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Host a weekly podcast to help gals stay God-centered thru mentorship, friendship & discipleship #DontMomAlone #GCMPodcastClub (like a 📚club but w/ 🎧)


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This week my friend @amberllee02 shares the gift of celebrating Biblical feasts...Gentile style. 😉 “It’s the creator of the universe saying, ‘Hey, here's a way to live that's going to be better for you.’ And it was all about the feast, all about sabbath, all about stopping the craziness of life and remembering, resting, being thankful, connecting just pausing whether for two hours or for 24 hours.” 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Curious if you’ve ever celebrated or are considering celebrating a feast?
please scroll thru these pics! 
Love how this group of moms intentionally gathered to be discipled together by @pauldavidtripp in his latest parenting seminar. 
Even if it meant mess & chaos. 
Definitely think they’ve earned the #dontmomalone award this week! 🏆 (Ok there’s no real award...but if there was one 😉). ((If you want to check out the parenting seminar, go to the link in my profile http://www.GodCenteredMom.com/parenting)
My Monday morning monologue went something like, “Why are you changing the name of the podcast? Did you check in with God on this? Should you even have the live event? Maybe you should just call everything off.” ⁣
When I finally clued in to where my mind was going, I stopped and prayed: ‘Lord, give me confirmations today. Show me if the path I’m on is from you.’ ⁣
Wouldn’t you know He did. ⁣
From the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian in Acts. To a couple unexpected voxer messages from friends. To this passage in Isaiah. To this reminder from @lisabevere : ⁣
“If you think you’ve blown God’s plan for your life, rest in this: You, my precious friend, are not that powerful.” Boom. ⁣
God wants the outsiders to know Him & understand the gift of His grace. He longs, for His sake, to show Himself capable. And I’m not powerful enough to keep Him from doing what He’s gonna do. ⁣
 If you are in a place of self-condemnation, call it out. That’s not from God. Ask Him to reveal #CenteringTruth. And trust Him with outcomes you are trying to control.⁣
(If you want to hear more about the podcast name change, I was interviewed on the @wearedeclare podcast this week and share about it!) ⁣
Have you felt at a loss for how to teach your children about race, cultural variance or differently-abled people? 
Well the wise & lovely @dorenawilliamson is on the #podcast this week to help you out. To train our children to see the value in everyone. To embrace physical differences. To confront our own biases regarding racial diversity, physical disabilities or cultural variety. ⁣
Sharing truth nuggets like: ⁣
“Christians are responding to this injustice by saying, ‘Well, I teach my children not to see color’ or ‘how I teach my children is that we're colorblind.’ And I kept feeling frustrated thinking that's not the solution to teach your children to be colorblind because that's minimizing the beauty of God's handiwork. And as Christians we should be the biggest proponents of celebrating the beauty of our racial diversity and not minimizing it or sort of washing it away in this colorblind land.”⁣
And so much more! If you’re looking for some verbiage and assistance in these areas, Dorena is your gal!! ⁣
#ColorFull #ThoughtFull
pst...I don’t want to bug you about the upcoming event. But I’ve met with several friends lately who’ve said they had no idea I was hosting it. 🤷🏼‍♀️⁣
So here you go. This way you won’t get mad at me in late Sept. 😉⁣
Join me & @connectedfams. Be part of the live studio audience!🎉🎉⁣
 Friday night is sold out and have about 10 seats left for Saturday. ⁣
Go to GodCenteredMom.com/live for more details (link in profile). ⁣
See you there!!!
This pic represents a bright moment in an overall challenging afternoon. The kind that left me wondering where my sweet little boy went. ⁣😭 For some wisdom I checked out my notes from @pauldavidtripp’s episode. And found a reminder to shift my eyes to see the opportunity. To help turn my son’s eyes to see who God is when days are hard.⁣
These words from Paul became a gift: “The average child, if he isn't given early in his life ‘God-consciousness’ where he realizes that the four most important words in the Bible are the first four words: ‘In the beginning God’, he will he will insert himself in the center of his world and he'll make life all about him. ⁣
That's what all of the rebellion, all the selfishness, all of the disobedience, all of the argumentation of children is about... it's life is about me. It's about my happiness. It's about doing what I want to do when I want to do it how I want to do it.” ⁣
Once again the boys’ behavior challenges reveal the yuckiness in my own heart. My desire for happiness, comfort & control. And a reminder to remove ‘me’ from the center & place God there. #GodConsciousness #motherhoodissanctifying ⁣
⁣ (Any other moms have lil ones struggling to keep up with the new school schedule?)
“Maybe it's just a season. But maybe it's forever. I don't really know what the Lord has. But letting go of some of my ideals has been so good. I have to acknowledge that I have a 2.5-year-old and a 1-year-old. Life looks like this right now, and it is the dream if I choose to be present to it and enjoy it.” @loveandtheoutcome 
There’s so much encouragement for moms of littles in this #podcast episode, including letting our standards slip a little so we can still experience community even if it’s messy and involves take-out food instead of handcrafted meals. 
Curious in what area of parenting do you hold ideals which hold you back from enjoying the life you’ve been given? 
I’ll go first. I often feel like my boys need to be more kind, thoughtful & loving. Constantly holding them to a high standard of relationship inhibits my connection with their hearts. 💕 Your turn 😉
Whatever battle you are facing—child who keeps you on your knees, financial burdens, marital strife, incredible loneliness—your Redeemer promises to be WITH you. 
He walks WITH you. “When you walk through fire you won’t be consumed...”
“When you pass through the waters they shall not overwhelm you...”
You are precious in God’s eyes. And honored. And He loves you! 
So fear not, the Creator or all things is WITH you. 
Let’s be a witness to His ‘withness’!! (And parents...let’s remember this promise is true for our kiddos as well. No matter how far they have wandered. Just like @jackiehillperry’s testimony reminded us...He is passionately pursuing each one of us. He loves your child more than you ever could!!) #isaiah43 #instastoryhighlights #centeringtruth
There IS an alternative to overwhelm. 
Whenever I see @kaywyma I breathe a sigh of relief, because she practices the contents of this book. 💕 
Repost @revellbooks 
If you feel tired, like you just can’t take it anymore—don’t. Because Life’s Overwhelmed is not the boss of us!
Gonna leave this 🔥right here: “I think our evangelism has to be God-centered. I think too often our evangelism is centered around a person's sexuality instead of a person's personhood. 
What I mean by that is people are made in the image of God and being made an image of God that is the primary way in which they should be identified not by their sexuality. 
It's actually the culture that identifies people by their sex. This person's heterosexual, this person is homosexual, this person is this, this person is that, when God looks at us he looks at us as people that he may for himself and may for his glory. 
And so I think in evangelism I feel like we need to get back to the part where I'm not just going to minister to you on the basis of your sexuality but I'm going to minister to you on the basis of who God created you to be and where your heart is really in light of that.” @jackiehillperry on this week’s #podcast episode. #godcenteredgospel
G I V E A W A Y | 
Y’all!! With all the back-to-school crazy, I’ve had gals tell me they didn’t even know  about the #dontmomalone live event in Sept!!! What?!? 😱

So in order to make sure you don’t miss your chance to get a ticket, we’re doing a fun giveaway!! Tag your gal pal & tell her about the event. That she can get a ticket over at GodCenteredMom.com/live (link in profile). Let me know if you are coming!!! One winner will get TWO #dontmomalone tshirts!!!! 💃🏼💃🏼
(Giveaway ends Friday 8/24 at midnight. Winner announced via DM. Continental US only).
so it may have taken them a few minutes to figure out how many fingers to hold up. But it’s taken 13 years for this moment! When I send all 4 boys to school every morning!!! And on the day my oldest becomes an official teenager!! Y’all. Let’s limit milestones to one a day from now on! 😭 
#stillhavenoonpickup #happybdayQUADE