶徭tate champs窶)! I don窶冲 know what the future holds for me but I do know I can only control what I can control and God will do the rest! So I窶冦 taking this last game as a test...goin out there big fired up!! 沐・沐・沐・You know this dog gota eat! I Love y窶兮ll for being apart of this dream that has become a reality! #miami #dolphins #finsup #getlive35 #HUHS  #704 #305
Mer krimus!!!!!
Create like a God.  Command like a king.  Work like a slave.
God got me!