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I dream to go here and stroll among the tea fields in #india ⠀
Tea makes everything a little better, don't you think?⠀
It's important to remember that millions of women work tea fields just so that we can have something hot and sweet to drink🍵 #awarenessmatters ⠀
Amazing shot thanks to @jordhammond ⠀
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Calling all #Yogis and #Teachers !!!⠀
#Pyunli in #India is looking for Volunteers (and they surely appreciate them!) Teach yoga, English, music, art, craft, origami, dance etc. The floor is all yours 🏅⠀
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Today is International Volunteer's Day! 🎈😁🎉⠀
We want to express our gratitude to all of our past, current and future Volunteers.⠀
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Volunteer at ETC (see post to the right ➡️) and you’ll be experiencing this every night! #sunsets #visitcostarica
Want to Travel & Save 🐢Turtles🐢 in #CostaRica? By participating in ETC’s Volunteer Turtle Conservation Program, you’re not only helping protect Sea Turtles but you’re also helping the local community.
PS: There is Turtle Nesting all year long! 
More info: Volunteers are required to assist our local research assistants in monitoring endangered marine wildlife and habitats, i.e. nightly sea turtle monitoring, in-water monitoring of rays, turtles, reefs and seagrass, maintenance of research material, samples and databases, parrot counting, preparing materials and classes for our weekly environmental education classes, English classes at the local school.

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#blackfriday #cybermonday #givingtuesday #charity #donate
From dawn☀️ to dusk🌙, nearly a million women in #SriLanka will battle with searing heat and angry monsoons just so that we can have something hot and sweet to drink🍵⠀
Volunteer your time with @tealeaftrust, Sri Lanka and..⠀
✔️Support the staff team/teachers or teach classes depending on your experience ⠀
✔️Get involved with community projects ⠀
✔️Help with fundraising, marketing, social media & lots more!⠀
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Listen up❣️⠀
We are growing, and we want more NGO's on our platform. ⠀
If you are a NGO (or know one) and you are interested in receiving help, @givingway is the platform for you. ⠀
We are completely free of charge (we promise), and you will have the chance to recruit and connect with potential volunteers, seek online professional help and will be showcased on our website and social media platforms. ⠀
There's no catch. We just believe in real volunteering. You know the kind without any middlemen or agency fees; just you and the community that needs it. ⠀
Apply directly on our website under "Join". 😊 ⠀
#volunteerabroad #connect #dogood #giveback
Check out the latest post on our FB page written by ⠀
@hostelworld blogger, Claire Benktander - her "12 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad" and why its become her 360° solution. ⠀
Our favourite quote: "Let’s face it, the 9-5 routine can sometimes leave us in such a monotonous trance that when something unexpected does happen, we are less than equipped to deal with it. Taking part in a volunteer trip couldn’t be further from mundane and this can impact your life post-trip as you start to roll with the uncertainties."⠀
We totally agree ✨⠀
📸 @biciceciu & @hostelworld
The Ssese Island region of #Uganda is an archipelago situated in Lake Victoria, the largest lake in #Africa. It is formed of 84 islands, 48 of which are inhabited. There are roughly 100 villages with a total population of over 100,000 people, which is served by only 1 secondary school and 6 primary schools, nowhere near enough  to serve all the children.⠀
The region holds some of the highest rates of HIV and primary school to secondary school dropouts in the world, 80% and 75% respectively. These statistics only account for the children that ever get registered for school in the first place: it is impossible to get exact numbers, but statistics have it that as many as 40% of all children never do.⠀
Want to volunteer on Victoria Island in Uganda with @fireflyuganda and work in the community, schools and clinics? Sign up to @givingway up top ⬆️ and apply!
Amazing Volunteer Opportunity!⠀
"It takes a village to educate a child - but it also takes a school to educate a village" ⠀
Come to @kaasouganda and #volunteer at their Primary School! Other options include volunteering:
-With the Community Empowerment Group⠀
-At the the Suubi Sanyu Fund that deals with microloans ⠀
-At the Uganda Children’s Clinic⠀
-At the Library & Computer Lab⠀
-In the School Gardens & Forests⠀
-With the Poultry and Piggy Projects⠀
Choice is yours! Sign up on our platform: www.givingway.com⠀
This is a special post. Scroll through these pictures until the last one. What do you see?..... It’s actually a pic of a retired animal poacher posing with the founder of the "Peace for Conservation" NGO located in Tanzania #serengetinationalpark 
David and his NGO spent a lot of time to make this change happen. This is what real success looks like. Thank you for saving our planet's animals. 
#KillTheTrade #ivoryella #antipoaching ⠀
Interested in volunteering at this NGO? It's possible through us @givingway 🐘🦁🐒