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Forever spontaneous & trying not to be too serious❤️ My vanity corner for beauty, fashion & travels🇪🇪

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Swedish Midsummer 🌸
If you haven’t, you should❤️
Hello third trimester🤰🏻
Only giggles with this blue beauty💙
It’s the golden hour✨
Summer in the City☀️
Picture that pretty much sums up my life right now - a happy mess. Trying to sell the current apartment, renovating the new place, trying to balance my work, family and friends. At the same time pregnant and almost in my third trimester. But I think I’m doing pretty good😁 Planning and organizing is the key 🔑
Someone is totally addicted to face mists...and it’s not the cat!
No blue Mondays for me💙
For those who were asking...remaining to be the only female in our family💙 #itsaboy
Getting that extra glow from C-vitamin beauty products 🍊
Much cool interior and much yummy non-alcoholic cocktails alert🍸