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I feel weak without cake.


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In love with my new blusher from @MaryKayMYSG. I'm crazy and have more than a pair of cheeks so I bought both shades just for the free pink pouch 🙄 I'm mad in love with their blushers. Anyone want one? 😍
Blog updated and new Youtube video alert!

Remember the @8excite 08/08 RM1 deals I shared about last time? If you missed out on it back then, don’t worry cos you’re in luck! 8excite is giving out 300 deals at only RM1 (100EP) and 600 deals that are 50% off its original price! RM1 DEALS AGAIN!

Let’s countdown! #8excite #celebr8merdeka
Finally delivered our baby after 7 months of pregnancy. The best teammates ever ❤
Cannot deny, I'm always in my phone, two phones somemore.
Thanks for bringing me to #KLFWRTW2017. I promise to bring you to nice places soon, @wendythefreakinggoh
Closing to the end of my university life, its just a couple more assignments, tests and one crazy FYP to go!! Thanks for treating me well UTAR! One final push and I'm done!

#roadtograduation #roadtochemicalengineer #roadtounemployment #UTARMyChoice
NEW BLOG POST: Guess what’s happening today guys! 8xciting things are coming from @8excite!
Today on 8/8/2017, @8excite is giving out - 88 deals at only RM1
- Every purchase on the app gets your 8X Excite points!
- Many freebies for every purchase!
You may even win a pair of tickets to Jay Chou’s concert!!
Today is definitely the best day to be spending your money on 8excite! 
Read my blog to know more about what you’ll be getting on 8/8/2017!
New YouTube Video 😏 Want to enjoy 50% off every time you dine at Shogun? How about dine in now for only RM28 per person?! @8excite is offering this crazy Shogun deal and you wouldn’t want to miss out on it. Heheheh. Check out my blog and vlog for more details! #goheuniceeats
I'm in love. #withthecoco #flyinwitheunice
Chin up, continue going forward. You can do this.
Hey! I blogged about #utarball2017. Link is in my bio ☺
If I had a chance to go back in time to change something about my life, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to change anything. Its not that I'm not liking whatever have now and whoever I am today, its just that if I had a choice, I'd do things so much differently. I won't go back to make the good things happen but I'd definitely want to prevent the bad things from happening to us. After 8 months, who are we today? What am I today? More importantly, how are you today? #myeyes #looklike #CaptianLevi #flyinwitheunice