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Host a weekly podcast to help gals stay God-centered thru mentorship, friendship & discipleship #DontMomAlone #GCMPodcastClub (like a πŸ“šclub but w/ 🎧)


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I start to sweat just looking at this pic (I'm not commenting on TX Fall weather). Caring for 3 lil boys was legit tough. But I added a lot of extra weight/stress by trying to "get it right"...all. the. time. (note: boys in orange shirts for perfect pumpkin pics) πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ This week we visited the same place. And, yes, the boys were challenging. But I felt a bit less weighed down by performance pressure. I enjoyed the beauty of dancing butterflies. And the rows of glistening pumpkins. I breathed it all in. A definite highlight of the week. And as for the lowlights? I'm breathing them out. Letting them go. And signing off for a lil easy & light rest. #Shabbatshalom (πŸ“Έ: 7 yrs ago)
Big NEWS!!! My friends Kat (@thekatlee_ ) & Wynter (@forgirlslikeyou) will be chatting with me for our LIVE podcast recording! Few tickets still available to join the partyπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ (link in my profile). Nov 3rd, 7-9:30pm in Dallas. (If I didn't know better I'd blame the camera angle. But apparently I befriend tiny people who make me look gigantic. 🀣🀣#smallbutmightyladies)
The leper. The blind man. And me. 
Their wounds physical and mine soul level. They model humility. While I've been slow to admit getting to the end of myself. They cry out for healing, "Lord, have mercy on us." And I'm going and doing and pushing, claiming I'm "helping". But I'm no good to anyone in this state. 
So this week's #podcast with @shellymillerwriter , "Thinking Differently About Sabbath" was a message I desperately needed to hear. The gift of intentional rest. Set apart time. Making it less about "how" and more about "who". Remembering the #centeringtruth : faith heals. 
In faith I stop the doing and choose being. Easy & light. 
Believing good comes after the pause. With a healthy, more whole soul, I'm more hospitable to the needs around me. Which better fulfills my original goal of "helping". Funny how that works. "When our souls are restless. When we are driven by thousands of different and conflicting stimuli. When we are always 'over there' between people, ideas & the worries of this world, how can we possibly create the room & space where someone else can enter freely without feeling himself an unlawful intruder." [Henri Nouwen] #sabbathsociety
A Fall family wedding in the Georgia mountains? Yes, please. 
Of course it came with a healthy dose of "childhood goes by quickly". Since I vividly remember the day my niece came home from the hospital. Wasn't it yesterday she tossed flower petals down the aisle at my wedding? Then zoom...suddenly she glows in a white gown and commits her life to a wonderful godly man. Since my #4thboyjoy took the role of ring bearer. . . don't think I'll blink. Cuz I just witnessed time literally fly. #thebeardtheblondethestory
If you've ever felt intense pressure on your chest, like you're drowning...but haven't even gotten out of bed. If you've wondered what's wrong with you to feel so overwhelmed with such a wonderful life. If you've been weighed down by shame because you've been told anxiety is a sin. If you've wondered if "good Christians" take medication for mental health. You are not alone. 
My guest this week, Ashley Willis (@daveandashleywillis) vulnerably shares her story of panic attacks, anxiety & depression. She also gives hope and help. We talk thru how to help a spouse with anxiety. And the genetic aspects of passing a propensity for anxiety from one generation to the next. 
Praying for each woman who listens to be encouraged. To talk to the people around her about how anxiety is impacting life. We want to get the conversation going. And lead more women and families to freedom. #dontstaysilent #worldmentalhealthday
Can't wait to celebrate 4 years of the podcast with you!!! Join me on Nov 3rd, 7-9:30pm. Here in Dallas. We'll hug, eat yummy desserts, record an episode, get free stuff, be encouraged...all good things! Tickets now on sale (GodCenteredMom.com/live). Already so many sweet gals coming with friends!! Hope to see you there. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
After almost a year of treatment... chemo, surgery, &!radiation...its all OVER!!! Of course we had to have celebration dinner & dance party πŸŽ‰Thank you, Jesus! And way to go Nana! #nanakickscancer πŸ’• #breastcancersurvivor (🎢: @twentyonepilots)
"Tradition! tradition." pig races. fried everything. bumper cars. crowded midway. giant boar named Boris. best of all...shared together! #statefairoftexas #sharedexperiences (much thanks to the "champ cattle" sculpture for standing in for daddy πŸ‘πŸ»)
Wouldn't it stink if Reese's gave up their brand and thought they should be more like Almond Joy? 😱
Same goes for you and me. 
Stress, effort, guilt overwhelm me when I think I need to let go of my unique mom-ness & be more like you! 
But freedom, life, joy fill me when I focus on my values & assignments. And you focus on yours. 
Today @charityreeb & I sat with a variety of moms chatting about the "perfect, good mom". The one we compare and stress ourselves to be like. Then we stopped to consider what each of us value and how our values differ. 
After authentic sharing, laughter & tears, we let go a little of the guilt and shame. Then walked out of the room more confident in our personal brand of motherhood. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» #nomeangirls @plaidforwomen
Y'all! It's happening. After 4 years of recording episodes from my closet, I get to record one with y'all!!! Inviting my dearest friends, loyal listeners and wise mentors to gather together so we #DontMomAlone. Tickets go on sale Monday. More details announced on the podcast next week. Would love to meet you there!!!
When my mind gets stuck seeking stuff that doesn't last, believing a lie that the comfort and satisfaction I long for can be found in this world. When my heart aches with FOMO. . .

I lean on the #centeringtruth: "I'm never missing out when I'm in the middle of God's will." The words from 1 John promise--> by pursuing God & His ways I find eternal comfort & significance. 
And this from @paultrippquotes ...
"Peace is never found in trying to figure out the secret will of God but in trusting the person who controls all the things you don't understand and who knows no mystery because he has planned it all." How do you know God's will? Yes, by reading His Word. But also trusting, knowing & following God...even in the hard & mysterious places.
Thanks y'all!! Contest is officially over. Congrats @sayheys278 creator of #2 (teacups). You won the logo contest!! Your design communicates mentorship, friendship & discipleship beautifully! 
I LOVE the GCM podcast listeners!! Y'all are so talented and creative!!!! HAD to share the top 10 entries (in no particular order) from the GCM logo contest (scroll right to see them all) Don't you love the variety!! I will announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks y'all for entering! Which one is your favorite?