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I play games on the internet and sometimes do a little digital design work for fun. #stayglitchy #videogames #podcasts

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Fell asleep crocheting and watching Spirited Away.
Hey there, would you look at that.
Bag could use a little cleaning but what a console.
Packing is going well.
Getting games all boxed up for storage. These plastic cases are for photos but they work perfect for SNES and N64 carts. Not pictured are Genesis games (still have boxes), PS1 games, and current gen.

#retrogaming #retrogames #videogames #snes #n64 #ps2 #gamecube
Basking in the Arizona sun.
Late night, what the heck, maybe a little drunk and definitely too tired for photos, selfie.
These clouds were too cool.
I'll be living in this room soon.