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my kind of optimism.
whilst we were tossing stuff at the sunset and i was chanting to myself ("snail ripples / water dripples / whale flipples / rock skipples" etc) forest informed me that i have a "no-track mind".
pithy epigrams are fast becoming his stock-in-trade.
soleil and i were both super distracted by a piece of fluff bouncing around in the speaker.
turns out the local playground is actually the australian outback.
times may change, but there will always be a yoga mat behind the fire hydrant.
gamelan testing / whale building
we are thrilled to be a part of @riverclydepageant !!!
hoping to plant trash and grow art.  entropy engenders creativity, right?
i enjoy an artwork so focused on it's audience.
in other spray-paint related news, forest and i made some shirts.  soleil took about 300 blurry pictures of us while snickering.
charlottetown doesn't have many alleys, so I'm rather drawn to this cute one.  but golly gee people - WHERE IS THE GRAFFITI?!?!!! friends, you know who you are.  your fellow townsfolk need you.  GET ON IT!
the kids suggested we wire up st teresa with the motion sensor from an old "big mouth billy". now whenever i pass her on the stairs i sing "don't worry be happy" to myself.
soleil - "this looks like a street fighter level."
forest - "it's called decimated pier.  let's test it out!  a new warrior has entered the arena!"