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I'm in love. #withthecoco #flyinwitheunice
Chin up, continue going forward. You can do this.
Hey! I blogged about #utarball2017. Link is in my bio ☺
If I had a chance to go back in time to change something about my life, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to change anything. Its not that I'm not liking whatever have now and whoever I am today, its just that if I had a choice, I'd do things so much differently. I won't go back to make the good things happen but I'd definitely want to prevent the bad things from happening to us. After 8 months, who are we today? What am I today? More importantly, how are you today? #myeyes #looklike #CaptianLevi #flyinwitheunice
New blogpost & new vlog on my YouTube channel about my little foodventure with @8excite! I hope you guys enjoy this app as much as I do cos who doesn't love discounts?! 😎 
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Will I get the chance to be in GICC's (very atas) dressing room again? Probably not 😋
SURPRISE! Thank you girls for making my final semester in UTAR such a memorable one! 💋 It was a tough 3 weeks but I am so honoured to be able to spend so much time with you girls.

Dancing and performing with the 6 of you will forever be one of the best highlights of my final year. Let's graduate! 🎓

It was a great night #UTARBALL2017
Tell me, why do people choose to do photoshoots when it's 1000 degrees out.
Matcha, sakura and mango ice-cream on a scorching hot day at Asakusa! Take me back to 🇯🇵 #flyinwitheunice #sensojitemple #tokyojapan
Blog updated! Guess what app is this? Can't wait to share this with you guys, its a platform that basically gives out super deals up to 97% discount!

Want to go to spas, have fun at water parks, dine like a king and travel on a much more pocket-friendly budget? Then, @8excite is the application for you!

Visit my blog to know more! Link in my bio hehe.
If you can dream it, you can do it. #disneyland #mickeymouse #icecreamsandwich #flyinwitheunice