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We are the premier all female a cappella group at The College of Saint Rose! πŸŽ€πŸ’–

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Earlier this week, our newest GND members made their big debut! SOOO excited to bring five great gals into our a cappella family πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
Hey, it's your Public Relations representative VONYΓ‰A!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Music Industry, voice concentration
VOICE PART: Primarily bass ("but put me wherever")
WHY GND: "It's great to have such a fun group of friends who are passionate about making music together"
FUN FACT: J'peux parler la Francais!
Meet our junior pal LIZ!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Music Education
WHY GND: "I think it’s great to be a part of such an amazing group of girls who love music as much as I do"
FUN FACT: "I can fall asleep any and everywhere"
Meet our senior pal NAJAH!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Psychology
VOICE PART: Soprano 1 or 2
WHY GND: "I enjoy GND because it is my literal only creative outlet"
FUN FACT: has Very-Good-But-Not-Perfect pitch
Meet our senior pal VICKI!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Music Education
VOICE PART: Mostly tenor
WHY GND: "I love having an amazing squad of girls to hang with and make music!"
FUN FACT: "I'm a huge nerd and have Harry Potter action figures"
Meet our sophomore pal ALEX!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Music Education
VOICE PART: alto 1 or soprano 2 
WHY GND: "I love having a hard-working group of ladies I can always turn to"
FUN FACT: "I always want to go to target"
Meet our lovely treasurer CJ!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Forensic Science, concentration in Chemistry
WHY GND: "I enjoy the process of us making a song go from a mess of parts and notes to straight BEAUTY"
FUN FACT: "My boyfriend and I own 7 animals!"
Here's GIANNA, another musical director of ours!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Music education, voice concentration 
VOICE PART: Soprano 2/alto 1
WHY GND: "I love making music with such incredible ladies and sharing it with our community!"
FUN FACT: Plays the piano and has traveled abroad (to France!)
Oh look, it's one of our Co-musical directors, BRI!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Music Education, voice concentration 
VOICE PART: Tenor + Bass 
WHY GND: I love having a bunch of sisters and an environment where I can be 100% myself 
FUN FACT: "I taught myself how to play alto saxophone so I could play that instead of flute in my old jazz band πŸ˜‚"
Say hey to our secretary MARISSA!!πŸ’•
MAJOR: Bachelor of Music in Performance
WHY GND: I enjoy GND because I like spreading awesome A Capella music with some very talented people. 
FUN FACT: "The lowest note I’ve ever sung is a G2. Only did it once, probably won’t do it again πŸ˜‚"
THE NEWS IS OUT!!! We've dropped a single that's now available on ALL STREAMING SERVICES! We'd like to thank all of our pals at @thevocalcompany for helping us create something we're incredibly proud of 🎡❀
Did you catch us at the Upper Madison Street Fair today? It was the last one for our seniors, we're missing them already πŸ˜­πŸ’•