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Host a weekly podcast to help gals stay God-centered thru mentorship, friendship & discipleship #DontMomAlone #GCMPodcastClub (like a 📚club but w/ 🎧)


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A global mentor. 
Peggy (@drpbanks) literally travels around the world fulfilling her life mission: “To help hurting women around the world find hope and healing in the person of Jesus Christ." 🙌🏻🙌🏻 If you need to be reminded of that Truth yourself, turn into week 5 of the #summerofmentorship. 
We also cover: what morning ‘time with Jesus’ looks like for her, how to pursue spiritual moms, and fostering authentic community. (📸: @twrwomenofhope)
( Warning ⚠️ Truth bomb ahead)
“Worry is when you believe God isn’t gonna get it right. 
Bitterness is when you believe God got it wrong.” @timkellernyc via @csherrod70 😳
There it was. 
The cause of my hard & dry & worn out soul places. 
Ain’t nobody want to be called ‘bitter’. But with this def I couldn’t deny it. 
Yes, my mind knew God is sovereign and He loves me and knows what’s best. 
But my heart repeated “God got it wrong” with my dad. 
And yet...my gracious God pointed out the lie I’d been believing. He did so in a safe place surrounded by dear, soul sisters. Those friends obeyed God’s leading and prayed over me. And God poured His forgiveness out and I gladly accepted it. The Holy Spirit reached in and removed the root of bitterness and breathed life into me. #resurrectionyear 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 And a few days after that healing I found myself in the same room dancing with my whole Mac crew. Filled with life and laughter! 💃🏼 We worship a God who turns mourning into literal dancing. Bitterness to rejoicing. Dry bones to life. 
I’m so very thankful. 💕💕
A greenhouse. 
That’s how the director described family camp. 
An enclosed place where the environment is right for growth. 
Our Mac clan has been in the need of reconnecting hearts and enjoying one another again. This time & place has provided just that. 
Grateful for the counselors who would “most gladly spend & be spent for our souls” (2 Corin 12:15). And leadership who remind us that God can and God cares. #thisispinecove #bluffsarebest @pcbluffs @pinecovecamps
(Good news is you don’t have to go to family camp for a greenhouse. We can create these spaces thru safe community and sabbath places. Curious to know what you have found to be an environment that nurtures family growth in seasons of weariness and disconnection?)
Loved how this week’s mentor @kristen_hatton reminded us ALL of who we are in Christ. 
An identity that grounds us. Repelling lies and being unoffendable. 
If you are looking for help to remind yourself (or your child) of the Truth of the gospel, check out Kristen’s books! —> Get Your Story Straight —> Face Time : Your Identity in a Selfie World. 
With a new one coming out this month. —> The Gospel Centered Life in Exodus (Also check out the ministry who posted this quote @therootedministry. Great option as you parent teens!)
With the heaviest heart, I’m so sad to share that Zach’s time on this earth has ended. We are thankful that he is in the presence of His Savior. My sweet friend was such a fully present mom. Pray for her. For Zach’s older brother Sam, younger sister Lily and father Josh.  Jesus come quickly!!! *Update* 
Latest report: Zach is still in very critical condition. Blood pressure unstable. MRI showed swelling on right side of his brain. Keep prayers coming. Thank you! Y’all are AMAZING prayer warriors. 💕 (Backstory: the Hyde family was driving from Michigan back to Indiana. They were rear-ended. All members (except daughter Lily who wasn’t in the car) were left unconscious and sent to hospital. Zach was life-flighted). **Immediate Call for Prayer**
This is Susan, my precious friend for over 20 years. And her son is fighting for his life. 
Their family was in a car accident on June 30th. And her son Zach has been in critical condition since. 
Her latest words broke me: “Zach is deteriorating quickly. I'm so sad.
Loads of grief and pain. Lord?” Please, please, please stop scrolling and plead for God to move in a miraculous way!! We know He can do it. Thank you friends. 💕💕
Sometimes we battle head on. Claiming God’s strength in us. And boldly opposing the Enemy. 
And sometimes God calls us to another strategy. To stand firm. Eyes fixed on Jesus. Growing in faith that God can fight for us. 
This week’s mentor @jangreenwood understands both strategies. In this episode she encourages us to pursue God & the specific ways He wants to fight for us! 
AND in a God-detail only He could orchestrate...she just launched (this week!) a new site dedicated to helping women in their battles. #bravestronggirl!! Check it out!! (Swipe left). “This time my mindset had to become one of agreement and not one of opposition. And ‘squaring up’ is not about being steadfast in the Word of God, but its really about can I square up in such a manner that I can look at Jesus and trust Him. I’m not very brave and not very strong. When I’m weak there’s a strength that shines through. And when I’m afraid, He makes me courageous.” #SummerofMentorship
“Pentecost is no more or less dramatic than the dry bones piled in the valley suddenly turning into living bodies, for this is what Pentecost does to each of us: it takes our deadness and brings it to new life.” (Open to the Spirit by Scot McKnight) 
I claimed 2018 as my #resurrectionyear. But honestly? Every personal effort to come back to life has been a bust. 
Yesterday God reminded me of the #centeringtruth and source of abundant life. 
The Spirit He placed in me. The one who renews and restores. From the inside out. ‘Spiritual formation is the great reversal: from being the subject who controls all other things to being the person who is shaped by the presence, purpose and power of God in all things.’ (M. Robert Mulholland Jr). Lord, keep me open to the Spirit. Breath life into dry bones. May I become more like You. Restore and renew my soul. Amen.
In 99 days I’ll be joining my soul sisters at the Declare Conference!! Having been on the planning team in the past I can promise you will be prayed over, prepared for & personally loved when you come to this conference. 
Yes, it’s for communicators who follow Jesus. But it’s so much more. 
You will meet kindred spirits who become life friends. 
You will be reminded of the ‘why’ behind what you do. 
You will be inspired to keep following God’s lead. 
Oh! And you’ll have a ton of fun!! 🎉 (Make sure you snag a tix before the price goes up on July 1st! Might as well save $75! 👍🏻👍🏻) @wearedeclare 
I’ll be doing a session on starting your podcast! Join me! 
Link in my profile 
http://declareconference.com (You may recognize several podcast guests in these 📸)
Featuring my gorgeous friend @chrystalhurst on this week’s #SummerofMentorship episode! 
Mom to five (two adult children and three still at home who she homeschools) and #MMC to two cuties. 
Qualifying her to share wisdom & perspective. 
You can listen to more from Chrystal in ep 172. AND on her podcast “Chrystal’s Chronicles”. 🎉 (FYI MCC—> “Mother to the Mother of the Child” 😜)
Instead of feeling old cuz she was born the year I graduated high school 😆...I’m thrilled her youthful energy could rub off on me!! And thankful for brilliant conversation that took family dinner up a notch!! Not to mention the gift to our boys in meeting a new friend. Hearing her testimony of God’s faithfulness while encouraging the boys’ unique personalities and interests. 
For me the whole night felt like another layer of coming back to life!!! #resurrectionyear
Summer is perfect for slow-start mornings. 
Time to guide kiddos to the gift of God’s Word. 
Quietly soaking in #centeringtruth.

One of my new favorite tools is the “Write the Word Journal for Kids” by @cultivatewhatmatters. 
Brightly colored. Pages of stickers. Scripture prompts. Gratitude journaling. Coloring pages. 
It’s beyond wonderful!! Perfect for kids ages 5-12. (I’d say my 6 & 8 yo have enjoyed the journal the most!). Check it out from the link in my profile: http://bit.ly/CultivateGCM. 
Tag me when you get one!! (Of course, like I’ve shared before they also have gorgeous “Write the Word Journals” for you to do alongside your kiddos!).
“Being children of a common Father, we are all equal. 
There is only one root of enduring equality between all men. 
That equality is in the EQUALITY OF CONCERN which a loving Eternal Father has for each individual that ever existed. 
There is nothing in Scripture about loving man in the mass—only about loving your neighbor as yourself. —separate him out of the abstract mass or public and he becomes an individual. 
When you love as yourself you testify to that deep equality of all men as individuals before God. 
You do it personally.”
—Soren Kierkegaard (from ‘Purity of the Heart is to Will One Thing’) #Choosewelcome @wewelcomerefugees 
#worldrefugeeday (If you are in the Dallas area, celebrate World Refugee Day on Saturday at the Vickery Community Center. More details here: @nccrefugees). (Oh I forgot! I tag @vickerytradingcompany @andrearhowey @angiebrownelkins @courtney_defeo @courtneysmallbone_ to share their own #choosewelcome pic!)