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Day 23: Surprise... Can the surprise be that I forgot to post this today??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge #ItWasntMyFaultIWasBusy
Day 22: ✨ Sparkle ✨

I'm posting this just before I walk in to the DIA to sign our wedding application form 😍😍 I still get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see my engagement ring - the sparkles remind me just how exciting the rest of my life will be ❀❀ Which leads me to my next question... What's your favourite part of a wedding - either yours or other people's you've attended? Or what do you wish you'd done differently if you're already married?

#joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 22: Sparkle 🌟✨ As always, the interpretation is completely up to you! Whether it's something that sparkles or just your sparkly personality πŸ˜‰

#joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 21: Water 🌊

I've always been drawn to the sea, but never quite understood why.

Maybe it's because I always come away feeling refreshed and recharged.  That feeling is super addictive!

Maybe it's because I feel free.

Maybe it's because I feel energised.

Maybe it's because I feel connected.

Being close to the water (or in it!) has this magical way of washing away any negativity I'm feeling, it's almost instantly calming.  Yoga takes on such a deeper, more fulfilling experience for me when it's presented to the great ocean.

As some of you would've seen yesterday, I finally braved a winter sea dip - I'm jumping on board the @iceman_hof breathing train, and part of that lifestyle change is exposure to the cold.  To be honest, when @holisticpainmanagementnz told me about it ages ago, I thought he was a bit of a nutter (not that that's changed at all!πŸ˜‰) but feeling is believing. The fact that I could breathe through the cold to the point that I felt relatively warm in the sea in the middle of winter (on my first attempt!) is pretty freaking amazing. 
I'm so inspired and have this renewed faith in myself, which is absolutely wicked ❀ It sounds silly after one little dip in the sea, but it really gave me the feeling that if I could do that, I can do anything - and that's definitely something to be grateful for.

#joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 21: Water

How does water bring you joy? Are you a beach junkie like me? Does the rain make your heart sing? Is the river your happy place?

#joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 20: Silly

When you're late for your own photo challenge... Meh! πŸ˜‚ Seriously though, these face mats from Kmart are so much fun!

PS. This first photo kind of makes me want more lipstick in my life!! Any recommendations for a good (preferably cheap!) one?? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜˜ #joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 20: Silly

Embrace the silliness!  Be joyful! And take a photo and show me!!πŸ˜‰ #joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 19: Night.

There's something magical about nighttime - especially with kids.  Its entrance is magnificent - the sky lights up in celebration of nighttimes arrival.  I think because your vision is limited by the darkness, your other senses sharpen.  You feel the temperature changes more intensely, sounds are more obvious, scents are stronger.

As a kid, nighttime had such a new novelty, because we weren't out in it nearly as much.  I used to love seeing the lights of the city, or during a light festival or at Christmas time - in fact, I still do.  I LOVE fairy lights, and want to eventually have ALL the fairy lights EVERYWHERE.  Our boys are always so excited to be outside in the dark too, I think it feels quite special. 
It's so cool when you see how excited your kids get over stuff like that - reminds you to get excited too. πŸŒ™πŸŒ  #joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 19: Night. 
Perhaps you have joyful nighttime rituals? A nighttime bedtime story or special drink? A photo of a joyful nighttime memory? Or perhaps you're just grateful that nighttime is when the kids go to bed! πŸ˜‰

What brings you joy? What are you grateful for?

#joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 18: Goals.

If you search #goals right now on Instagram, the majority of the images are related to looking a certain way, having a certain physique.  Like, don't get me wrong - I'm as envious of a perfect set of abs as the next chick, but my GOALS - I.e. what I put my time and energy into - runs far deeper than my body fat percentage.

How about we strive to be healthy?

How about we strive to be happy?

How about we strive to be comfortable in our own skin, regardless of whether we have a 6 pack or the whole keg?

It's great to have goals, but most of us only have the capacity to *really* concentrate on a limited number of goals at any given time - so consider how you prioritise your energy and focus.

Let's focus on loving our families.

Let's focus on loving ourselves.

Let's focus on being kind.

Let's focus on uplifting others.

Let's focus on being inspiring through our actions.

Let's focus on having wrinkles caused by laughter, rather than stress.

Let's focus on ending each day with satisfaction that we did ourselves proud.

Let's focus on nourishing our bodies and our souls with goodness.

Let's focus on finding joy in every day, in the tiny little moments that are often overlooked.

Let's focus on keeping ourselves mentally well, heck, mentally AMAZING.

Let's focus on finding a passion to direct our energy into.

Let's focus on creating a legacy we can look back on and think "fuck, yeah!" with ultimate pride and happiness.

Those are my #goals.  How about you?

#joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Day 18: Goals

This can be a current goal, future goal (which is technically still a present goal! πŸ˜‰), already-achieved-like-a-damn-rockstar goal - show me your goals! Celebrate them! 
Having goals means you have hope. 
Means you have plans. 
Means you have PURPOSE.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for yourself ❀

#joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge
Fluffy: What my hair is due to the highly refined, constant mum bun-neglect combo. It takes a lot of commitment to get it to that state! 
However! After the recommendation of a friend the last time I posted this hot mess of a photo, I've recently started using argan oil (I got mine from @hairbyms.tenisha if you wanted to get amongst it!), which has magically brought my hair back to a manageable state.  I can now brush the mane without my arm getting sore and needing to stop halfway through for a chocolate break.  Even Future Hubby has approved! 
Swipe πŸ‘‰ to see the difference (plus a quick five minute straighten because I'm about to head out and be an adult so figured I should put in a half-assed effort!) #joyfuljuly2018 #glowmamaphotochallenge