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Fresh hair feeeeelz 😍 See below my top tips for growing your hair longggg & healthy 💯
1️⃣Don’t bleach/lighten it...your natural colour is always best! I only ever get my roots touched up and a gloss coat for shine every 6-8 weeks. My hair colour is just a shade or so lighter than this video.
2️⃣Only use heated styling tools when you absolutely must - the less heat, the less damage.
3️⃣Brush your hair whenever you get the chance - keeping it tangle free and tied up avoids damage.
4️⃣Get a trim every 6-8 weeks. I know you wanna grow it and hold on to that length...but you must trim it to get rid of any damage and split ends - if you don’t trim them, they will just brake off later.
5️⃣Use quality hair care products (not cheap stuff or stuff with good marketing eg. The bottle looks pretty lol). I’ve used @silkoilofmorocco consistently for almost 8 years now. Any of their hair care products are good. I recommend starting with a treatment shampoo, conditioner, masque and their award winning Argan Hair & Skin Treatment.
6️⃣Find a good hairdresser and stick with them. Routine is everything when it comes to improving your hair health - you must be consistent and patient. Hope this is helpful beauties 😘❤️
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I like my pics in 2’s 😋😋
Focussed & Fabulous. Do your thing & don’t care if they like it 💁🏻‍♀️
Being positive doesn’t mean you live in candyland. Positive people have real problems. They get angry. They challenge people and fight hard for what they believe in. Positivity isn’t about wearing rose-coloured glasses and rolling over when the going gets tough. It’s about being strong. Being self-aware and accountable for your emotional state.
@sabrinawalsh_mua nailed the look I envisioned for my shoot yesterday 💯 Thank you gorgeous ❣️
Seriously can’t wait to share with you what @muscatmediacreative , @oliviaschofield and I created for @dubltake 😍🤩 Stay tuned fam and follow ➡️ @dubltake ⬅️
While on the topic of makeup... I often get asked what foundation I use, so for those interested I use @silkoilofmorocco Argan Vegan Cream Compact Foundation with their loose mineral powder foundation over the top. Both in colour ‘Beige’. This is what I use for all special events/shoots etc because together they give me a full coverage flawless finish that stays put all day! Highly recommend 🙌🏾
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Wild thang 🐆 THE dopest AirBnB I’ve stayed in to date 📚 Thanks Sydney for having me 💋
Talk to me baybay
Starting a girl gang of women aggressively supporting other women so hands up if you want in because if we get enough people, we’re totally getting jackets. | @dubltake 👀🦄 #dubltake
Is your hair done? Is your bills paid?
New biz @dubltake pre launched at @beautyexpoaustralia today 🌪🌪🌪
Make em’ #dubltake
Sydney ✈️
Cabs are hereeee 😝
Comfiest everrrrrrr seamless set from @ryderwear Get 10% off with code: GIORGIA10 💙 Quick link in bio 😘
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Put your left leg in
Your left leg out
In, out, in, out,
Shake it all about 🎶
The week before @beautyexpoaustralia got me like 🤪🤪🤪 So much work to be done before we fly out tomorrow morning 😅 Let’s get to it! 🤓 Have a wonderful day everyone 👊🏽✌🏽
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A lil’ sass never hurt nobody