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The perfect business card holder. A coffee mug and some tissue paper. And they are much easier to reach for.
Great inspirations come from knowing great people.  Watch for more hair tutorials and style guides very soon on in addition to our beautiful new banner on the web. Also sign up for our free newsletter online so that you can get routine beauty news  and how to use rill guides  from the red carpet  #Red carpet




Those flowers were just too beautiful not to take pictures of.  It's amazing what you'll find in the garden. Lots of nutrition and hydration. Gloss & Toss is SPRINGING UP EVERYWHERE!!! #soglossy #truebeauty
@gogokim I'm excited what about you?? I wonder who has the most spools of thread behind the couch?? Let's get those numbers coming in? Anyone care to chime in?  @quilts  #quilts
Are you ready???? #splash2018
This is why we do our own fulfilling when you order. It's not just about your order, nor your receiving a "box" in the mail. To us, it's also about how you feel when you open each GIFT we send you. Because to us, it's not a sale; IT'S A GIFT!!! And we thank you. #Beglossy #glossandtoss  #splash @gogokim #beverlyhills #atlanta @hamptons @guardian #mailorder #helloglossy
And for the guys,,,, the Hair ' Scalp Healing Oil is a top fave especially as a pre-shave treatment. Softens skin and facial hair for an easier and more comfortable shave. Our Sea Salt Spray adds a touch of texture to hair. #fortheboys #wheretheboysare #softskin
Always love Let's Make A Deal and we thank them for including us #GameShop #LosAngeles #BigWinner #Giveaway #Swag #Hollywood
Announcing the Gloss-E Stick from Gloss & Toss. Available online at #vitamine #chappedlips #lipmoisture
Hair always shines with #glossandtoss products. Just ask super DJ @rttyler811  We miss having you here in SoCal but you're just a radio dial away. #love #radiogaga #haircolor
What do you think of our new hello glossy labels?
Well it's been one of those days for a few days now, and we say keep it simple. If you have a longer hair type a classic ponytail might just do the trick and if you need something a little dressy start again with the classic ponytail and simply ran into a loose chignon  Use flex spray versatile styling hair spray for light and movable hold,. For shorter hair types, keep it loose and casual and not so perfect it. The sea salt spray and the flex spray work great in weather like this for shorter hair types. Shop online