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peripatetic pulchritude
"public display of affection" video here:


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"the best parts of the woods are detours and trailblazing."
also, if endless discussion is any indicator, "into the woods" is our favourite musical.
engage vacation uniform.
someone's working on a ph.d in non-sequitur.
habits and rituals: forest now crushes his club soda cans with the log-mallet he bought at a yard sale.
"abstract expressionism??!! looks more like rain-soaked bird shit..."
gratuitous fungus.
you will have to trust me that I'm really holding back on the mushroom photos.
unable to resist the allure of the new victoria park playground.  the three (!) sets of gorgeous chimes are the sound of my heart.
everything else was fun too, especially in the dark.  we felt sneaky.
it's that time of year where i mostly think about entropy, decay and screaming tree-faces.
"why do you always have to take pictures?  we are NOT. POSING.  ANY.  MORE."
through careful experimentation, we've developed the least efficient method of hiking.
never met a henge i didn't like.  thank you, fungal druids.
it already seems as though september was a long time ago.