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- brushing the final exam stress off our mind at the ⛅  sky! the old Arissa (who broke her right arm while playing the 🐒 bar 13 years ago) wouldn't believe she climbed & walked 22 metres above the land yesterday 😂
- Happy birthday!! here's to many more jokes and laughter together 🍻
- Hello 2018, give this girl some credit. She's come pretty far. ❤
- stuck with them since 2011! one of the many things I'm grateful for. may 2018 brings happiness and joy to my beautiful women ❤ (excuse my face, i mmg takleh senyum elok-elok when amik gambar with them)
- done with 5 out of 6 assignments kinda face 😂
- spot me on NST today 😍 I'm proud to be the tiny part of Mimpikita's family, playing the little role in the crazy adventures. This house sparks hope and dreams, the beginning to my ultimate goal. Loves ❤
- remember when i was your favourite (ok maybe not) morning assembly emcee at the school?? haha ya girl doing her thang again at the uni! #banyaknyaOK #rusty #sns
- this should be noah right.... or maybe adam... #adamdannoahthetwins
- terharu la these sisters came to support the event me and my team organized at my uni today. thank you sudi redah hujan and borong my biscuits! love you both 😘❤
- Gucci girls.