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The next generation of underwear is here. #GildanFavorites

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Wherever you go this holiday, we'll keep you comfortable. Yes, even at the family functions.
We hope you had a happy & safe #Halloween!
When you're comfortable, you're confident. That's why we create the world's best sweatshirts for the world's best you.
Find me. I'll be the one under 100 layers.
Wherever you go, whatever you do, we will be there right here waiting for you. (Because you're wearing us.)
Styles that strike a chord. A fit that will have you singing.
Let's be brief: the best fit at the best price. You're going to love our underwear.
I am the backbone of this household.
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Fall temperatures mean easier runs. Who's getting outdoors today?
Our new seamless shorties are perfect for the gym--or avoiding it.
Sometimes you tackle your to-do list quickly. Other times, well...