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Host a weekly podcast to help gals stay God-centered thru mentorship, friendship & discipleship #DontMomAlone #GCMPodcastClub (like a 📚club but w/ 🎧)


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Anyone else at a loss most days on how to parent your kiddos? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’ve got good news! 
This week’s guest @jodie_berndt reminds us how we #dontmomalone. God has created our kids. And given us a way to get in line with His will by praying His Word. .
“There really is not a need that we’ll face in parenting that God has not already thought of before provided for us in his Word.”
Jodie shares an abundance of hope & truth in this episode. And all the verses mentioned are in this week’s show notes which you can find on my site. .
AND she is 🎉GIVING AWAY🎉 a copy of her book “Praying the Scriptures for Your Children”!!!
How to enter: 
1) Tag a friend who points you back to God when you get discouraged. 
2) Follow @jodie_berndt 
Giveaway ends Thursday (2/22/18) at midnight. For Continental US only. Winner notified via DM.
we are a passionate crew. 
but watching my big boys celebrate the littlest guy’s bday reminded my mama heart: yes, we fight big, but we love bigger. .
(was also reminded that by the 4th kid I finally figured out my bday hosting rhythm. Keep parties small and at home years 1-5. Outsource after that, inviting the number of friends the kiddo is turning: 6yo=6 friends. Open presents at the party. Keep decor simple. Follow boys’ lead on theme, favors, invites. Birthday boy feels celebrated and I don’t feel stressed.) .
((I also learned every mom has a bday hosting rhythm. Love how uniquely God made each of us!! How do you love to celebrate your people?)) 🎉🎉 #4thboyjoy
His faithful love is not dependent on your faith or love. 
His love song won’t stop just because you can’t hear it. 
Day and night. 365 turns around the sun. 
God loves you. 
#HVD #centeringtruth
“Even though God did not heal and restore my marriage, I knew he wanted to. I knew that that was his desire. 
It was hard for me to reconcile how something could be opposite of what God desires. But, walking through this last year and seeing how he has used it to teach me more about the gospel and to redeem and restore my soul to him is just a reminder that everything apart from God can be an idol… even marriage can be an idol… raising our children to be Godly children can become an idol.” — @jenn_jett .
Be ready to 🙌🏻 as you listen to this “God love story”. Jenn bravely shares her story. So you know that...
God is for you. 
He is good. 
And He loves you. . .so very much.
Never thought my #theGreatestShowman obsession would lead to a new layer of healing.
Let me explain. My friend, @alisakeeton released a new @revelationwellness episode using the soundtrack from my new favorite movie. Still home-bound with sick kiddos, I popped in earbuds and “worked out” in my kitchen. Squatting. Lunging. . . before long I was running sprints up and down the hallway. .
With tears streaming down my face, Alisa prompted me to “let my feelings out”. ✔️
And in a holy moment in my dining room, arms in the air, God opened my eyes.  To how I ‘said’ I wanted him to heal my broken heart. But didn’t really give him access. How I let my heart get fat...feeding it lies of control. Shrouding it in layers of fear of getting hurt again. Not really trusting Him with the pieces. . 
With all those layers of protection, my heart has been unwilling to really love the people closest to me. Numb. Dull. 
So I turned. I confessed my unbelief. Repented. Accepted His overflowing forgiveness. And then the lyrics, “From now on!!!” 🙌🏻 . 
Yes, Lord. From now on. Not just my ears, let my heart hear. Remove the layers. Continue Your healing work. Free me to love with abandon. From now on. .
Y’all. @christybwright brought it. (not surprised) 😜

If you’re looking for a confidence boost to be a better manager of your life, then this episode is for you. 
“Your time is so finite. It’s the most finite resource you have and therefore the most valuable. When we change our thinking and no longer react to everyone else’s demands of us, we can have the confidence and kindness to say ‘no’ to requests.” ______________________________________

The next time you get a request for your time instead of asking “Do they need me?” and “Am I available?” you can consider instead if it meets your goals and if you want to do it. Freedom!!!! 🙌🏻 She also helps us let go of mom guilt. And gives great questions to help you identify your strengths. Of course, she encourages us all to take the first step towards whatever we feel God leading us to do!! 👊🏻 _______________________________________
Check it out on your favorite podcast app (iTunes, @stitcher_podcasts or @spotify).
SUPER good news for y’all!!! 🎉🎉
The #Dontmomalone tees and sweatshirts are BACK!! Since I couldn’t swing a #superbowl ad this IG post will have to do. 😜
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Join the group of moms who’ve decided motherhood is better together! #GCMpodcastclub (thanks @stephxgrace & @amberllee02 for modeling so well!!)
No joke. I wish this reading app by @veritaspress was around for my older boys! Knox loves all the videos, games, and songs. Not to mention the “trophies” he gets along the way 😜. If you have a 3-7 year old ready to learn to read, check out this app in your App Store. 
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You know what’s easy for me to see? 
the mistakes. 
the errors. 
the sin. 
But it’s harder for me to remember where sin is, that grace is even bigger (Romans 5:20). -
As our family recovers and recalibrates from a season of critical spirits and fault-finding, this is the #centeringtruth Lynn Jackson (@connectedfams) recommended we repeat: 
Grace is bigger! 
A helpful reminder that we all fall short and we all receive immeasurable grace. 
Who needs to breathe in this Truth? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yes, there are consequences to sin. And yes, as best as we can we right the wrong. But, oh my goodness, is it awesome when we can embrace the good news of daily, abundant grace!!
If you’ve hidden past sin in fear of future rejection...
you’re not alone. 
This week’s #podcast guest bravely goes first. 
@jamieivey reminds us that it’s not about being known by our sin but remembering and knowing who Jesus is and what He did for us. -
“Without God we are all sinful. He sees me as righteous because of Jesus now, but without him, we’re just all kind of the same wrecked people. If someone comes to you and says she had an abortion at 19 and your first thought is, ‘Oh, I could never do that,’ then you’re not understanding how close we all are to these things. I’m capable of these things because I am a sinner and it’s only by the grace of God that I haven’t done them.” -
Celebrating the gift of @ifyouonlyknewbook going out into the world today!!! -
May captives be set free. 
May we chose His healing our hiding. 
May we be friends who are safe places to let confession and redemption happen. #ifyouonlyknewbook -
(Congrats Jamie!!! Thanks for being my brave, boss lady inspiration!!) 🎉👊🏻
why does it surprise me when friends support the work God’s called me to do? 
why am I shocked that this community He’s built could extend to my immediate friend group? 
Sure, yes, strangers find the podcast and realize God is pursuing their hearts and tell me how He is changing their lives. 🙌🏽 But hearing how MY people are impacted by my simple closet conversations? I don’t quite know how to receive that level of love. 
If your friend is being brave and following God’s call, you know how to shock her socks off? 
Tag her below. 
Give her a 👊🏽Or 💕 Or 👏🏽. (📷: #GCMpodcastclub like a book club but with podcasts! Pick a group of gals, listen to an episode before you meet, print off discussion questions and be encouraged that you #DontMomAlone! Find out more at GodCenteredMom.com/podcastclub.) ((And can we all 😍 over ice cream sandwiches dipped in sprinkles and crushed chocolate bars!))
What’s your ‘but’? The thing you put in between you and God’s Love? 
I put failings, imperfections, ‘falling-short’s. Believing the lie that if only I get it right, then I’ll be loved. 
This week’s #podcast guest, @jeanniecunnion, graciously reminded us that we’ve added the ‘but’ to this #centeringtruth. 
God says NOTHING separates you from His love. 
So don’t let the enemy condemn you. Or shame you. 
God is for you. He longs to restore you. To remember the work done on the cross. That we did fall short. But Christ, the spotless lamb, took our spot. 
We can rely on His death/resurrection and conquering sin. Know that Christ is enough. 
And live from a place of inseparable love. 💕