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riso printer and comics publisher based in naarm (melbourne), australia /// run by @hawk_wings @marcpearson_

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excited to be tabling at the @junkycomics 's inaugural BCAF at @netherworldarcade in a few weeks, come and say hi to us helllooo.
(edit: presale has ended - thnku to everyone who contributed. hope u like these coolbooooooks)💥💥2 hours left to get the books the cheapest they'll be in our presale, and here are some sexy female murderess-y pages from @grillzoid 's SEXY FEMALE MURDERESSES💥💥
✨✨12 hours left on our presale and here are some pages from @rtwa 's SWIMSUIT. wowoweewow.'✨✨
🔥🔥27 hours left in our presale where getting all 6 books is the cheapest it'll ever be, and here are some panels and a test cover from @nobailey 's MY BIG LIFE. 🔥🔥
🔥🔥38 hours left in our presale! here's a testcover and a couple of pages of @leonlytimes PSYCHIC HOTLINE. very excited to see this book. thanks to everyone who has supported so far. gonna be some hothothotbooks.
✨✨@comic_sans_anthology launches today at 2pm at @stickyinstitute  3 colour covers (mint, orange and teal) and 2 colour insidecovers (mint and orange) and a real great lineup of comics xeroxed inside ✨✨
✨only 5 days left in our presale! we've nearly finished printing the first two books. here are some photos from the test book of amazing @mandylouord 's Galapagos!! 💖🐸🌸
only 6 days left to support the 6 new comics presale. here is @dillings new logo to go on MYSTICAL BOY SCOUT 4 and some hot hot panels. real excited to share these booooks. 💖💖
test prints for @rtwa 's cover for the first issue of @comic_sans_anthology launching this saturday coming at @stickyinstitute . check it out and come! 🐸💖💥
🐸we had a great time this week at @signalarts co-running a 3 day riso workshop with @fikarisart . so many amazing prints. didn't have time to take photos there so here are some from screencapped instagram posts from everyone else. thanks to everyone who came, the prints look so good!
we just did a 3rd run of @homotaschen mira schlosberg's incredible comic "guidebook to queer jewish spirituality". you can get them from mira this weekend at @nywf @nywfzinefair or in our online store. :0
also also also excited to be publishing @leonlytimes 's PSYCHIC HOTLINE -
80 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 1 colour risgraph insides, 3 colour risograph cover.
It's about a ghost calling a psychic hotline.
"Spare and laden with meaning, vibrating with negative space and palpable emptiness, Leonie exploits the poetic exchange between text and image. Like the art of comics itself, for me Psychic Hotline is about the (im)possibilities of communication, and how hard we all strive to listen and be heard, speaking across the corporeal divide – the spaces and absences that separate us. I love Leonie's ghost, an emptiness that feels everything."
- Penni Russon
"Leonie's comic is a warm and gentle hug from a friend you've just met but feel like you've known forever. The story and characters have a depth and magnitude made possible by Leonie's skills at writing dialogue that is natural and line work that flows across the pages."
- Nicky Minus
Leonie Brialey is a cartoonist living in Naarm (Melbourne). ✨✨link to presale on for another 20 days or so, up in bio.