BEAUTIFUL By NATURE! Clean beauty, powered by nature that doesn't compromise on performance or efficacy. NATURAL🍃 ORGANIC🍃 ETHICAL🍃CRUELTY-FREE 🐇.

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A polished complexion never goes out of style especially when the products are clean infused with antioxidants 🍃 that  nurtures skin & are thoughtfully curated. Our mineral set includes all you need for that perfect flawless complexion and it includes 🔹Antioxidant Mineral Foundation, 🔹Antioxidant Setting Powder, 🔹Antioxidant Bronzer and a lovely 🔹Kabuki .
& 🔹cute bag.
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Something to be said when lips are coated with the perfect shine combined  with intelligent nutrients that deliver healthy power packed antioxidants 🍃 to nourish &  hydrate that beautiful pucker 💋. Our organic antioxidant 🍃, vitamin packed lip gloss help repair lips in a rich creamy non-sticky formula that also fortifies & softens that kissable pout. Colors from Top to bottom: Tickled, Crush, Juicy & Pout. .
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The look is I AM BOLD - Created by the beautiful Chantel @chooseloveart . 
This winning look definetly speaks bold, confidence & power yet speaks volume.  I just love 💕 how Chantel paired up a bold eye with a soft pale nude lip👍👌. Oh & that glow on the cheeks let's face it, are a talk on their own as they can stand out on their own. Bold eyes created with our "Ash" & "Passionate" eye shadow, Neutral lips with our "Nude" lip gloss &  cheeks played up with Playful blush & Aura Drops in Pearl Light. I want to thank Chantel for working with me to send out a message to women all over the world to Love themselves with all aspects no matter what. So thank you for helping #empoweringwomen 💪💋xoxo.
The entire collection is available on our website. .
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Mondays juat got even better with our new hottest oil 100% PURE SQUALANE that we can't keep on the shelves here @giaminerals . Our Squalane is olive derived & it truly is magical as it is used as a primer 👌and a serum👍. Skin will love ❤ this oil-less oil as its fast absorbing and does all of the following:
✔Rich in antioxidants ✔Enhances elasticty
✔Minimizes visible fine lines & wrinkles
✔Leaves skin supple & hydrated
✔Heals dry, rough, cracked skin ✔Non-comedogenic.
✔Helps regulate oil production.
✔Silky smooth texture.
✔Multitasker .
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Holidays parties 🎉 are the perfect time to glam up your makeup. So for tonight's look I decided to add a twist on the bold lip 💋, I applied our "Diva" moisturizing lipstick 💄 and for a duo chrome look with  my finger I dabbed "Aurora" Highlighter over it which I also used in the inner corner of my eyes. For my eyes I used our shimmery "Cherish", "Temptress" & "Tierra Dark" followed with non other Natural Lash Mascara & Pretty Pink Blush.  All this over our Antioxidant Mineral Foundation in Latte, Setting Powder in Petal & Sun Goddess Bronzer. Remember beauties have fun with your makeup and let go of the rules 💕xoxo. Happy Saturday!
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Tis the season 🎉 to play up those irises with playful possibilities. Layers of different eye shadow tones can make eyes look mysterious, alluring, sexy, flirty or downright fabulous. Here is a little advice ➡ it good to use at least three shades to enhance the eyes; ✔the highlight shadow - placed where you want to draw attention, ✔the midtown shadow - used to create a subtle enhancement to the shape of the eye & ✔the contour shadow - this shadow is used to create drama, definition & intensity. 
To help you create a beautiful & stunning eye looks @giaminerals we have put together 5 eye catching Love My Eyes Sets:
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The look is I AM FIERCE - Created by the beautiful & talented Lauren White @whollybeautiful . Making a statement as a women is so important and Lauren has definetly done this with versatile @giaminerals products that can support any individual preference. The look speaks volume and I love ❤ the dramatic eyes she created with our Ash & Dreams shadow, soft glowing cheeks with our Sunset Beach Blush & those cranberry lips 💋 with our Curious Lipstick 💄. Thank you Lauren for joining A Beauty Revolution - Embrace Your Mantra & helping us to empower women to love who they are and embrace their individuality & uniqueness. The entire collection is now available for purchase on our website. .
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Pemegranates are finally in season but our Fountain of Youth Serum which contains pomegranate is a favorite all year round and perfect for a night cream🌃. Did you know that pomegranate contains three times the antioxidant 🍃 properties of green tea 🍃, it also helps strengthen the epidermis thus reducing wrinkles & is the key role in formation of collagen? And who doesn't want less wrinkles & collagen boost ? .
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Monday vibes calls for beautiful electrifying eyes in seconds. 
It's the season of glam so play up those irises by mixing it up a little with @giaminerals shadows & adding a jeweled tone shadow with some neutrals & browns. TRUST ME YOU WILL LOVE 💕👍👌!!! Here is how you do it; add the 🔹Brilliant Shadow (Middle Shade)  all over the eye lid, 🔹then apply the Brown Belle Shadow (Bottom Shade) in the crease 🔹followed with a thin line of Aphrodite Shadow (Top Shade) on the top and bottom of the eye. And beauties for a more vibrant look wet the Aphrodite. .
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Love those lips by the beautiful Lauren @whollybeautiful . Our products & formulas are so versatile you just have to be creative and have fun. Lauren definetly has a creative touch,  she combined our Curious Liptick with our Sunset Beach blush to create an ombre look. Thank you Lauren 💕💕💕. .
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Beauties whatever your makeup style, be it bare faced, sultry, smokey or simple we all want that glow lit from within look. Even in the winter months glowing skin is important & doable with @giaminerals antioxidant 🍃 infused flattering glows that can help you feature the high points of the face by delivering the right amount of softer shimmer without megawatt shine which makes them perfect for eye shadow as well 👍👌. Shades from left to right Prismatic Glow - Auereole, Pearl Dust, Golden Glow & Glisten - Sassy. .
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Love your lips 💋 no matter the shape or size. Lips bring such bliss to our days, they offer laughter, encouraging words, tasting a delicious dessert. Your lips same so much of your unique character, quirkiness and yes sex appeal but yet many of you are caught up in obsessing over changing them instead of treating them like treasures. Stop wasting your energy Embrace Your Mantra by celebrating your own perfect pair 👄👄👄 playing em up with @giaminerals delicious Non-Sticky lip gloss formula that offers hydrating antioxidant 🍃 & vitamin 👌 benefits. .
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