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I play games on the internet and sometimes do a little digital design work for fun. #stayglitchy #videogames #podcasts

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Found a non amiibo box of the Mario cereal, popped this one open for some munchin' and well, it's just Lucky Charms with Mario marshmallows. That's not to say it's bad though.
Bought some Tomb of Annihilation dice. I'm really digging the soft matte feel to them. Would love a similar set but in a dark burnt orange.
Staring into a void, a reflection of things to be found and deciphered.
Hummingbird protecting its little nest.
Some crayon doodles from last night.
The first tray, I removed the misaligned snaps and put in new ones. Small hole left behind but it sits flatter and more uniform now. Here's a comparison between little one and big one.
Finished the Drizzt collection, new book commences.
Here is attempt two at the dice tray. It is roughly 2 inches larger in both width and length. I also (inadvertently) put the snaps on upside down from how I did last time. I'm much happier with this one.