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I had a rough day today, emotionally.

I'm not sure why - nothing "happened", and it started off fine (I think). Ashton's out at a friend's place so I only had Hunter to deal with (but to be fair, he spent more time with YouTube than he did with me today). But by afternoon, I was in such a deep funk that I ended up just lying on the couch in a blanket burrito staring at the ceiling. I kept getting hit with attacks of sudden crying, and wasn't sure why - which was incredibly frustrating. Like, I've walked down my hallway thousands of times, why is it making me sad today?! Mental health is not a rational thing.

When Craig called to let me know he was heading home, I gave him a bit of a heads up of the shit storm of a wife he was about to come home to. I try to be quite upfront when I'm having days like these, because as my safe space,  Craig tends to get the brunt of my misdirected outbursts. I tend to project all my feels onto him, which manifest in all sorts of ways... Sadness, frustration, anger. He took it well, and still came home (phew!). He showed up with a huge bunch of flowers and two different types of chocolate, and gave me a massive bear hug while I cried and dripped snot onto his t-shirt.

He didn't ask me why I was sad.
He didn't try to "fix it" for me.
He didn't make me feel like a dork for crying about the fact that I felt sad and didn't know why.

He just asked what I wanted to do, and when I said I didn't know but that I probably needed to get out of the house, he bundled me and Hunter into the car and just started driving. "We can decide along the way," he said. We ended up at Kmart (bless), then went and got Indian food. And by this stage, I was feeling so much brighter.

Sometimes, we don't need to talk about our feels, we just need someone to hold space while we process. Sometimes we just need someone to give us a hug (and flowers and chocolate and a trip to Kmart). And I'm so, SO grateful I've married someone who gets that ❤️
Hunter's been going through this awesome phase lately of merging words together. For example, "tomorrow morning" is called "toomorning" (which is pretty much the best word ever and has become part of our family lingo", and a "yellow lollipop" is just called a "yellopop". I love it so much!

I'd love to hear the best words/phrases your kids have coined 😍
*SPOILER ALERT: Ralph Wrecks The Internet*
OK so I totally cried yesterday when I took the kids to see Wreck It Ralph 2.

I didn't cry because I spent almost $20 on just drinks and popcorn.

I didn't cry because Hunter spilt his water right into my crotch and I didn't know if it'd dry before I had to go back out into daylight.

I didn't even cry because Hunter fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie so I'd paid money to have him lie over my wet crotch for an hour and a bit.

I cried because Ralph's best friend decided to move far away and even though they were able to stay in touch, they wouldn't get to see each other often. "Don't worry Mum," said Ashton. "It's just a movie." Except that it's not just a movie. My best friend @laura_thoughtsandstuff moves to Perth in a week and I'm having all sorts of feels about it. I know they're going to have an amazing time. I know they'll talk on the phone heaps. And I adopted all her amazing plants, so, you know. But I'm still sad. I'm sad that she won't live 2 minutes around the corner anymore. I'm sad that we won't get to sit on the couch drinking coffee and ignoring our kids together. I'm sad we won't be able to split a bottle of wine at 3.15pm in the afternoon because school's over and it's technically 5pm yesterday SOMEWHERE in the world, so we're not early, we're late.

So if anyone wants to adopt a sad-sack who's moping around because her mate ditched her for sunshine and nice beaches or some shit, hollah at your girl here 👌😂
"Take a photo Mum!" 😍 cuties
I'm in love 😍 @osetefanoart you are a freaking gem!
I'm not clucky, you're clucky.
When you ask your two year old to put his toys back in his room 🙄😂
"I found a ladybird Mama! His name is Gaston and today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Gaston ladybird!"
Me: "Hands off please, I need to do that because it's only for adults." Hunter: "You're not an adult, you're mummy."...Well played, kid. Well played.
My grandma's Sylvanian doll house =  nearly 30 years later and it's still a hit ❤️

I FINALLY got stopped in the shops, complimented, and asked where my outfit was from, to which I proudly replied with "on clearance at @thewarehousenz for $7.50". She complimented me again and told me what great taste I have. This never happens to me.

No one ever asks where my extremely-worn-stretched-mum-jeans are from, or where my holy, stained, faded t-shirt is from. No one approaches me and asks where I got my mum-bun done.

I am so stoked right now. I carried on with the rest of my shop prancing around like a tispy but photo-ready gazelle (which was difficult, given how big my head swelled). Bargain shopping for the win! What's the best thing you've bought recently??
Plant yourself where you will grow ❤️ In the absence of New Year's Resolutions, my focus this year is "health, growth & abundance" - and I've already started working towards that journey! Woohoo! What's your focus for 2019?