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Host a weekly podcast to help gals stay God-centered thru mentorship, friendship & discipleship #DontMomAlone #GCMPodcastClub (like a 📚club but w/ 🎧)


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when I release control on orchestrating the “best Christmas memories” I discover they are happening all around me.
There it is. 
Btwn the toothpaste & contact solution. . . .
An invitation to soul rest. 
With the flashy, fast goodness this season offers, it takes effort to let my mind, will and emotions rest in Christ. 
To shift thinking from wants to haves. To feel contentment & joy instead of anxiety & overwhelm. To trade my perfect plans & elaborate decorations for His creative agenda & simple ways. To walk thru the holidays with a #welllopsided soul. 
Cuz the #centeringtruth is: we have a choice. 
Jesus doesn’t force. He invites. “Come. . .”
Trade heavy for light. 
Hard for easy. 
Rushed for rest.

To celebrate on the outside & be still on the inside.
if you ordered a #dontmomalone tee or sweatshirt, i haven’t forgotten about you!! Order arrived this wknd and I’m packaging them up today & tomorrow to send them off to you!!! 🎉💕💃
If your brokenness is negatively impacting your marriage, parenting and friendships but you feel hopeless to be healed. . .
If you know you “should” spend time in God’s Word or prayer but don’t quite know why it matters...
If you’ve been working so hard to be spiritual but find yourself more exhausted then filled up... Then this #welllopsided soul series is for you. Giving you a glimpse into the last year of my journal scribblings, curiosity pursuits and discoveries. (Part One: Mushy Middle available on the #podcast now.)
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who needs Christmas presents when you have rubber bands? 🤣 #4thboyjoy #mobsociety
These ladies aren’t only brave in their lip color choice, but in how they use their gifts, creativity and grit to build God’s kingdom. If you aren’t following them, fix that ASAP. Be inspired to know God more, to make beautiful things & to run on mission!! (Did I mention they are mommas to many? 17 boys between the 4 of us!! And one glory girl!) #flashbackfriday #mobsociety (meanwhile, let’s all be thankful I let the bangs grow out. And send all lipstick 💄 recs my way) :: Tag a brave chica below! A gal who takes risks & keeps moving hard after God’s plans & purposes!
GCM Chicas! Don’t miss a chance to get some freebies and a copy of @thekatlee_’s new book @hellomornings!! This woman and her wisdom have completely changed my life <— not an understatement. 
There is a #GCMpodcast because of Kat. She helped me set up a morning routine while sleep deprived with 3 young kiddos. That routine transformed my relationship with God and my heart towards my kids. 
If you are stuck in a routine rut & looking for grace-filled help to do life different, then start 2018 off right by getting this book! 💃💃💃👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
perhaps you need this #centeringtruth: you are loved. 
by the One who knows you best. 
The command “keep” in this verse doesn’t mean guard the love of God because it might escape. It doesn’t mean guard like a fortress because His Love can be destroyed. This ‘keep’ (‘tereo’ in Greek) means to preserve and to watch. 
The truth is you & I are loved unconditionally. God will not fail in doing His part. 
Our role is to keep ourselves in that love. 
Preserve our attention on Him. 
Set guard over our hearts to not wander to other loves. 
And let God love us. 💕💕💕
Sometimes God takes a good desire & redirects our steps. Stephanie longed to help marginalized women in Africa. After that plan got wrecked and she waited for 3 1/2 years, God pointed her attention to the refugee women next door. And started @vickerytradingcompany, where she provides for families, empowers refugee women and bridges cultural divides. The best news? You get to be a part of this ripple-effect work. Simply buy some of your Christmas presents from their shop!! They have comfy holiday lounge pants, adorable lil girl dresses, and yoga headbands (unique teacher gift!). ((Side note to moms of strong-willed lil girls...this episode is your dose of hope. God designed your lil one to do big things! To push harder against a challenge and a “no”. 😜)). #podcast
I handed the “Happy Thanksgiving” paper napkin to my hubby and said, ‘You go first.’ Round the table we passed the non-traditional napkin to prompt the gratitude tradition. Person after person testified how grief can turn to dancing. How when our worst fears come true, God is faithful to provide grace thru it. How loss can actually leave space for more good gifts. #priceTHANKSgiving
rite of passage for the youngest cousin. 😜 #priceTHANKSgiving
“I’m not into babying my kid, but the Bible says, ‘love is patient, love is kind, love protects.’ So I think there’s a way to protect your kid without sending the message that they are weak.” @tracylevinson 
Wisdom & truth coming at you on this week’s #podcast episode.