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Did I get a butterfly lower-back tattoo for this? Trying to get into a seance at the Magic Castle. And Chili’s.

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BABEraham Lincoln (Hey, I almost captioned this “four whores and seven beers ago,” so consider yourself lucky.)
Extreme Barenaked Ladies Voice: IT’S BEEN ONE WEEK (since I posted a video of me acting foolish)
Hi. I lied. I chose Seattle. And I’m staying in an airstream. And then a place with a Sasquatch/boob mural and a poster from The Shining. Truly going to be the me-est me I can be.
Big plans this week. HUUUUGE.
Shhhhh it’s a wig
Job postings for my work should read, “You have to take pictures of your dumb idiot coworker every time she buys a fall outfit she thinks is cute.” (Thanks, @devonhembury)
I think I’m going to Portland, y’all. I still want to go to Seattle. I still might change my mind. Hi, I’m the worst!
🔪C H U C K Y 🔪
“I bet you won’t climb that tree at a work picnic, one-handed, without dropping your drink.” I am a Masterpiece of Modern Horror. (📸: @tuckernapier)
C’mon, Aileen (Wuornos)
Y’all know what time it is. Let’s get
S P O O K Y,  B I T C H E S.
I hope 69% of you are happy with your choice