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Did I get a butterfly lower-back tattoo for this? Trying to get into a seance at the Magic Castle. And Chili’s.

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When I die, just...
(or now is good, too)
Truly love these mother f-ers.
Guys? Guys. Guys.
Person: You’ve changed 
Me: ...
Truly never felt so seen. (via @middleclassfancy)
Just some caj pics of me on the street. (📸 via texts with @goldheartedb because she just really gets me)
I got some super-shitty news about my very last baby yesterday. I don’t have much longer with Kiki, and I’m (really unsuccessfully) trying to keep it together. So if you saw me sobbing wildly on the street yesterday, or do in the future, sorry for making things awkward. I love this weird, forever scared and uncomfortable, sleepy little creature.
When taking a picture with @nataliapodolsky turns into a toothpaste commercial
This is my lifeblood. I drink it, I wear it, I live it. (art via @beebosloth)
I’m just throwing the rest of these out like the garbage (insert obvious “I’m trash” joke), because I’m really tired of looking at myself. (Make sure to scroll through for my vision board!)
When you hang out with someone your own age
Living out my troll-under-a-tree-stump fantasies. (It wasn’t much of a reach.)